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  • Sirius: I mean, you know me. I’ve banged more hot chicks than I’ve had hot dinners. But there is something about you…
  • Remus: That makes you gay for me?
  • Sirius: Well I don’t really like that word…
  • Remus: Well, sorry, I didn’t invent English!
  • Sirius: It’s more like a singular same-sex attraction.

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I always imagined Apollo and Artemis as looking nothing alike, actually. Apollo: Sand-colored skin, amber eyes, wavy light blond hair, lean muscle, some light freckles maybe. Artemis: Possibly Hispanic-looking, dark hair, either rich brown or gray eyes. Also lean-muscled, as they're both archers.

same!! my Apollo is fairly tan with bright blue eyes and blond hair and covered in freckles while Artemis is pale with hey blackhair and pale grey-blue eyes


Levi: God… I missed being close to you like that. Everything about you is so perfect, baby

Archer: *blushes* I’m nowhere near perfect, L

Levi: You are to me. The way you look at me, your kiss, your touch & that BODY!

Archer: You’re not so bad yourself, sexy ;)
Archer: You home?

Levi: Just got out of the car. Text you after I shower?

Archer: uggghhhh… Now thinking of you in the shower

Levi: GOOD! ;) Wish you could join me!!

Archer: Fuck… Same!

Isn’t it weird that a lot of the characters on this show have the same initials?

Alison DiLaurentis/Archer Dunhill/Addison Derringer
Toby Cavanaugh/Teddy Carver (child who died in Mary’s care)
Emily Fields/Ezra Fitz
Spencer Hastings/Sara Harvey
Aria Montgomery/Ashley Marin
Charles DiLaurentis/Cece Drake (biggest clue, duh)

Just something random to have a laugh about haha.

Alright, alright I don’t care for making a fancy promo quite yet but I do need something better than what I made yesterday. New Takumi rp blog written by Haley. It’s a bit canon divergent with some focus on Anakos’ possession but all and all is still the same Archer we know and love. Care to reblog this post to help me get around? Thanks so much!

Person: I don’t see how pointing out bigotry, sexism, racism etc is very Star Trek?! like isn’t Star Trek about positivity?! Doesn’t seem very Star Trek to point out those who behaviour negatively affect others.

Everyone else:

One typical sunny day ...
  • Hanzo: (fans himself) I'm so hot -
  • McCree: Hell yeah you are.
  • Hanzo: ... I did not finish speaking.
  • McCree: But you're still hot, though.

Currently re-watching Samurai Jack and I’m rather excited for the new season, whenever that will be launched. c:

So I got a sudden urge to make some quick fanart in-between some personal projects, and of course I had to draw some of my favorite characters, The Blind Archers!