To Endure Whatever Comes

My life is currently a blur of love stories. My best friend (and housemate) is engaged and we are in full wedding planning mode. My other best friend is in a long distance relationship with the most wonderful guy and they are an inspiration every day. Another friend of mine recently asked his girlfriend to marry him in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen. These are wonderful and exciting days filled with the magic and promise of weddings that will herald in the fierce, long haul endurance of marriage. I love the details and the aesthetics of planning such a day, but more and more I am expectant for the days that will follow and a lifetime of adventure that is building a life of love– one that will always trust, always hope, always forgive and always be ready to endure whatever comes.

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“Therefore draw near with boldness to the throne of grace” - Hebrews 4:16 // I love that the International Standard Version reads “let us keep on coming boldly to the throne of grace”. God’s grace and mercy is not a one time thing and then we’ve lost it but something He pours out again and again. All we have to do is draw near and ask. Of which we can do with confidence.

Quick piece tonight before supper and board games with some of my life group. Going to eat so many brownies. Happy Tuesday friends! 😊