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It was morning in the village where YOCHEVED lived with her three children, Miriam, Aaron, and Moses.  On this morning, terror filled the streets.  Egyptian soldiers roamed the village, searching for infants and snatching them from their mothers’ arms.  To save Moses’ life, Yocheved knew she must escape unnoticed.

Her heart filled with  f a i t h  and  l o v e, Yocheved carefully made her way from the village to the river.  As MIRIAM and AARON looked on, she knelt down beside the waters of the Nile and placed MOSES in a woven basket.


i feel like i owe the Foxes at least one group drawing considering i read all the books in like 3 days…

anonymous asked:

Idk if requests are open but if they are can you maybe draw Charles Lee? Or some Leeburr??? Thanks love u<3

Lee: Remember when you dared me to shoot John Laurens?

Burr: No, I said “Don’t shoot John Laurens.” then you said “Don’t tell me what to do, Burr.” And John Laurens /shot you/