Last day of my first year of college. It’s been an amazing experience here at UCSD. Can’t wait for another 3 years to have fun with all the friends that I’ve made. To think that a year ago I was thinking September was years away and I couldn’t wait to start, now I kind of don’t want to leave. But then again I can’t wait to get back home and enjoy LA to the best of my abilities. And then NorCal in a few weeks and possibly coming down to San Diego to visit. This summer is gonna be amazing.

hi there aisican, just want to wish you a happy hoildays or a happy 24th and 25th. I also wanted to say that  you an awesome person and amazing artist and i so glad i met you. I hope 2015 is a awesome year for you and that 2014 wasn’t such a bad year for you. i know this gift isn’t much but i hope you like it and  sorry if this sound mushy.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this gift!! Me and Moonlit look so cute!! Thank you soooo soooo sooooooo much for this gift! I hope so too that this next year will be great for not just me and moonlit. But for all of you amazing followers!! All of you are awesome. Thanks again Sammy!! Or SamBam. >,

Jon Hamm picks up a yeti and drives off into a music video.

Dear Future Sam,

Don’t worry about the past. Honestly just don’t. Don’t worry about “what if things could have gone differently” or “what if I still try to be friends with them” or anything like that. The people who stay in your life choose to do so, just like those who leave choose to do so. Focus on yourself and being the best person you can be for others. Be the one they can rely on, even when they’re not the one you necessarily rely on. Be there for others, even if they’re not always there for you. You hear people say “why should I help them if they never help me?” Don’t buy into that. Try to be there for anyone you can be, and if they’re not there for you, then so be it. You don’t need people to help you out at all times. Preserve the friendships you do have, even if it’s been a while just make plans with people to keep things better. Distancing yourself hardly ever works. And stay optimistic. It always gets better.