samantha rhodes

What I love the most is Rob getting hugs at Cons

Like, look at this

I just love seeing this

Look at his smile

Look at her smile

Both parties most certainly enjoy it

I most certainly enjoy seeing them smile and laugh and hug each other

Rob is so smol and precious and I bet that the cast knows that, too

Like, look at how some of them hug him

If I was tall enough, I would hug him like that as well

This is cuteness overload

I’m pretty sure I died a few photos back

Maybe I should stop (Jim’s face, tho)

Like, how can one be this cute?

Rob, stop that

You’re killing me

You’re going to be the death of me

You are the death of me

Jesus fucking Christ kill me now

Precious lil smol bean

I don’t know how it’s possible, but my love for the cast of Supernatural gets bigger every day.

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Happy International Women’s Day ! All you women are strong, intelligent, independent, and beautiful. Never forget that. (Also sorry I couldn’t include all the ladies of spn)

SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Four:  Female Hunters

What people don’t understand is when the SPN fandom say we love the cast we don’t just mean Jensen, Jared and Misha - we mean ALL the cast. Even if they might’ve only been in an episode or two or more or whole seasons or more - we love them all. We take them all into our hearts.