Cas cheering up Sam
  • Sam: *is sad*
  • Cas: Do you want to talk about it?
  • Sam: I just... I feel like I've lost so much, you know?
  • Cas: I know. I wish there was something I could do.... Actually, maybe there is something.
  • Sam: Cas, you don't have to do anything.
  • Cas: But I know something that might help. It will take a little bit of time, though. Expect me back in a few days.
  • -A few days later-
  • Cas: Sam, I have something for you.
  • Sam: What is it?
  • Cas: I have found... your shoe. *holds out shoe*
  • Sam: *happy tears* Cas... I can't believe it.
  • Cas: *kneels down and puts the shoe on Sam's foot*

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Cas doesn't care for Sam and only works with him when he wants to help Dean

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While I’ll certainly admit that the refrain of “for Dean” in season 10 wore down on me, I feel like it’s possible that we’re watching different shows. Especially in recent Seasons. I mean… this is Cas.

The same Cas who, when he finds he’s been brought back to life full-powered, freely chooses to harrow Hell to free Sam from the Cage, even though it’s dangerous and “nearly impossible.”

It’s-better-this-way-Cas as he tries to atone for what he’s done to Sam by shifting the damage caused by hell trauma from Sam to himself, knowing that it could harm him (and it does). 

We’re talking about Cas who stands up to his own brethren and says, “Come near Sam Winchester and I’ll kill you”—the same Cas who asserts, “The answer’s still no. Because Sam is my friend,” when offered a foolproof way to stop Lucifer.

Castiel even stood up to actual Lucifer in defense of Sam—Lucifer, his superior, an archangel—and said: “You are not taking Sam Winchester. I won’t let you.” We’re talking about the Cas who, despite how much Gadreel’s grace would have served his own and Dean’s needs when things were dire, stopped withdrawing it, healed Sam, and said nothing is worth losing you. 

This is the Castiel who, when possessed by Lucifer, managed to overcome the archangel to keep him from hurting Sam, and whose response to Dean’s request that Castiel watch out for Sam when he was gone was an “of course,” as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Sorry, Anon, gonna have to strongly disagree with you on this one. 

unpopular opinions

Cas had been different around Sam since he got back from Hell. More cautious, more courteous, and a Hell of a lot more protective. It was weird, Sam had never felt this close to anyone beside Dean. Not even Jess had managed to get under his skin this much but somehow, just with his questions and kind eyes, Castiel was firmly implanting himself into Sam’s every day existence. 

Even though he was clearly busy with whatever was going on in Heaven, Castiel made sure to visit him every day. Sometimes it was for a few brief minutes, leaving Sam wanting and wondering. Other times they spent sprawling hours together, presenting Sam with a dizziness that felt almost like drugs. Not quite, this was something much more pure.

Sam didn’t know when it happened, but he got used to Castiel always being there.

After Rufus’ death, Dean and Bobby both turned to drinking - Bobby more than Dean, the man had lost his best friend, but they were both fairly gone. Sam turned to Castiel, seeking comfort in the familiar feel of his aura. Cas seemed to need the comfort too, clinging to Sam more than he had done in a while, like he needed the confirmation that Sam was still there, that he was alive.

“Please don’t ever let that be you.” Sam hadn’t ever heard the angel beg, but there was a pleading tone in his voice. Sam frowned. Cas continued. “Please just look after yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt.”

There was desperation there, something more than when they were just friends. Something had changed, Sam couldn’t in  good conscience call Cas just a friend. They had changed.

Castiel reached out to grab Sam’s hand, squeezing it tight.

Sam didn’t mind at all that things had changed.

Field Work

A Veterinarian Sastiel AU, written by Jazzforthecaptain (Cuda on Ao3)

Rating: M

Pairings: Sam/Castiel; Charlie/Dorothy

Sam and Dean Winchester finally have a good thing going in the Mississippi River valley, caring for a veritable flood of pets and livestock for Charlie Bradbury’s rural veterinarian clinic. But as a busy spring calving season drives Dean to the brink of exhaustion, Charlie calls in some unexpected backup… and really, who needs stability anyway?

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as food to life, sastiel (pre-slash), AU, magical realism, baker!Sam

Sunday is Castiel’s favorite day. It’s the only day he doesn’t have to work, and it’s also the day of the weekly farmer’s market in his neighborhood. He’ll get breakfast from one of the food trucks—potato-stuffed tacos or avocado toast with vegan mayo and alfalfa shoots or sometimes even a donut stuffed with pistachio-orange crème—and wander through the aisles with his reusable bags, visit every stall at least twice before he settles on the veggies he’ll chop into his lunch salads. He’ll spend too long talking to Mr. Cain, the vendor who sells honey products made from the bees he keeps, agreeing that yes, he really does need to come by the farm and see it all for himself one day soon (knowing that he has no time for such frivolity). He’ll enjoy the hum of conversation around him and the children running from stall to stall and the dogs out walking with their owners. Sunday is temporary, but it is a relief from the sometimes oppressive business of his everyday life.

This story was written for the spn_springfling and can stand alone. However, I do plan to add more to it in the future.

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Sastiel smut because why not

“God, Cas,” Sam groans, his hands on Cas’s hips, “Ride my cock so well.”

Cas sucks his bottom lip between his teeth and grinds down harder, his eyes heavily lidded as he stares at Sam. His hands are resting on Sam’s thick chest, his thumbs brushing over his nipples just to hear his breath hitch. Sam’s hard, has been since the case was solved and Cas whispered in his ear that he wanted to ride him when they got home. Dean was barely a foot away and the small nip to his ear had Sam blushing like a school girl. 

“You’re so good, Sam,” Cas whispers, squeezing around the hunter as he slides his hands up into his hair, “So good for me.”

Sam’s breath picks up, and he’s panting as Cas tugs and leans down to nip and lick at his sweaty neck, “F-fuck.” he breathes, fingers digging into Cas’s strong thighs, loving the feeling of them twitch and move as he rides his cock, “Cas-Cas, I’m gonna-”

“Not yet.” Cas mumbles, his own breath picking up as he fucks himself on Sam’s thick cock, his own cock rubbing against Sam’s abs, creating a friction that has him biting and sucking at Sam’s neck a little harder, “Almost-almost there, Sam.”

Helping Cas, Sam grips his ass and pulls him down onto his cock, harder and faster than before, “Feel amazing, Cas, god, you’re so-” Cas pulls away from marking up Sam’s neck and leans his forehead against the hunter’s, “Perfect. You’re perfect, Cas.” The angel’s lips part and Sam kisses him as soon as he feels the first splash of come on his stomach.

Cas groans Sam’s name over and over as Sam fucks him, unable to stop himself from coming hard, biting Cas’s lip as he fills him up. He doesn’t stop riding Sam, and Sam doesn't grow soft. They kiss until Cas’s thighs start to ache, and Sam lays back and rolls them over so he’s hovering over Cas, smiling down at him. Cas smiles back and Sam can’t resist leaning down to kiss him again, rocking into Cas to savor the feeling. 

“Sam,” Cas whispers, eyes closing as Sam starts to kiss across his jaw and down his neck, “You’re still, oh Sam-” 

The hunter smirks and sucks another hickey onto Cas’s neck, pressing his cock further into Cas at the angle he knows hits the right spot, “Think you can come again for me, angel?” Cas chokes out a moan and Sam pulls out and snaps his hips forward, looking down to see the angel’s cock twitch back to life, “Yeah, you can, you’re so perfect, Cas.”

Fingers slip through Sam’s hair, and he’s tugged back to Cas’s lips for a deep kiss that has Sam thrusting in a smooth rhythm, “I want you.” Cas mumbles, voice so low it sends chills down Sam’s spine, “Always will.”

Sam kisses him again and starts to pick up his pace. His cock is sensitive, and with each whimper that he swallows from Cas’s mouth, he can tell Cas is already close. Their lips are still touching, just barely brushing against each other as Cas comes, gasping against Sam’s mouth. Sam snaps his hips half a dozen more times before he’s pushing as deep as he can and coming, crashing his lips against the angel’s enough to hurt. His legs tremble, and Cas’s fingers dig into his back, holding him close, not wanting to let him go. They part, only to catch a breath, and Sam kisses Cas’s forehead, cheeks, and nose before pecking his lips. Cas smiles softly and lets Sam pull him onto his chest when he’s settled onto the bed.

Cas runs his hand over Sam’s broad, hairy, and sweaty chest, and kisses what he can reach while Sam’s hand runs over Cas’s back. The room stinks of sex and sweat, and they’re both too hot to be doing anything besides jumping into a cold shower, but they hold each other as close as possible.

They fall asleep too hot, messy, and in love.

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I can't believe we got two episodes in a row of such blatant Deancas what is happening

what i’m having a hard time digesting is that they aren’t trying to disguise it like they normally would?

  • they don’t have sam reacting the same way at all in the slightest
    • like, we didn’t get an emotional scene where sam calls his mom and tells her he’s spun out
    • why is dean so spun out and sam’s just like “let’s go work a case”
    • i mean usUALLY they try to mask the deancas by giving us samcas 
    • even the ONE TIME sam called cas it was just so that he could come back to dean and be like “damn u right, he really isn’t answering his phone”
  • dean keeps doing and saying things that are, as i’ve said before, LINES THAT JENSEN USUALLY WOULD WANT TO CHANGE IN A SCRIPT. he has on at least two occasions changed lines in a script to be less “romantic” but apparently giving his good ol’ best buddy a mixtape didn’t set off his romantic buzzer? 
    • talking about not recognizing the guy staring back at me didn’t set it off? 
    • calling his mom and emotionally telling her how spun out he is didn’t set it off?
    • frankly, i’m disappointed in nesnej
  • USUALLY, there’s some other reason for dean to be worried about cas besides………………..dean loving cas
    • yes, i know cas is fucked up right now and dean is worried about that but like? they didn’t even try to make dean worried about lucifer jr and the possible 87th apocalypse. he was straight up only worried about cas. 
    • not to mention the 17 episodes prior to 12x19 where dean had no clue what was going on with cas, didn’t really need him for anything, and was simply calling him over and over because he was worried about him.
  • USUALLY they wouldn’t have dean and cas straight up say what they mean
    • now it’s like “i feel like a failure and need to bring u a win” and “i’m mad because i’m worried” and “you mean WE like YOU AND ME like WE are a family ????” and “it’s a gift u keep those” and “i love you”
    • like especially the mixtape thing, it could’ve been really easy for cas to give that back to dean and dean could’ve been like “thanks man” and instead he’s like IT’S A GIFT I GAVE IT TO U AS A GIFT
    • they have never canonically given each other anything as useless as a cassette tape just for the sake of gift giving
    • i got off track here
    • why all the sudden are they being so honest with each other where was the fucking warning sooperblop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • usually they’d have some third party being like “you’re in love with humanity” or “cas has this weakness he likes you” and now they’re just ???????????????? direct, face-to-face contact
    • what happened to them being afraid to put dean and cas alone in a room together
    • no seriously
    • since when can dean imply that cas stole the fuckin colt from underneath his pillow and we all just kind of roll with that
    • what universe did i get beamed into
until we hit the ground
By Organization for Transformative Works

teen, sastiel, AU

The sky is burning.

Sam is on his way back from hunting (unsuccessful), twilight bleeding its final purple-reds over the horizon, and then there’s a thousand comets streaking across the sky, brilliant lines of fire consuming the atmosphere.

They all fall to Earth.

He turns, starts hightailing it back to town, feet quick over rocks and roots in the fading light.

He hears moaning, choking, and stumbles to a halt, holds his breath. There’s a dark, heaving shadow on the ground, leaking brilliant white light. He glances up; the trees are singed in an arch, smoking. The lump doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and Sam steps closer, gingerly. When he gets close enough to see what it is, though, he scrambles backwards so fast he trips over a root and lands on his ass.

An angel. Fuck. He should have realized.

He stays there, fear-tense and frozen, until the pounding of his heart starts to slow. The angel takes no notice of him, struggling on the ground, increasingly weak. Cautiously, Sam gets to his knees, crawls forward.

It’s dying.

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