samba van


When a Subaru dances the Samba Volkswagen officials might rotate, too. But these conversions actually correspond to their own brand’s idea of a „people’s car” much more than let’s say a $49,990 T6 Multivan. Whether Subaru Sambar, Libero or Domingo microvan, which like the original VW Samba used an air-cooled engine installed in the back, there excist bodykits to convert them to Volkswagen Type 2 T1 campers, usually including matching front and rear bumpers.

ID #94556

Name: Zahri
Age: 18 (19 in June)
Country: USA

Hi! I live in the south and never really resonated with the mindset here and therefore, have never been fantastic at making new friends. I’m quite introverted with a big heart and enough compassion to step into my extrovert shoes in order to make my fellow introverts more comfortable in some situations. I’ve been told I’m very friendly and while I often feel extra shy, many have told me I am very warm and welcoming.

I love art in every form! I love to observe and create drawings, paintings, and collages, play guitar, piano, and have many years of choral experience under my belt as well. I enjoy reading all types of genres, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading and writing poetry and filling journals. I love to ask my friends to make up stories just for me too, admiring the creativity of others inspires my own!

I’ve been studying French for 5 years and Japanese for a little under 2 weeks and I wish to learn as many languages as I can retain!

My dream is to own and renovate a 196x-7x Volkswagen Samba/Kombi/Westfalia camper van and travel the globe.

I’m Buddhist, vegetarian, yogi, INFP and cancer if that makes any sort of difference to anyone ha!

I would absolutely love to welcome any new friends to my life and am open to IMing (Kik, Whatsapp, Skype or any social media) and would also be thrilled to send and receive mail with sweet and thoughtful words/art/care packages!

Preferences: Age makes no difference to me, I’d be honored to connect with anyone full of love and free of harsh judgments. open mind and heart are my only necessity.