samari sword

Sounds In The Night

GRESTER. I wrote this whilst travelling to France (16 days ago) and i can’t be bothered to rereadd through it oops so i hope it’s okay. SFW. And i know it ends on a cliff hanger and i possibly may continue it in the future but at the moments i’m drained of ideas.

‘Grace, Grace wake up’ Chester whispered loudly, trying to shake the brunette awake.

'What?’ She mumbled in her half sleep daze,

‘I heard something’

'Im sure it’s nothing, go back to sleep’ Grace rolled over and pulled the duvet up over her head.

'It sounded like someone trying the door handle and then a smash’

'If you’re that bothered Chester go check it out’

'Im scared Grace what if it’s a burglar’

'Uhhh’ she groaned, 'so you want me to check it out?’

'Please Gracie’

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