same amy same


jake and amy saying hi to each other after being apart

2x01 | 5x01

i’m living for the day where i get to see a gifset comparing jake’s first proposal to amy in the bet to the actual peraltiago proposal because that might kill me even more than the proper one itself


To the left is 
Nagao Shizune, who will play our new Kiyoko!

To the right is 
Saitou Ami, who will play our new Yachi!

The two are actually the same age, both born in 1995, and actually, Yachi’s actress is older by 5 months!

Well it’s a damn shame for the antis that when harry was asked point blank about his new tattoo he got all awkward and didn’t want to answer or show it so instead he deflected and talked about the Jackson tattoo. I mean if it was just a little ol’ fly why not just say that?