same @ those poses


Been excited to transparent her since a while, here are the first two!


Hi all! Did you remember I’m holding a summer fanart contest for fabulous Mighty Mega EXE prizes? Well, as of tomorrow, there is merely one month to go before the deadline! I have already received one entry (which is probably the earliest I’ve ever gotten one), and would be glad to receive more. You have until July 18th to submit, so get-a-drawin’!

Stlll chuggin’ along with new Beast stuff, and today I’ve got some much anticipated Zero.EXE scans! A Zero with a tupperware bowl head full of virus goo for a brain. He’s a good example for those thinking about entering Category 1 of my contest, which focuses on designing a Navi/Net Op that has never appeared in the series. His design really doesn’t deviate too much from his original X body, but still has enough unique tweaks to differentiate this EXE counterpart. You see it and it still screams Zero.


Along with Zero, there’s the Professor (sorry, no Ginger or Mary Anne), a suave dad Yuuichirou set, Machine Gunnin’ Rockman, Cross Fusion Netto, Link PET flexin’ Netto showing off his bicep holster (welcome to the Rock Buster show, ladies), and wrapping up with the less complete and detailed, outline Ditto-like version of those same poses for him.

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash


Compiled sketches for SNK Model AU. Damn all these good-looking people.

  • Eren is a fanboy of anything Vogue Sina, especially humanity’s top model. He and Armin join around the same time; Mikasa’s been working there for a while already.
  • Everyone is hot and alive and either a model or designer
  • Then there’s CEO/Founder/Captain Handsome who does everything
Bearing Bad News (Team & Trip)

In the end, they decide to all go together. Because they owe it to him. Because he was their friend, their family. Because as much as it’s going to hurt, every one of them is willing to endure that if it means they can find just one more little piece of him to hold onto.

She knows the moment she sees them, before Coulson can even introduce himself. The looks on their faces give them away. There’s only one reason why a team of strangers with faces so grim would show up at her door.

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