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i feel like i owe the Foxes at least one group drawing considering i read all the books in like 3 days…

I’m nearing Justice and The Last Straw with my Merrill-mancing Hawke, and that got me thinking about non-romanced Anders after DA2. Specifically, how he’s generally imagined as wandering aimlessly once DA2′s over, living in seclusion, rejected by everyone, unloved, and that breaks my heart because I just want everyone to be happy.

And out of nowhere, I thought of this:

The rebels don’t want Anders with them, and he understands. He always meant for it to be that way, meant for him to be the one the world hated. His name had to be the one that became another word for monster, because then it wouldn’t be Hawke’s, or Orsino’s, or the name of any mage in the Gallows. So he wanders Thedas alone, except for the spirit woven in with his flesh, because even the people who are free because of him don’t want him near them.

But he still helps them, of course. How could he not?

He keeps an ear to the ground, listens to the rumours and watches the shadows. He learns where the Templars are heading and what their numbers are, puts himself into their path. They go after him, eager to be remembered as the one who caught the abomination who began the war - and the group of runaway mages they were tracking reaches a place of safety, unscathed.

Sometimes, he stumbles upon a battle. A group of mages huddled back-to-back, robes ripped at the hems and eyes wide and shadowed from lack of sleep, hurling ever-weaker spells at the Templars who stamp closer to them. Justice bursts from his skin with a roar, and when the blue light fades, there are steel-clad bodies strewn across the ground.

The mages thank him. A few stare in wonder, in gratitude. But some glare, some step backward, some curl their lips. Anders understands, and it’s what he expected, but pain tugs at his insides as each ragged party leaves.

Then one day, there’s a group who don’t leave. Or rather, he can’t leave them.

At first, he thinks they’re yet another bunch like all the rest - surrounded by Templars, cowering, terrified. And then he takes a closer look. He sees the senior enchanter lying motionless, sprawled across the grass nearby with her limbs at all the wrong angles. He sees the tallest of the group step forward and sweep the others behind him, sees the plump face and huge eyes and lack of staff. He sees the others - crying, hiding behind the oldest boy’s robe, clinging to each other. The youngest of them all’s a tiny elf girl with ragged pigtails. She can’t be more than five.

Anders looks at the Templars, and silently he tells Justice, kill them all.

He and the spirit have rarely agreed so strongly on anything. 

And once the bastards are dead or fleeing into the woods, he’s left standing, his skin prickling as Justice retreats into the back of his mind with a parting feeling of satisfied and righteous fury. Facing a bunch of children.

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fanon fenris: has a hair-trigger temper that goes off at the slightest mention of magic, swears all the time, violently threatens party members all the time, gets violent and aggressive every time hawke is pro-mage in a quest

canon fenris:  is always calm, mostly polite, and in control of himself aside from when he confronts his abusers (and when he’s mean to merrill. fenris ilu but no stop), never attacks or threatens any of your party members (yes, even anders), voices his disapproval but otherwise goes along with it if hawke is pro-mage

fanon fenris: picks on anders at every opportunity, is apparently seething with hatred for him, calls him an abomination literally every other word

canon fenris: doesn’t actually start most of their arguments; anders does (trust me, i checked), sounds bored in most of their conversations, is never violent towards anders, calls him an abomination in ONE conversation in the base game, and once in one of the dlcs

edit: fenris DOES threaten anders if hawke romances anders after fenris, specifically “break their heart and I’ll kill you”, but i will argue that even that is done out of love rather than him being an uncontrollable angry monster who does nothing but hate anders 24/7

anders & meredith

so i mentioned earlier that meredith and anders have really similar character arcs, and i guess i’ll back that up now

i didn’t MEAN to write this much but oh well #yolo?

we don’t get any info about meredith’s childhood in-game, and we get precious little about anders’, so i’ll lay out the basic points for ‘em here (all of which comes from either World of Thedas or Anders’ short story):

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