Hey guys so I just wanted to post these patterns that are a revamp (of sorts) of the ones from this post, now that I’ve stopped using them as paths. I decided to change them a little bit by renaming them because I noticed some people had been using them as paintings (which is awesome by the way) and decided they needed proper names (blah blah blah tile just wasn’t doing it for me).

Thanks, and enjoy!

Oh and don’t forget to tag your posts with #samcrossing to show me what you do with my designs! <3

samfonso  asked:

This whole "art trolling" thing truly is getting out hand, quite a couple friends of mine (along with tons of other tumblr artists) are having these troubles with a tumblr blog called mhermeiser73 at the moment. So I suggest everyone do what I did and email tumblr support with a complaint, we really don't need idiots like these causing anymore drama.