hello me beb sambam samlemerle and cauliflowleah peaceloveandsandwiches tagged me to post selfies (one was stop drop n’ selfie and one was 6 so let’s squash them together) so here they are, please excuse my face ew (i don’t take any selfies HAHA i had to dig waaaay back to january)

I tag all of you!! And the-sunflower-soul, the-peachy-pear, annietarasova, grilledcheese-samwich, florissante-toujours, agirlnamedally, thecoconutgoddess, championsaremade, tobefre-ed, ti-bacio and amant-terram :)


What can I say, he makes me forget about everything and I’m so grateful for this little punk, I’m so happy we reunited and I’m so happy we grew up together, it’s crazy how we just picked up where we left off from 4 years ago as if we never drifted apart. He’s like my big brother and I always smile and laugh when I’m around him, I don’t know how I’d be dealing with myself right now without him. I love you, Sam. 🐒💙

hi there aisican, just want to wish you a happy hoildays or a happy 24th and 25th. I also wanted to say that  you an awesome person and amazing artist and i so glad i met you. I hope 2015 is a awesome year for you and that 2014 wasn’t such a bad year for you. i know this gift isn’t much but i hope you like it and  sorry if this sound mushy.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this gift!! Me and Moonlit look so cute!! Thank you soooo soooo sooooooo much for this gift! I hope so too that this next year will be great for not just me and moonlit. But for all of you amazing followers!! All of you are awesome. Thanks again Sammy!! Or SamBam. >,

Last day of my first year of college. It’s been an amazing experience here at UCSD. Can’t wait for another 3 years to have fun with all the friends that I’ve made. To think that a year ago I was thinking September was years away and I couldn’t wait to start, now I kind of don’t want to leave. But then again I can’t wait to get back home and enjoy LA to the best of my abilities. And then NorCal in a few weeks and possibly coming down to San Diego to visit. This summer is gonna be amazing.