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I'm going to Seoul for 10 days in March! So yes please make a Seoul visitor tips/places to see master post!

Ok let’s see

  • There is SO much to see in Seoul, no way I can list everything but here are a few places I visited myself or recommend visiting: Myeongdeong, Insadong, Hongdae, Itaewon, Gyeongbukgung/Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun, Hyehwa/Naksan Park/Ihwa Art village, Seoul Forest, Ttukkseom Hangang Park, Gangnam, Bukcheon Hanok Village, Samcheongdo, Ehwa, Gwangjang Market, Namsan Tower, (more shopping places: Garosugil, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Cheongdamdong ((clothes can be €€€€ tho^^))
  • Obv there’s not just a lot to see but also a lot to do! You can visit museums, galleries, rent a bike @ hangang, order chicken and picnic at a park or hangang, go to a jimjilbang, try all the streetfood, go clubbing, visit a cat/dog/sheep/whatever they have cafe, go to a noraebang, visit flea markets, try on traditional clothes (either for free or pay for photoshoots) or try on a wedding dress instead?, discover all kinds of cafes,hike a mountain, go to the Everland theme park if u wanna, visit temples and ssamzigil for handmade gifts, go to a hair salon and get a straightening perm lmao.. idek.. . just research a lot! ((:
  • Somehow I was kinda scared of using public toilets because a lot of people said they mostly have squat toilets and sometimes there’s no toilet paper inside the stalls (or even outside??) so just in case anyone wanna know my experience lmao. I usually used the metro underground restrooms (they have squat and ‘sit’ toilets) or the restrooms at cafes/restaurants (some just have one toilet for male and female) and I always had a ‘sitting’ aka westerner toilet and there was always toilet paper soo… everything’s good! The only thing I found weird and kinda gross is that they have those buckets you gotta throw your used toilet paper in??? Haven’t informed myself about this yet but honestly I just couldn’t do it….. need to know why they do that.. (edit:  “ Many Korean plumbing systems are also very old, so they’re a bit weak and temperamental. Because of this, in older buildings, the systems can’t handle massive amounts of matter and will clog frequently. Many establishments will have signs saying to put your toilet paper in the wastebasket.”) She’s also saying to bring toilet paper with you.. tbh just buy (baby) wipes.
  • Learn how to haggle ! I haggled a lot at dongdaemun (inside the malls), hongdae and ehwa.. and unless it’s not a sale item you’ll probably get a discount if you ask (sometimes just 2k won if you pay in cash sometimes more if you’re good or just lucky!), maybe do some aegyo (I’m talking to the girls here haha), if you can, talk in Korean! I just know very little Korean but basic stuff like “It’s pretty but I don’t know, it’s expensive, etc.” was VERY helpful. But well, don’t worry sometimes English is enough too (: Ah! Idk about other cosmetic stores but etude house has a discount app (you can ask someone there to help you register) but you won’t get any samples (ask anyway maybe you’ll get one haha)  
  • I recommend getting the citypass plus card at incheon airport/when you arrive (don’t forget to take a metro map with you). 
  • I think this is universal but don’t buy drinks in clubs! Very expensive! Same goes for booking a (vip) table but you’d need to know Korean for that anyway. 
  • Finding the right place to eat at can be quite confusing (and sometimes also quite expensive) if you don’t have any Korean friends who’ll help you out, especially in the evening.. Always take a look at the menu outside (if they have one outside^^) here’s a little guide, I don’t really have any tips since I had friends who most of the times ordered for me and knew the best places. (idk why I wrote this point lmao I’m just saying)
  • Get a currency exchange app!!! Don’t exchange too much money at the airport. I exchanged money at the bank in Seoul once but they took around 10k won and the second time I went to an exchange shop(?) (Hongdae and Myeongdeong have a lot) and their fee was around 3k? idk but it was much less.. anyways always ask for the fee beforehand and use the app!
  • Don’t forget about the Tax refund.
  • ((For ma ladies: remember, you don’t have to talk to every Korean guy who comes up to you! js))
  • let your host/hotel staff write down the street name and number for you in case you wanna use a taxi to get back (remember some drivers don’t know any English!) and if you wanna know how much a taxi ride approx costs just ask the driver before getting in (basic Korean would be helpful in this situation). You can pay with your citypass/T-money card if u wanna. (edit: don’t take the black taxis, they cost more)
  • Check the dates for markets at e.g hongdae, very interesting, get a painted portrait they’re beautiful and you’re helping out a student ((:
  • If you’re outside and need help and you can’t find someone who speaks English (imo usually they do know at least a bit though) try to say excuse me in Korean and do use e.g google translate for single words or even google images if you’re searching for e.g a pharmacy.
  • Bring medicine with you, for headaches and diarrhea mostly. I ate Yukhoe/육회/raw beef meat for the first time there and my stomach didn’t like it at all haha.
  • You’ll have free wifi basically everywhere but still not always so if you want fast wifi all the time I recommend getting a pocket wifi egg/device/whatever it’s called. Oh! Also what I didn’t know before is that you can recharge your phone at cafes/restaurants! Sometimes they’ll have charging cables but just bring your own anyway. Simply go to the counter with your phone and ask them to charge it.

Ok that’s pretty much all I can think of right now (will add points either from you guys or when I remember more) and I’m sorry if most of it isn’t helpful but I’m just sharing my thoughts if you don’t mind ^^’

Additional tips:

  • from @redeemtheyears: Express terminal in seoul has the cheapest clothes! and it is HUGE, i couldn’t even finish it in day! The best Ginseng chicken soup was from Toksochon (토속촌) Ginseng Chicken Soup 5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 자하문로5길 5 (체부동) and the best fried chicken is at KyoChon near Gangnam, 1309-8 Seocho-dong (8 Gangnam-daero 69-gil) There are lots of cafes at Samcheong-dong that sells good food, desserts, snacks. And for Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), try those at Sindangdong Tteokbokki Town (신당동떡볶이골목) My favourite barbecue pork place is Palsaek Samgyeopsal (팔색삼겹살), it is 8 different flavours of pork and the staff will help you with it
  • @hamahannah said: Hello! The only other things I could think of was to try and download the subway app! That helped me a lot when I was in Korea! They have it in English and you can download it for Apple and Android phones! Another trip is to try and pre-purchase an external battery for your phone! My phone dies really quickly and it is really handy to have an extra battery with you that way you don’t have to worry about finding a plug! :’D (You can find them on Amazon or in Korea for around $20 or less!

member: kim yugyeom

genre: fluff & maybe a tiny bit of angst (or a lot idk)

a/n: please give this love I made it at 4 am in the morning tell me what you think

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Coming Home: Tao

Hello! :) We haven’t updated in a while… haha sorry for that :(( 

But we’re back now!!! 

Here’s what you can listen to. Enjoy! 

Drenched in the stinging cold of the pouring rain, Tao runs to her -runs to her because time is an entity that holds so much pain, but at the same time, so much love. And in the midst of the hustle and bustle entailed in his job, he has failed to give her just as much.

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One of SEOUL Magazine editor-in-chief Robert Koehler’s favorite coffee houses, Samcheong-dong’s ½ Round Cafe harmoniously blends Korean hanok architecture with sophisticated European design.

They also do a fine cup of coffee.

Blissfully quiet, especially by Samcheong-dong standards, ½ Round Cafe also has a tranquil inner garden for an extra level of serenity.

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Kim Woo Bin Facts

Kim Woo Bin Facts :

  • Kim Woo Bin was born on July 16, 1989 
  • He’s real name is Kim Hyun Joong
  • Now, He’s busy as an actor and model.
  • He’s SidusHQ actor.
  • He’s debuted as a model on 2006 and active as a model Seoul Fashion Week.
  • Woo Bin Oppa won 2013 8th Asia Model Festival Awards: New Star Award.
  • He began acting career in 2011 with the mystery drama “White Chrismast” and the sitcom “Vampire Idol”. Oppa also acting on A Gentleman Digniy, To The Beautiful You, School 2013 and The Heirs *Oppa mianhae, The first time i know you is on TTBY
  • Woo Bin Oppa also star on Sandara Park MV - Kiss (2010)
  • Oppa wasMC in M! Countdown on 4 and 11 April 2013
  • Oppa also stars in CF like Samsung Stock (2010), K-Food (2012), CASS Beer (2013), Buckaroo Jeans (2013) ect.
  • Woo Bin oppa routine have gym, not surprisingly he have nice body
  • Oppa have Drinking habits 1.5 to 2 bottles of soju *really bottles? wow* and be a lot of talk and serious if he’s drunk
  • Oppa favorite quote is “God only gives struggles to people who can overcome it”
  • Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk Oppa be friendship before School 2013, He say Jong Suk Oppa is a charismatic friend, understanding, caring each other and a nice guy.
  • Woo Bin say he’s an aegyo man, but Jong Suk have more than him.
  • When interviewed on SBS Radio FM ’Boom’s Young Street’, oppa say that he is the person in personality which on one side has a lot of aegyo but it also many tears.
  • Oppa dream to be a model since she was 14 years old. He is very grateful to the parents who always support the path until finally she could be a model professional benar2 now ^ ^
  • Oppa blood type is B *same with me^^* some say B is really bad boy, but Oppa say he’s nice guy *i know oppa*
  • Oppa height is 188 cm. O_o really tall :)
  • Oppa weight is 70 kg. But he said before training, he weight just 59kg. He routinely eat 30 eggs a day for 3 months and eventually gained 12 kg weight. *wow. can I try too?
  • Oppa have one sister *Rachel Yoo? HAHHAHAHA
  • Oppa parents live on JeonJu.
  • Oppa live on Seoul until Junior High School and move to JeonJu.
  • on 2013, Oppa cant back to JeonJu and ask his fans to buy him rice cake soup.
  • When asked if he likened to something, he looks like what? Oppa say He look like T-rex, because they say his eyes like a dinosaur.
  • If you win the lottery 10 million won would be to buy what? Oppa said He want buy a house. He want buy a house in Samcheong dong. If owner not sell it, he want to buy it.
  • If someone asked which body part he want surgery if he got plastic surgery he answered “a lot” but he does not want to say anything because it would make people will focus with it. *Oppa you really perfect, why you need surgery?
  • When asked about first love, Oppa say ‘No Comment’. Because he think everyone have different view about it.
  • Oppa Hobby is watching movie.
  • When asked about date, Oppa say he want a date with his girlfriend, holding her hand and walking on MyeongDong.
  • If He placed in isolated island, Oppa will bring his handphone and I Pad, so as not to get bored.
  • When asked about precious thing, Oppa said his Family.
  • According to view of closests people, Oppa say they said him as 'The Devil’, Because he likes to make the show and forcing her friends to join. Once in two months he and his friends always get together and drink.
  • His family say that Woo Bin is stange.
  • The thing that makes it stressful is when he was skinny with such high stature. He 188cm with 59 kg. Hhe worries about being able to wear clothes that fit because she was too skinny.
  • Oppa favourite food is deokbokki, jajjangmyeon and pizza.
  • If you are involved in love triangle with a friend, what would you do? First he would communicate with his friend and the girl. If the girl really liked him and he was also very fond of the girl he was going to ask her to bless their relationship. *like Choi Young Do?
  • That oppa wants now is his own house. Now he lives with hyung, who is also a model.
  • What if your girlfriend left you for no reason? He will look for it and ask what is the reason.
  • If your money 70won stay while in public phone, who do you want to phone? He will be call his mother.
  • How do you control your emotions? Now he is much more patient in dealing with the problem, rarely angry than before. Back when he was angry he would not say anything right away and spilled it at home.
  • Choose where, love at first sight or love grows from familiar? He said he would prefer the love at first sight, and love grow when they are familiar with each other. *ahyaaaa
  • If the earth will be destroyed in one hour, what would you like to do? Spent all my savings in the bank. Buying clothes that I was hesitant to buy it. I got a taste of its own brand, beyond good brand but I also love Korean designers, especially designers when I debuted as a model.
  • If you had a time machine, where and when you want to go back? 3 September when I was in 2nd grade high school, because it looks like the weather is nice and why class 2 because at the time I did not feel stressed at all.
  • How are you 10 years from now? I want to have 10 years of experience either in acting and life. I want to become more deep and stable and then be happier later.
  • What photo and your nickname in Ktalk? Nothing nickname and photo, because it becomes strange when people asked “Are you Kim Woo Bin?
  • When he was young, he never cries. But as you get older, it becomes more and more like her mother, touchy on tv shows such as drama and eventually cry.
  • Woo Bin find image ”bad boy“ who is now stuck on himself along with his role in a 2013 School when image experience is the important thing. *What about Choi Young Do?
  • Woo Bin is a true model of student in school. He entered the top 3 for students of his generation and the top 5 for the entire school. * wow .. daebak.
  • Oppa ever lie to nephew if he is close to IU and promised to give IU signature on it if the report above 95% and finally the studious nephew :)
  • Oppa will sleep with open eyes when he was drunk.
  • When a guest on SBS incarnation, he shares his experiences as a rookie. In saying that he felt bad for asking for money to his parents when he began his career in Seoul models so he decided to stay in the sauna for 6 months. He said also that during which time she underwent a lot of work in modeling, but because the company was having a hard time finally he was not paid. He also used to fill his stomach with water at the time because he did not have enough money to buy food. The company eventually went bankrupt and its CEO ran off with his money but Woobin lucky to get a contract at another company that is more reliable.
  • Oppa is the type of person who does not talk much and shy when dealing with people who do not know, but he will try to express his feelings on the person he loves and cares for her/him. Even he does not feel shy when sending the message ”I miss you“ to Jong Suk, because for Woo bin Jong Suk is considered a good friend there is no need to feel awkward and would not miss it if I felt I had to express it indirectly.
  • Woo Bin told all the actors in his age is minam, but he did not. He realized if his image is masculine but she also said she is also very cute smile.
  • Oppa say if he want to play as a soft character on drama.
  • In future, Oppa say he want to acting in musical drama, because he really like to watch it, but the problem is that he cant sing.
  • Oppa also want become DJ on radio because once he was been invited to be a guest on a radio station and it was fun being able to communicate with audience.
  • When asked what the your purpose on career as an actor? Oppa wisely replied he wanted to be a good person and a good actor.
  • Woo Bin teacher on high school said for 3 years at high school, Oppa never late.
  • In High School, all boys must short hair but Oppa the only one long haired because he’s a model and have permission from the school.
  • When High school, Oppa crying firs time when seeing a movie titled Pursuit of Happines.
  • When asked which actress are you want to acting together in drama? Oppa said Shin Min Ah, Uhm Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin and others.
  • Oppa acting as student who are good fighting like on White Chrismast, A Gentleman Dignity, School 2013, and The Heirs. In TTBY he’s a good man, Sulli First Love.
  • Oppa say that he’s a nosy person and like to fool around, but he was a shy person too, do not approach other first.
  • Oppa said he learned very hard on Junior high school. He became chief class and ever also become representative of the class.

it just for fun chingu, but I think I really like Kim Woo Bin.

Ask something, what’s the nickname for  Kim Woo Bin fans???

[ENG TRANS] 100 Q&As FOR 100 DAYS WITH UNIQ (Part 2) Questions 31. ~ 60.

31. A song you want to let your fans listen to? And why?
sungjoo: Family Portrait (Kim Jin-ho). The lyrics are touching.
seungyoun: Run Away (Kanye West); I 
(Kendrick Lamar)
yixuan: Not Afraid. It gives me the motive force to go forward no matter what i have to face.
wenhan: the new song(s) we’ve prepared
yibo: We Dem Boyz. Nice melody and addictive beats.

32. What would you be doing right now if you were not in UNIQ?
sungjoo: doing street performances with friends
seungyoun: soccer player
yixuan: stage director; dance instructor
wenhan: businessman or basketball player
yibo: dancer

33. If the end of the world comes next week, what will be the one thing that you must do before that?
sungjoo: be with my family
seungyoun: play around burden-free
yixuan: go home
wenhan: drive to someplace far away with somebody important
yibo: be with my family

34. Anything you must try in this year?
sungjoo: cooperate with Bruno Mars, he he, if possible, he he~
seungyoun: present to our fans the songs I write
yixuan: compose songs as traveling
wenhan: write songs
yibo: make songs

35. What would you most like to do when you meet your fans?
sungjoo: “Love you~~”
seungyoun: sing to fans
yixuan: smile with a thumb-up
wenhan: play my guitar
yibo: thank them for their support

36. Any secret of your body that others don’t know?
sungjoo: none
seungyoun: surprisingly broad shoulders
yixuan: none
wenhan: I’ve been trying for 21 years to find my knee-jerk reaction part, but in vain
yibo: none

37. What would UNIQ be like in 10 years?
sungjoo: making music we like!
seungyoun: artist
yixuan: doing our 10th-anniversary concert
wenhan: 10 years or 20 years, whatever; we are forever family
yibo: performing songs we make

38. What you would most like to hear from others?
sungjoo: “You’re just like Bruno Mars!”
seungyoun: “I recognize you!”
yixuan: “You’re not just an idol; you’re an artist.”
wenhan: “Really touched by your singing.”
yibo: “Your dancing is awesome. I’m really impressed.”

39. What animal do you think you are like?
sungjoo: husky dog
seungyoun: fox, weasel
yixuan: bull or horse
wenhan: wolf or dog
yibo: panther/Leopard or wolf

40. Apart form being a singer, any other field you want to get into?
sungjoo: modeling
seungyoun: fashion career
yixuan: directing movies, writing books and poems
wenhan: acting, playing blues music
yibo: professional choreographer

41. What place would you go to together with your girlfriend if any?
sungjoo: one-day trip to Maldives
seungyoun: any place will be fine
yixuan: the seaside
wenhan: places she like; Boston, to watch NBA games
yibo: Ireland, France

42. Your fashion style?
sungjoo: Dandy, long styles, hip-hop
seungyoun: … It can be any style
yixuan: sweater, suits, hip-hop
wenhan: sweater, hoodie, casual suits
yibo: hip-hop, casual suits

43. Your favorite place in Seoul?
sungjoo: 삼청동 (Samcheong-dong)
seungyoun: our home~
yixuan: 가로수길
wenhan: 이태원 (Itaewon)
yibo: 홍익대학교 (Hongik University)

44. Any member you thought was hard to get close to?
sungjoo: none
seungyoun: none
yixuan: none
wenhan: me myself (He told on Happy Camp that he used to keep things to himself when he became a trainee just after coming back from America.)
yibo: none

45. Which year would you like to go to if there’s a time machine?
sungjoo: 2011
seungyoun: 2000
yixuan: 2055; to talk to the future me
wenhan: 1994.07.22
yibo: 1997.08.05

46. What do you do in days for rest?
sungjoo: sleep through most of the time
seungyoun: really just rest
yixuan: watch movies, go shopping, do exercise, read
wenhan: watch movies, go shopping, do exercise, sleep
yibo: go shopping, play video games, watch movies

47. Use one song to describe yourself.
sungjoo: Moonshine
seungyoun: Go Crazy
yixuan: Not Afraid
wenhan: 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song)
yibo: Turn Up The Music

48. One movie or one book that became the turning point of your life:
sungjoo: The Bible
seungyoun: 8 Mile
yixuan: “secret” (not sure whether it’s a movie/book title or he just wouldn’t tell)
wenhan: Before I Go to Sleep
yibo: none

49. If you could become another member for one day, who would you wanna be? why?
sungjoo: yibo; great dancer
seungyoun: I still think I’m good…
yixuan: yibo; to wreck his hard-to-reach cold image
wenhan: wenhan; too handsome
yibo: sungjoo; good voice

50. Your favorite drink in a coffee shop:
sungjoo: Iced Americano
seungyoun: Matcha Frappuccino
yixuan: Americano / Latte
wenhan: Green Tea Latte
yibo: Black Tea Latte

51. Essentials you go out with:
sungjoo: Bruno Mars’ music, wallet
seungyoun: wallet, watch
yixuan: pen, lyrics note, iPod, perfume
wenhan: ear phones, PSV
yibo: laptop, beanie/hat

52. What impression would you like to leave on people? As you yourself / as a group
sungjoo: me as a singer who touch hearts with his singing; UNIQ as a group with world-wide influence
seungyoun: artist
yixuan: UNIQ as a group that can touch the hearts of people at different ages with different personalities
wenhan: me as an all-round artist; UNIQ as a group that deserves expectations
yibo: me as an all-round artist; UNIQ as a group with both great visuals and great talents

53. What kind of songs do you want to write if you get the chance to?
sungjoo: songs like Bruno Mars’
seungyoun: any kind that is possible
yixuan: songs that you listen to when quiet and peaceful; songs for parties
wenhan: love songs with strong beats, with melody and lyrics that resonate
yibo: addictive songs with strong beats

54. Favorite fruits?
sungjoo: mandarin oranges, oranges
seungyoun: oranges, grapes, mandarin oranges, apples, mangoes, acai berries, bananas, cantaloupes, watermelons etc. All fruits.
yixuan: peaches, plums, watermelons, oranges, grapes
wenhan: watermelons, kiwi fruits
yibo: watermelons, peaches, litchis

55. What kind of man do you think you are? Bad or kind?
sungjoo: kind man
seungyoun: a kind bad man
yixuan: what do you think?
wenhan: true man
yibo: the man of men, cool man

56. What is UNICORN (fandom) to you?
sungjoo: energy drink
seungyoun: people who back me up
yixuan: the loveliest people
wenhan: girlfriends
yibo: noonas / elder sisters

57. Which do you prefer: snow or rain?
sungjoo: snow
seungyoun: rain, when I’m at home; snow, when I’m outside
yixuan: light rain; heavy snow
wenhan: neither
yibo: snow

58. The 3 songs you love listening to recently:
sungjoo: Family Portrait (Kim Jinho), Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), Last Love (Kim Bumsoo)
seungyoun: If I Die Tomorrow (Beenzino), I (Kendrick Lamar), At Gwanghwamun (Cho Kyuhyun)
yixuan: Not for Long (B.O.B), Time of Our Lives (Pitbull), songs i’m writing
wenhan: Downtown (Augustalsina), Outlaws of Love (Adam Lambert), Animals (Maroon 5)
yibo: We Dem Boyz (Wiz Khalifa), Downtown (August Alsina), TKO (Black Friday Remix) (Justin Timberlake)

59. The first thing to do when you’ve saved enough money:
sungjoo: purchase garments
seungyoun: purchase my own house
yixuan: travel
wenhan: do investments
yibo: purchase garments

60. What food do you eat together often, when you get hungry after training till late night?
UNIQ: hamburgers, snacks, energy drinks, fried chicken, pizzas.


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