Try to remember that.


I thought I’d give you guys an idea of what the next big Adam and Gemma story will be like! For Samantha’s storyline, these characters are going to be the key players. My ultimate goal for the Sam-Jesse-Chris love triangle is to make it as hard as possible to decide who’s right for her–to make a sort of Team Gale/Team Peeta situation. 

…aaaaand OH, hello Michel and Brent! (It might be YOUR first time seeing these two, but trust me, they’ve been sittin’ in my notebooks for a while. >:D)

Consider this a VERY late birthday present, dearest McKenna! Because I love you and your gang just that much and I wasn’t able to peek in and say hi on your special day. ♥ Craig is still my favourite guy in the whole wide world but I reallyreallyreally felt like drawing wild child Samantha Smile. Tried some different things, colouring wise. I’m quite fond of the result and…. I am babbling again, right? Right. Sorry. :D

(I apologise if she looks too masculine or anything of that sort here. She’s just so fierce and awesome. Not a person you’d want to mess with, for sure, and I think it kinda fits that she has some edgier features on her. ♥)