samcedes lives


So it came to my attention and by a little birdie in my inbox- shout out to you samchel shipper probably or hater of happiness…- that Michael Hitchcock wrote that tweet because people asked him to show support for a useless and meaningless E poll contest…Okay I had to take a deep breath because I laughed so much.

Seriously tho…

We did numerous polls, we did numerous trends and we were NEVER acknowledged…But now that Samcedes is up there with two confirmed endgame couples then it’s just a shout out from Michael…?? It doesn’t mean anything right? Just like Duane’s tweet promising us scenes?? Probably group scenes uh? Or break up scenes? (Too bad they are already broken up ha) Or Joaquin The trifling ass telling us to “always hope” doesn’t mean shit but when it’s for Klaine it means the world..Or the shout out from Gleeonfox…Once again bad interns when it comes to Samcedes but praised when it comes to Brittana like I had the pleasure to see yesterday during Brittana ep…Or the infamous Brad’s tweet, who never answer unless he has something to say, tweet about Samcedes happiness and it’s bad because he meant apart…You were in his head? Didn’t know you were psychic… He didn’t have to answer but he did. I’m not even gonna venture there because it’s an endless debate, take it the way you want, be depressed, be happy it’s on you.

And now those BTS, glorious BTS where Chordy boy wanted Samcex and Amber didn’t (bless your soul but I'mma shut you up on some things …lmao) People, mostly Samchel shippers are twisting Ian words saying they wanted to pay off Samcedes and now it’s over for good but that two seconds of Rachel The desperate rubbing oil on Sam’s chest is obviously endgame!!! hahaha

I know that rant was already made and more brilliantly than mine but people don’t listen so let me get this straight, I make one post for all of you beautiful depressed anons that come into my inbox and for all of you doubters…I can’t change your mind if you think Samcedes is doomed then so be it but me on the other hand have a COMPLETELY different idea. There are SIGNS that I won’t deny like the rest of you…I am taking them and embracing them…It’s the last freaking season …People were less worried in S4 lol and we got nothing!

Stop coming into my inbox with delusions and foilers like Gleespoilery and gleenewsonset that were proven to be wrong…Where were you?? Living under a rock? Stop assuming, just see how all of this will unfold and if it’s too much to bear, go outside, go enjoy real life lmao.

Also stop trying to convince me Samchel is happening because my word won’t change, I never believed any of those cracks craps and foilers that came out..For me Sam still being in love with Mercedes in episode 4 after 6 months of doing NOTHING (it’s Sam we’re talking out here!) and that fact being acknowledged in front of Rachel I can’t keep it together Berry was a LOT and is still A LOT for me

I may be wrong well sucks for me but at least I wouldn’t have worried till death and depress everyone…BUT I might be right and I swear I’m going on a dragging spree :)) But first I will enjoy my ship being together and saying sweet things to each other…

Because I feel it in my lady parts lmao Samcedes IS COMING and gonna knock you out :)) 

(this gif seemed more appropriate lmao)

#LetHappySamcediansLive2K15 !! lmaoo yall so extra…I was too here but I am a drama queen :))