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Why Shepard Really Recruited Samara

Detective Anaya: Please help, I have to arrest this lady or she’ll kill me, and if I do arrest her she’ll also kill me. 
Shep: Holy shit that’s terrifying ok.
Samara: *Crushes people to death with her mind* Find me the ship name or I’ll kill the entire police force because my Code says so.
Shep: Fuck me that’s terrifying ok.

Shepard finds the ship name fueled by fear of Samara because she is beautiful and terrifying.

Samara: Ok I’m coming with you now, your mission is my Code.

Later, on the Normandy.

Joker: Why is there a terrifying Asari meditating in the  Starboard Observation Deck?
Shep: Because she said she was coming with me and I was too scared to say no.  
Samara: Hello Shepard it’s time to hunt and kill my hellspawn daughter who fucks people to death with her mind.
Shep: Is your entire family this terrifying???
Samara: Yes.
Shep: Fuck.

Unpopular opinion

And rare moment where I’m serious I feel like this subject isn’t brought up enough, so I just wanted to put it out there. This isn’t me wanting to start drama, I just think it’s important to acknowledge a major flaw in the show which is the LGBT rep. Before some of you come at me and say that Emily’s good lesbian rep, please hear me out.

Every straight ship on the show have been together since season one/season 2. Emily’s relationships have all ended tragically and have only lasted one, maybe two seasons at best:

  1. Maya was murdered by her ex boyfriend Nate (who then tried to kill Emily)
  2. Sara was working for A and used Emily.
  3. Talia was married and didn’t tell her.
  4. Paige left her for California, because she wanted to escape A.
  5. Alison died. I know she’s alive, but she thought she was dead for years and slept with Emily one time, then never brought it up again? Like, they never spoke about it even though Marlene promised they would
  6. Samara I almost forgot about her oops left her.

While that’s a lot of representation, it’s not good representation. Where are they now? The end of every character’s storyline I’ve listed above, have all ended on a sad note. I get it, it’s one of those shows where things never go well for anyone, but Emily can never seem to catch a break..Lbr.

Then there’s emison. As an emison shipper who’s been in this fandom for seven years, I’m really angry about how Marlene has treated us. Sure, maybe now she’s making them endgame, but there’s no hiding the fact that she’s been playing us for three seasons. She would promise things and never follow through. She knows that emison is a popular ship and she used that to her advantage. I’ve heard that she’s confirmed that they’re end game, but I’m cautious that they won’t get together until the final episode. That would be a cop out, a huge slap in the face. It would be offensive to us. It would be queerbaiting. I want to watch the relationship grow, like every other ship on the show and  I’m nervous about how she’s gonna write it, especially after the year we’ve had with w/w relationships. She might surprise us and keep her word, who knows, but I’m cautious because this isn’t the first time Marlene’s let me down.

That was just Emily’s love interests. We also have:

  1. Shauna (poc lesbian) was vilified and murdered
  2. Jenna (bisexual) lost Shauna.
  3. Charlotte (transgender) was A, then murdered just as she was reunited with her family. 

That’s ten LGBT characters that I can list from the top of my head.. And none of them are happy. 

anyways that’s it please don’t go off

jacksbittle  asked:

omg if you have time pleeease would you write some sterek where like stiles' friends don't believe he and derek are in a relationship??? it's my favourite trope! congrats on 2k btw :))

[It’s not exactly what you asked, but I hope you like it anyway!]


Contrary to popular opinion, Derek is not the jealous type.

He trusts Stiles, knows that no one or anything will change what they both feel for each other, jealousy is just – useless.

Derek doesn’t do jealousy.

But the thing is – Stiles does.

“Derek, hi.” Samantha – Samara? Sammy? – says, smiling brightly at him. She’s always smiling brightly, it’s annoying. The only reason why Derek keeps indulging her with a smile of his own is because her father is the mayor and as such holds the power to make Stiles’ life as a new Deputy miserable. “Grocery shopping?”

“Hi.” Derek says without looking up, hoping that she will get the hint. She never did before, but hope springs eternal. “Yeah, Stiles forgot to buy milk.”

“Oh, you’re such a good friend, coming to buy milk for him while he protects our town.” She laughs loudly, reaches out to touch his arm. Before Derek can pull back, a hand is already slapping her arm away.

“Yeah, he’s the best.” Stiles says, glares at her until she takes a few steps back. “The best boyfriend ever.”

Derek takes a deep breath. Here it goes.

“I’m sure.” Sam-something says, looking around as if searching for help. “I – gotta go. Nice to see you, Deputy. Derek.” She fakes a smile and promptly flees.

“What were you doing?” Stiles hisses, turning to Derek. “She was going to ask you out!”

“And I was going to say no.” He answers, reaching out for the low-fat milk and checking the list of things they need.

“She just doesn’t give up!”

“So what?” Derek frowns, not understanding why Stiles is freaking out. “I’m dating you.”

“Damn right.” Stiles nods, then takes Derek’s hand and drags him towards the exist.

“Stiles, the –”

Later.” He says. “You’re going to cover me in hickeys, now.”

Well, Derek shrugs and lets himself be manhandled, he will never say no to that.

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