samantha sparks


Stargate SG-1 meme: eight episodes (5/8) | 4x10 Beneath the Surface

Daniel: ”It’s like a façade. It only works if we don’t dig too deep beneath the surface, if we don’t question it. So that’s what we have to do. We have to question every assumption. Everything.“

I know you don’t want to hear from me, probably ever again, but I just wanted to hear your voice one last time, even if that meant hearing the recording to your voicemail. I know it’s only been a few hours, but I miss you more than anything in the world. I would do anything to be with you right now. I hate knowing that you would be here with me if I didn’t screw this up. This is all my fault. I would do anything to take it all back. I can’t stand the thought that I’ll never be able to see your smile, or hear your laugh, or touch you ever again. Don’t ever let someone like me back in your life again. You deserve to be happy. Don’t accept anything less. Just promise me one thing, promise me that whoever falls in love with you won’t break your heart like I did. I never want you to go to it through that again. You deserve the best. Never forget that. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry and I love you so so much. Please never forget that. Baby, I’ll always love you, okay? No matter what happens, I never going to forget you. You mean everything to me. I love you.
—  old voicemails