samanthafall  asked:

Other than the tarts you made (which I'm tempted to try myself), what can you use cranberry curd for? Is it something you can use as a jam on toast?

You could definitely use it on toast, though I think it’s almost a bit too rich for that. It’d be good as a sweetener in oatmeal, I think! 

I like to dip cookies into curd (usually lemon, but I made meringues this morning and I’ve been dipping meringues into cranberry curd all morning). 


Ew, Adulthood.


Let me show you how to selfie.


Well, hey look! I’ve uploaded a video. This is the second week of my promised weekly Tuesday videos. I talk about being an annoying kid, and having a big ol’ crush on William Moseley.

And also being a unicorn. Because that’s a thing.


Childhood Nostalgia - A Bedtime Story

YouTube Channel: SamanthaFall

Upload Date: February 9, 2013


Hey! Let me read you a bedtime story! 

Book: Come Over To My House by Theo LeSieg (Dr. Seuss)