Things I love about Gears of War 4:
Baird and Sam are canon
Marcus calling Sam Baird’s wife
Baird calling her his ladyfriend
JD calling everyone “uncle”
Baird and Sam are canon
JD and Del’s snark forever!
Marcus calling JD James all the time
Sam’s perfection existing
Cole whoooing at every oportunity
Baird and Sam are canon
Stomping around in Jack Jr!
The fact that all the characters are perfect
Have I mentioned that Baird and Sam are canon yet?

“When Dom went kaboosh I couldn’t handle it, I was depressed for the rest of the campaign. Then during the ending, his dagger struck Myrrah. I wanted to cry, imagine what Marcus had to feel. Afterwards I played some multiplayer and saw Sam as a playable character and remembered seeing her do (or fix up) his tattoo in the intro video. Now I keep switching between the two characters, forever my favourites.”