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tumbling ain’t the same as falling

neil is a vixen, not a fox. he and andrew still find each other.

He didn’t really intend to make friends with any of the other Vixens when he arrived, and nor did he intend to join a library study group. Katelyn is a whirlwind, though, so he’s here at least once a week with her and a collection of other Vixens and then their various hangers-on – boyfriends, friends, class groups, whatever. Katelyn presides over all of them with benevolence and a little steel.

For all she smiles sweet like all the others, underneath that is a steel trap. Not that it’s a façade – Katelyn is genuinely warm, and genuinely intelligent, and likes to win. So it’s not entirely surprising that she, a girl with the pick of anyone on campus, would choose rough, wary-eyed Aaron Minyard who looks at her like she’s stars, beautiful and too far away to ever touch.

She picked Neil, too. And Neil and Aaron are much more alike than the latter can imagine.

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um hi don’t think about the fact that andrew minyard can count all the people who’ve ever loved him on one hand because i did and i’m regretting all of my life choices