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I love your headcanons! I’ll probably spam you frequently. How about Marie-Grace and Cecile, Kit and Ruthie, Samantha and Nellie, Emily, Julie and Ivy, and Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen?

Marie-Grace and Cecile

  • Listen there’s a lot of discussion of which American Girl is the gayest and while it’s probably not MG and Cece they I think are the closest to being canon
  • Like. Look at this shit
  • GAY
  • “Best Friends” Just call them the Red and Blue Gal Pals we know they are
  • I don’t know if “single” women could adopt orphans in the 1800s (I’m guessing they couldn’t) but I can guarantee you they kept volunteering at the orphanage and consider them all their children
  • Cecile ends up being a lot taller than MG and MG has to stand on her tiptoes to kiss her
  • They both sing the prettiest duets together
  • I feel like Marie-Grace would become a popular singer around the area she lives in, while Cecile would become a writer and poet.

Kit and Ruthie

  • They’re both Bi and in a poly relationship with each other and Stirling
  • Kit and Ruthie have known each other since they were toddlers, and have like a million inside jokes
    • None of which Stirling understand
    • “Hey Kit… watermelon” “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN”
  • Kit does pretty well in writing/reporting, and adopts like a million Basset Hound Puppies
  • “Kit… we can’t keep them all…” “We can and we will
  • Wherever they live they build a treehouse in the backyard if they can
  • Stirling probably volunteered for World War II, but he probably still had his million allergies and wasn’t considered healthy enough
  • If he did go tho Ruthie and Kit send him like a million letters a day
    • A lot of them are “I found another dog and you can’t tell me no”
  • Every time a relative gives Kit a fancy dress as a gift Kit gives it to Ruthie. If neither of them like it they cut it up and sew it into an outfit they would wear, since Kit is not really a spender (for obvs reasons) and so doesn’t have that many outfits anyway

Samantha and Nellie

  • I actually think Nellie might be the previously mentioned gayest doll but Molly also gives her a run for her money
  • Whenever Sam and Nellie are apart they call each other frequently or send letters if they’re really far away
  • Even if they’ve only been apart for like 20 minutes
  • They tend to spend more time outside than inside, and have a lot of picnics in the fields.
  • Nellie also spends a lot of time volunteering to help other orphans at the orphanage. Jenny and Bridget help out when they get older, too.
  • Also Samantha definitely babysat baby Rebecca when she was younger. I will fight for that Headcanon


  • She keeps in touch with Molly a lot once she’s back in England because she’s gay
  • She sometimes visits her Aunt in America and often stays with Molly while she does
  • In the 1950′s when she comes to visit and she would totally buy those Poodle Skirts she would look great in them
  • She and Linda sometimes team up to prank Molly and it will often go horribly wrong but it’s fun anyway
  • She’ll then turn around and prank Linda with Molly
  • Once she warms up to Molly and her friends she becomes the Prank Queen

Julie and Ivy

  • Julie’s sister Tracy is a lesbian and introduces her to the Gay Rights Movement (which I believe was really big in San Francisco in the 70′s)
  • Tracy has a girlfriend there and her parents are pretty accepting but it takes Julie a while to understand, but she still supports her sister and goes with her to meetings and stuff
  • As she gets older she starts to realize that she likes girls too and is like “… OH”
  • What she doesn’t realize is Ivy has had a crush on her for ages 
  • One time they’re hanging out and Julie is like “Hey Ivy, if I liked girls like Tracy does would you still like me” and Ivy responds by kissing her
  • In 1978 the movie Grease comes out and Julie adores it.
  • She and Ivy go all 50′s aesthetic for a while and they sing “You’re the One That I Want” to each other all the time
  • “Single” Parents were allowed to adopt children by the 1970′s (I literally just googled it now) so Ivy and Julie probably both adopted once they were older
  • Julie continues playing basketball forever and teaches both her kids and the neighborhood kids how to play, often acting as a Coach
  • Rebecca: Hey, did you ever see that movie, the one where there's the cowboy and he's, like, the 'king of the castle' and then this astronaut shows up and he tries to take over and so the cowboy attempts to murder him, but instead the astronaut is taken hostage by, like, this evil psychopath and the cowboy has to rescue him and then they end up becoming really good friends?
  • Cecile: Toy Story?
  • Rebecca: Oh, my God! Toy Story! That's it, that's it. I love that movie.