samantha perkins

4x18 “A Change Would Do You Good” Sneak Peek: “Meet Samantha Perkins”

Sneak Peek Synopsis: Marley and Puck are introduced to Jessica’s classmate Samantha Perkins (Rowan Blanchard), only for Samantha to give an ill Marley a probable diagnosis. 

“But are you feeling okay? I can schedule a doctor’s appointment if you’re not feeling well.” Puck questioned, Marley nodding her head towards him.

“I’m fine, honey. I’m sure I just have a little bug that’s been going around the studio, that’s all.” Marley softly assured him. Puck kissed the top of Marley’s forehead as he felt reassured but the door to the apartment opened as Jessica slammed it behind her, going to the kitchen and grabbing the jar of Cookie Butter from Marley with authority.

“Well…someone had a rough day.” Puck tried to lighten the mood, but Jessica sighed.

“Why do you and Marley insist on sending me to school?” Jessica groaned, Puck raising an eyebrow.

“Because it’s the law?” Puck answered, Marley grabbing the jar of Cookie Butter away from Jessica with slight annoyance and taking a spoon from the drawer. Marley dipped her spoon in the jar and put the spoon with the Cookie Butter in her mouth, Puck trying his hardest not to show disgust at Marley eating straight from the jar.. “What’s wrong, Jessica?”

“Oh just nothing.” Jessica sardonically said before she appeared frustrated. “It’s just that in music class today we were assigned to performance the end of the week…but we’re duets.”

“That’s so exciting!” Marley showed enthusiasm while Puck appeared unsure. “So, who is your duet partner?”

“It better not be a dude.” Puck furrowed his eyebrows, Marley playfully throwing a kitchen towel at her husband.

“It’s worse.” Jessica’s eyes widened. “It’s this new girl in class named Samantha Perkins. She just moved here from North Carolina and I have to say she is the weirdest girl I ever met.”

“Jessica.” Marley raised an eyebrow while giving her a stern look. “You don’t know anything about Samantha. How do you know she’s weird?”

“I just know she is.” Jessica argued. “I mean, she’s so…perfect and…she has this awesome family. She even has a nanny.”

“And?” Puck got up from the table and stared at the young teenage girl. “You have an awesome family too.”

“But not like hers.” Jessica softly replied, Puck’s face softening at her. “I’m just saying…” Marley and Puck knew no matter how hard they tried, they were never going to be the family Jessica secretly wanted, but honestly they were the best thing she had at the moment. Living with them was better than living in another foster home, that’s for sure.

“Well, I think it’s great that you’re making friends at school.” Puck decided to change the subject. 

“Oh no.” Jessica let out a haughty chuckle. “I am not friends with her. We’re just working together for a school project, nothing more, nothing less.” As Jessica said that, the door knocked and Puck went to open it. “Oh no, it’s her. You know you don’t have to let her in if you don’t want to.” Although Puck pretended to relent at Jessica’s words, he opened the door and saw a young girl standing there, folding her hands with a smile.

“Good afternoon Mr. Puckerman.” The young girl politely said. “Is Jessica available this afternoon? She and I were supposed to work on a music assignment. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry, where are my manners? I’m Samantha Perkins and I am a classmate of your daughter’s.”

“I’m not their daughter.” Jessica muttered, Marley sending Jessica a stern look at her words.

“It’s ever so nice to meet you. May I please come in?” Samantha held out her hand for Puck to shake as he did so with gusto.

“Of course you can. And it’s nice to meet you. Jessica’s in the living room, so you caught her at a good time.” Puck opened the door and motioned for Samantha to enter the apartment, Samantha making her way to the middle of the room and nodding her head at Jessica. “Jessica, Samantha’s here.” Jessica felt a fake smile appear on her face, Samantha looking back at her and folding her hands.

“Good afternoon, Jessica.” Samantha looked to the kitchen and saw Marley rubbing her lower back. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Puckerman. It’s so nice to meet you.” Marley looked up at Samantha and walked over towards her, holding her hand out and shaking it with gusto.

“Oh, Samantha…Mrs. Puckerman’s his mother.” Marley motioned to her husband. “Please, call me Marley.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Puckerman but my mother always taught me to address my elders with manners.” Samantha replied with a grin. “Simply calling you ‘Marley’ wouldn’t be respectful. I hope you understand.” Marley seemed impressed by the young girl, but Jessica was quite the opposite. Who did Samantha think she was, waltzing in here and making her look bad in front of her guardians?

“Of course I understand.” Marley waved her hand dismissively, but she felt another cramp in her back and it was beginning to worry her. “I’m sorry I’m not my usual chipper self, I’ve been feeling back cramps for the last few days." 

"Your lower back is cramping up?” Samantha wondered. “I don’t mean to intrude but my mother had those same symptoms…when she was pregnant with my brother.” Marley’s eyed widened while Samantha turned and looked to Jessica with a polite smile. “Jessica, we should get started on our project. Once again, it was very nice meeting you and your husband, Mrs. Puckerman.” Samantha led Jessica towards the bedroom after saying goodbye to Marley, but all Marley could think about was the words Samantha said. Puck entered the kitchen and noticed Marley’s face was frozen, causing him to walk over with worry and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Marley? Is everything okay?” Puck asked, Marley looking at her husband with slight concern.

“Um, Puck?” Marley said, but the tone in her voice caused Puck to worry.

“What’s the matter? Did Jessica’s friend say something to you?” Puck suddenly became protective, but Marley put her hand up, shaking her head slowly.

“Puck…” Marley said again, taking Puck’s hand and gripping onto it with fear. “Jessica’s friend did say something but…I don’t know how you’re going to take it.”

“Marley, tell me.” Puck felt his face turn serious as Marley toyed with her words, finally clearing her throat and giving her husband a grave look.

“The back pain and the odd craving of Cookie Butter with oranges isn’t normal…I’m not sure..but I think I might be pregnant.”

5x03 "Same Love" small scene
  • Samantha: I painted a picture! Who wants to see?
  • Puck: If it's one more drawing of a rainbow, I'm moving to Coney Island.
  • Samantha: It's better than a rainbow drawing. (Samantha shows Santana and Brittany a picture of them being lovey dovey). What do you think?
  • Santana: Wow...Samantha this is...amazing. I didn't know you could draw like that.
  • Brittany: Yeah. But...why did you draw it?
  • Samantha: Because I wanted you to know that being loved is the most important thing in the world. And regardless of what anyone else tells you, love is love. And no ignorant person can take away the love you both have for each other. So don't let them define you.
  • Santana: (she appears touched) Wow...thank you, Samantha. How did someone so young like you get to be so wise beyond your years?
  • Samantha: (she turns to Marley and notices Marley is smiling back at her) It helps when you have the right kind of...LOVE.