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a toast to magnus bane

y’all have no goddamn idea how important shadowhunters is to me. (and to a lot of others who are like me)

it’s a silly fantasy show, i get that. it’s not some emmy award winning art with groundbreaking cinematography or some soul-shaking message. it is a somewhat silly fantasy show on a b network with a side order of lite social issues. 

but i get to see myself in characters on a silly fantasy show.

i am represented on a silly fantasy show and as a bisexual south east asian woman, do you realize how rare that is? i can count on one hand the number of south east asian characters I’VE seen as a regular on a popular tv show.

i am not the first person to say this, and i will not be the last. but magnus bane is so fucking huge for me. (i realize harry is not se asian, that’s a whole other can of worms i won’t get into, but i have nothing against him for getting this role. asian rep in general is fucking lacking, so… GLOSSING OVER THAT.)

but asians and particularly south east asians and south asians… we don’t get to have complex characters in silly fantasy shows.

we don’t get to be characters like magnus bane, the slightly eccentric and wildly powerful warlock who’s desired and has this insane fleshed out past, who has more stories to tell and a life and love.

and if you’re a part of the lgbt community on top of that? forget about it.

we’re lucky if we’re the nerdy best friend or the unattainable hottie who shows up on screen for a couple minutes with a snarky quip but is still second to the white lead. 

growing up i had mulan. and i had jasmine because her skin color was closest to mine. and i still love them both, but it is something amazing to go through life and finally see a character and be able to say … that’s me.

and magnus bane is that for me. aline penhallow is that for me. samantha with only her 30 seconds of screentime is that for me.

and as many things as there are that shadowhunters needs to fix, i will be forever fucking grateful for them. 

every single les amis aesthetic collage
  • enjolras: lots of red things and faceless shots of blond (almost always white) models. Blood on white cloth, quotes about the necessity of revolution, coffee
  • courfeyrac: yellow, models with afros and freckles. rainbows, glitter, daisy-chains, cartoon stars and light-up shoes, bow ties.
  • combeferre: glasses, tall Black models with short hair, books, telescopes, MOTHS, librarian jumpers. like the male version of most Hermione aesthetics
  • grantaire: paint, bruised knuckles, 'reLOVEution' image, green things, beanies, (usually white) models with black curly hair, sometimes George Blagden, guitars, boxing gloves, stubble and cigarettes
  • joly: also bow-ties, dinosaurs, bright colours, positive quotes, sometimes a cane
  • bossuet: smiling model with bald/shaved head, four-leaf clovers, polyamory, quotes about kindness
  • jehan: (usually white) models with long auburn/light brown hair, roses, poetry, cigarettes, flower crowns, capital R Romance
  • feuilly: fans, freckles, books, kind of remus-lupin tbh, maybe some tea, cardigans, curly hair
  • bahorel: man-buns, big baggy jumpers, heavily muscled models, kittens, beer, quotes about violence/fighting
  • cosette: soft pastels, an asian or white model with long hair, cupcakes, bisexual quotes, feminism, cupcakes, pale pink lipstick
  • Éponine: leather jackets, cigarettes, dark red lipstick, sometimes Samantha Barks, sometimes a non-white model, smokey eyeshadow, unapologetic feminism
  • musichetta: body positivity, black/mixed race model, orange, pink and red, feminism, polyamory, positivity
  • bonus:
  • montparnasse: motorcycles, more leather jackets, white androgynous models, shattered wine glasses, blood, bruises, glitter, maybe a top hat if they're feeling canon-era

anonymous asked:

also i love how the actors who played the barricade are literally the barricade boys like... fra fee is the embodiment of courfeyrac??? george blagden IS grantaire??? wow dont even get me started on how aaron tveit was probably victor hugo's muse in his past life... hugh skinner is as nervous trainwreck like joly??? Wow.. wow

I FUCKING KNOW!!!!! like killian donnelly has the wise, slightly worried vibe of combeferre whenever he looks at aaron tveit as enjolras….alistair brammer as jehan is just….he looks gentle…idk if i’m projecting but wow…….and what i love is that they’re all constantly in contact with each other on twitter? like it’s been two years but they always tweet about seeing each other and running into each other or grabbing tea with each other in london…..i think fra fee and killian donnelly even went to watch alistair brammer in miss saigon….just. i think sometimes samantha barks joins them too. it’s so cute, i love how friendships were truly formed in that set…the les mis 2012 set was truly a great place™️

Root and Moriarty used to date?! Shaw and Watson are clearly not jealous…

A short fic based on a photoset by the illustrious drhollystewart

“That woman,” Joan looked down the street at a pair of women walking toward them. She had reluctantly agreed to have brunch with Jamie and only have there are been established ground rules. She narrowed her eyes, “She looks familiar.”

Jamie turned around and looked at the people on the sidewalk passing by. She was about to tell Joan that it was rude to not pay attention to her brunch date when a woman walking toward them stopped her cold.

The other woman stutter stepped when her eyes met Jamie’s. She slowed her walk. The woman with her stopped and looked from the brunette woman looking at a blonde sitting at the table.

“Hi Sweetie,” the brunette put on a smile, “Did you miss me?”

Joan looked over the woman’s face, trying to decide where she had seen her before. She was especially interested in someone who could render Jamie Moriarty motionless and speechless.

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super-saiyan-doitsu  asked:

Hi. Curious cishet here. I searched up the genderfluid tag and your blog was one of the first things to come up. I'm thinking about making a story called "Sam or Sam." It is about a genderfluid person who is sometimes Samuel and sometimes Samantha. Sam is dating a pansexual. I'm worried that I may accidentally misrepresent the pan and genderfluid communities due to my own misconceptions, so I'd like a list of dos and don'ts, if it's not too much trouble. Thank you.

Do: Accurately portray the fluctuation of the genderfluid person. It is not a gradual process, and you might want to ask some individual genderfluid people about their fluctuation, get some intel on what it’s like
Don’t: Flaunt their identities. For both Sam and the pansexual, don’t make a big deal of their orientations and stuff, after all, they are people with personalities, not walking talking orientations
Do: Keep in mind that genderfluidity is different for everyone, so if Sam’s fluctuation and stuff is different from that of another genderfluid’s, that is perfectly fine

Good luck! Followers feel free to add any you find helpful!