Samanu, Senjed, Sir and Somaq on the The Tehran Times Haft Seen (Nowruz Week)

March 20th, the beginning of Spring is the beginning of Iranian Calendar as well.

We make a table setting which is called Haft seen (seven “S”). Haft seen has seven items which each should start with the letter “S” in Farsi.

Sabzeh - (wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish) - symbolizing rebirth

Samanu (a sweet pudding made from wheat germ) - symbolizing affluence

Senjed (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree) - symbolizing love

Sir (garlic) - symbolizing medicine

Sib (apples) - symbolizing beauty and health

Somaq (berries) - symbolizing (the color of) sunrise 

Serkeh (vinegar) - symbolizing age and patience

Additional items on the Haft Seen setting are:

Sekkeh (coin) - symbolizes wealth and prosperity

Sonbol (hyacinth) - a spring spring flower

Mahi (goldfish) - symbolizes life

Tokhmeh Morgh (egg) - symbolizes fertility Sham (candle): symbolizes enlightenment