Consider this a VERY late birthday present, dearest McKenna! Because I love you and your gang just that much and I wasn’t able to peek in and say hi on your special day. ♥ Craig is still my favourite guy in the whole wide world but I reallyreallyreally felt like drawing wild child Samantha Smile. Tried some different things, colouring wise. I’m quite fond of the result and…. I am babbling again, right? Right. Sorry. :D

(I apologise if she looks too masculine or anything of that sort here. She’s just so fierce and awesome. Not a person you’d want to mess with, for sure, and I think it kinda fits that she has some edgier features on her. ♥)

This is late! D:<

A present for McKenna (adrawingforgemma) and it’s not finished, but I wanted to show you what I had done so far.
I need to re-do Craig and Georgia since they didn’t come out well the first time. D’:

And how do people draw those fake Reindeer antler headbands?

Also, my fav. is Cardinal in this. <3

After I get everyone in, I’ll finish inking, color it, and then upload it with a Scanner if I find one or use the one at my parent’s work.

Hope you had a great Holiday!


hi Mckenna sorry for ruining ur birthday with crappy stuff but ur amazin and ilu.

i know its not amazing but its a little something for letting you know that when i get bored at school i think of you and doodle your amazing people. ok.
Happy Birthdaeeeehh! 

I had these lying around for quite a bit (6 months?) so I thought I’d share

Long necks anyone? omg I suck
An happy unbirthday? oh well what’s done’s done.

Also yes Craig came with Georgia but she was too shitty and these drawings are already shitty enough as they are