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PAIRING: Josh Dun x Reader 



“Mom? Dad?” I call out as I walk through the front door of my parent’s house.

“Y/N!” My mom exclaims once she sees me, rushing over to engulf me in a long awaited hug. “I’m so glad you’re here Sweetie.”

“Mom, I wouldn’t dream of missing my brother’s wedding,” I tell her with a chuckle. “Where’s Micheal anyway?” 

“He and your father went to go buy some stuff for the BBQ we’re having tonight,” she replies with a smile as she leads me further into the house and into the kitchen. 

“BBQ? Whose all coming?”

“Everyone in the wedding party as well as a few others,” she tells me with a smile as I move it sit at the kitchen table. She moves swiftly around the kitchen making us each a cup of tea, bringing the two cups over placing one down in front of me as she takes a seat across the table from me. “So tell me, how’s the job going?”

“It’s been good, but busy,” I tell her. I had moved from Ohio to California where I got a job as one of the chiropractors on staff for a local professional sports team.

“Oh I bet, I’m just happy that you like it there,” she says reaching across the table, taking my hand in hers. My mom has always worried about me, when I went away for college and then again when I moved to another state.

“We’re home!” I voice yells out from another room.

A smile appears on my face as I leave my seat and walk to the front room. My brother and dad stand in the middle of the room, bags in hand. Micheal sees me, putting the bags on the ground before engulfing me in a hug.

“Gosh I’ve missed you,” Micheal says taking a step back from me.

“You need to come visit more, all your mother does is worry about you, well both of you,” my dad says as he appears at me side, bringing me for a small hug.

“I’ll try to come out more often,” I say, grabbing one of the bags, following the two into the kitchen. “It’s just hard because of how the seasons are set up.”

“I know Honey, I’m just suggesting it,” he tells me.

“Oh, Y/N! I meant to tell you that Josh is coming to the BBQ tonight,” Micheal tells me. I furrow my brows at his words, my stomach growing sudden butterflies. “He’s not touring right now so he’s able to come.”

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(Harry Potter) Fred Weasley X Reader: Wicked {Part 1}

Summary: Reader and friends are from ilvermorny, at hogwarts to represent their school, but not compete in the Triwizard tournament. Seeing the super flashy entrance of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, they decide to put on a little show of their own. This ends of impressing the twins who decide to befriend the reader.

(Made this into a oneshot, Oops! Supposed to be just a imagine… Oh well!)

Disclaimer: Sorry if any information is wrong, I haven’t seen or read Harry Potter in like three years. Oh and the last name of the friends are just a name I picked off of the list of the 28 pureblood families. Sorry if there is already a character with that last name in the book that I forgot about. And most of the facts about Ilvermorny are complete BS that I made up on the spot. 

I don’t own Harry Potter!

     Having to leave Ilvermorny was bad enough, but you and your two best friends were being forced out of the whole country. All for some stupid tournament that you couldn’t even compete in. In your, and your friend’s, opinion, this was a huge waist of time. They insisted it was to mend some broken bond with the school that was hosting it. You couldn’t remember the name, something like Hogwash, or equally as stupid.

     So now you sat in the driver’s seat of the magic car your charms teacher had lent you, A very nice ‘77 Camaro, and were on your way to the school. You were told to arrive before six, since that was when the other schools would get there, but you and your friends were tempted to ditch the trip and stop off in France or Italy instead.

     Though, that would probably get you expelled, so you opted to take the safer, but more boring, route. To Pigwelt, or whatever it was called, it was!

     Through the dense fog, you started to make out a large structure, which looked like a castle, and a field below. Off in the distance was a Quiditch Pitch, making you a bit more excited about this trip, but only if you got a chance to play. In the field outside of the entrance, there already seemed to be a carriage. A large lake sat a few hundred yards away from it, a large ship floating in the water.

     “Looks like we’re late, as usual.” Said one of your friends, Alice. Samantha, sitting next to you, nodded in agreement, but went back to reading her book. Keeping your eyes ahead of you, trying to land safely, you smirked.

     “It’s never been a bad thing to be fashionably late. Just remember, no one here likes us so…” They all looked to you as your smirk widened into a full blown smile, “Lets make this entrance one they will remember.”

     The Camaro revved its engine, slowly descending to the ground. Through the overcast weather, you could see a huge group of people watching your decent to the ground. The car hit the ground mostly smooth, but still jostled slightly. You skidded to a stop, foot on the break, and turned to your friends.

     “Let’s make this count.” They nodded and you all opened you doors at the same time, stepping out from inside the car. Your black jeans and white button-up shirt did little to keep out the cold, but you withstood it. The grass was most definitely wet, covering your black converse in water and a bit of mud, but doing no real harm. Your friends met you at the front of the car, Samantha smiling, before whispering to you and Alice.

     “I could practically hear their jaws drop. I am feeling much better about this trip.” Her voice raised a bit at that last part, but you sighed in annoyance.

     “I’m not. We don’t have many purebloods in America, here they are an abundance. You guys may be related to the only pureblood family in Ilvermorny, but I’m still a muggle-born. This will not be fun.” Alice wrapped her arm around your shoulders, trying to cheer you up with her always chipper mood.

     “If anyone tries to call you anything or do anything to upset or anger you,” Her expression turned dark, “I will personally hit the with the killing curse.” 

     You smiled, they were the greatest people you knew. But you conversation was cut short when you were herded by a teacher through the halls. They took you through the hallways with moving pictures, up stairwells that changed, and past a bathroom with the most annoying ghost you had ever met. They finally ended the tour outside the dining hall, or Great Hall as they called it. The other two schools that were visiting were outside as well, their groups much larger in number then yours. A woman, wearing emerald green robes told you that you would be called in by school, then herded to the house table you would sit at.

     Durmstrang would sit with Slytherin, Beauxbatons with Ravenclaw, and Ilvermorny would sit with Gryffindor. Beauxbatons was called in first, walking in and making a grand entrance. It was all very ladylike and made you want to gag. The moved aside to sit at the Ravenclaw table, leaving the entrance open for Durmstrang. While their entrance was much cooler, with all the fire, it was still nothing interesting enough for you. It was all to flashy. While they made their entrance, you turned to Sam and Alice.

     “Remember second year, the prank we pulled in transfiguration?” They nodded, beginning to smile. You turned to the entrance, muttering under your breath with Sam and Alice.

     “Now or never guys.” The headmaster, Dumbledore, motioned for them to sit, turning back to the students of Hogwarts(Which you finally remembered).

     “Now last, but not least. I have to introduce a small group of special guests. Though these lovely young ladies won’t be competing in the Triwizard tournament, they were sent to represent their school in a show of good faith and support. Please welcome, (Y/N) (L/N), and Samantha and Alice Travers of Ilvermorny!” He finished his introduction, leading you three to walk in. You kept your heads held high and walked with confidence, but not too much. When you made it about halfway, you held you hands up and all three of you stopped. The hall was silent as you smiled, and in a cloud of white smoke, disappeared. 

     A few people gasped looking around to find where you had gone. It wasn’t long until a startled Gryffindor first year noticed you were sat in the once empty spot at their table. The whole hall clapped, as one of the Gryffindor student went to pat you on the back, only for his hand to pass right through you. The smoke decoys disappeared, leaving you three to be revealed sitting in the headmaster’s chair. You were on the comfy cushioned seat, Alice and Samantha each on a armrest.

     The students applauds doubled, making you all smile as you saw two students close to the front smile and say ‘Wicked’. Noticing that you saw them, they smiled and winked, only to elicit a wink back from you. Moving away from the chair and to your seats at the table, you ended up next to the two twin redheads who had winked at you. You smiled at them, holding your hand out.

     “(Y/N) (L/N), nice to meet you.” You expected them to shake your hand, but instead, one moved to your other side, trapping you between them. They wrapped their arms around your shoulders and spoke in sink.

     “Fred and George Weasley, pleasure to meet you.” The one on your right leaned down to your eye-level, being much taller than you, and spoke with a smile.

     “I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship, don’t you agree Georgie?”

I’m sorry this was trash. I just couldn’t leave this at just an imagine like I planned. I literally stayed up until midnight writing this. Holy crap I need a life. 

I hope you like it anyways, and please don’t forget to request! 

My request box is open and I do Imagines, Oneshots, and Multi-part Oneshots(Which I am hoping to turn this into)

Although I do not do Smut/Lemons!

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The Banshee I loved

Bucky x reader
Summary: You were just a normal Shield agent until you start doing weird things. You always know who would die next and where, and you start hearing voices in your head.
Warnings: angts, death, blood
Words count:2031

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“Okay agents it will be an easy mission. You need to go in, protect the avengers and come out alive with the weapon. Easy, just as always.” Fury said through the computer.

A few avenger go and four of the best agents. You are on of them. The other three is Matthew, Laure, and Samantha your best friend. It’s not your first mission. You have a lot of mission before so you’re not nervous at all. And it’s  going to be easy and you are one of the best agent. You worked hard to be there where you are now.

You checked all of your weapons before you get out of the jet. You were paired with Samantha and Steve aka Captain america. You know the avengers but you were more like co-workers than friend. Once Sam try to ask you out on a date but you refused it but that’s all. 

For you your job means a lot, because your job becomes your life, but you love it. And you still trying to go out with your friends but sometimes you feel you enjoy a mission more than a party. So that’s how you lived. Working with the avenger,  go on missions, and you actually earn a lot of money. So you have a pretty good life.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a secret agent because you can’t tell it anyone. Not even your family or close friends, and that’s why your best friend is Samantha. You always need to lie to them and you always scare about one day on a mission you’ll die and your family can’t understood it because they think you are working for a great company as a director of the company.

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Why, John?

A/N: Something Samantha said at NashCon this past week that had me thinking, what would she say if she could communicate with John, about the boys growing up into becoming hunters.  Enjoy!

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Mary hadn’t been back a week when all that she had known, last recalled, and had seen, was gone.  Her heaven was no longer.  She was tangible, not some spirit ashed out on the ceiling of her baby boy’s room.  Her four year old Dean with his mushroom cut hair was no longer the freckled little devil that she could swallow up in her arms and twirl around, his giggles warming her belly.

No, they were grown ass men, older than she was technically, and they were hunters.

Hunters. She despised the word, the profession, the reason they had to grow up so fast, so deprived.  

Something she vowed she’d never allow them to see the light of day of; she vowed they’d all be out of that life, even her John.  

Azazel stole her babies from her and John went on a father sabbatical, leaving the boys in motels across the country as he hunted down creatures, his end goal the yellow eyed demon.  

Mary dug out the magiks, crystals, chalk, herbs, and Ouija board and got down to business.  John had some ‘splainin’ to do like Desi would say to Lucy.  

She sat in the circle, read off an incantation, and placed both index fingers on the tiny planchette and waited to hear from John. The planchette began to move after Mary asked her first question,

“John Eric Winchester, you best show yourself, you hear me?”

It began to spell out the answer from the other side of the Earthly realm,

Y-E-S – M-A-A-M

Stunned it worked so fast, that she was able to connect to him, wondering if the boys had ever tried since he had broken out of Hell to save them, she asked another question,

“John, is that really you?”

The planchette shifted quickly to the YES option.

“Prove it,” Mary spat.

B-I-R-T-H * M-A-R-K * O-N * Y-O-U-R

Mary quickly took her fingers off the tiny object and screamed,

“Don’t you dare finish that you quirky son of a bitch!”

The planchette moved on its own and spelled out, H-A-H-A.

Mary quickly commandeered the tiny plank and brought it back to her side, her anger simmering.

“How could you, John, after all we agreed on, how could you raise them in this life?”  Tears were streaming down her cheeks but not of sadness, she was irate.

She could feel the air in the room chill more so and the candles flickered and before she knew it, in front of her sat body, was the embodiment of her late husband.  Spirit or not, he was still as gorgeous as she remembered with now more than a five o’clock shadow of scruff and salt and pepper hair. But that smile, it was the same one that melted her heart all those years ago.


“Hi Mary,” his voice was gravel like, as if he’d been talking for hours upon hours and it reminded her of her now grown son, Dean.  


“I don’t have much time,” he spoke, glancing over his shoulders, “they don’t like when I go MIA.”

“who, John, where are you?”

“That’s not the question you want to ask Mare, now we don’t have much time, Sweetheart, ask me what’s bothering you.”

“Please Sweetheart, ask me again, I know what’s coming,” a lone tear slid down his right stubbled cheek, “I can take it.”

Mary repeated her question, throwing in a few choice cuss words, it was now or never with John and she needed the answer, she needed to know she wasn’t the sole reason why her boys, her sweet little boys, grew up to be such hardened men.

“I wanted to revenge, I wanted you back,” John told her, “I wanted our family the way it was, knew I’d never get that, so I did what I had to.”

“No, you don’t just get to make those decisions,” Mary bit her tongue, of course he did, she was dead.  Who else would he turn to?

“I did and I’d do it all over again, Mary,” he semi smirked, “Dean and Sam, those boys you miss, they are right there, in the next room, they grew up great, and I had nothin’ to do with it.”

“They did this for you too.”

“No, John, I refuse to be their sole reason,” Mary stood up, clearly frustrated, wringing her hands at her sides. 

“Fine,” John too stood up and followed her across the room, “you were always stubborn as a mule, weren’t you?”

“Always was, always will be,” Mary spat.

“They have saved countless men, women, and children.  Families.  They hunt, they save, they fight, they come back swingin’ and I’m damn proud of them, Mary, is that what you want to hear?”

“No,” Mary shook her head, “I want to hear you say it’s your fault.”

“I won’t, because deep down, Mary, you made that deal to save me, and it cost you your life,” John’s tone was harsh.

You, Mary, you left us.”

“Then I know what I have to do to make it right,” Mary began to blow out the candles, one by one, “I love you John, I always will, but they’re my boys, and you’re right, it was my fault.”

“I have to go,” she was steadfast in her gait and John looked on with tears, shaking his head, 

“No, you don’t get to walk out on them again, Mary, you deal with this gift you got, ya hear me, you deal with it, and you go get our boys and be a family.”

“Good bye, John,” Mary blew out the last candle and watched as his spirit faded into the dim room, but not fully, because the door to the bunker’s old storage room opened to reveal Dean and Sam in the doorway, their shadows casting on the wall behind their mother.  They saw the ouija board, the candles, they saw her face.  They saw their father fading fast.  He pointed to Mary one last time hoping they’d be able understand he wanted them to keep her from going one last time.

“Mom?” Sam’s voice was laced with concern, while Dean looked on her with skepticism,

“Why, Mom,” Dean asked, “why do that to yourself?”

“I needed answers, Dean, answers you’d never give me, and I got them.”

“Where is he, Mom,” Sam inquired, but she just brushed past him, “he’s gone, Sam, just like I should be, she wrapped her arms around his neck and side-eyed Dean as Sam hugged her tightly.

“Good-bye, Mom,” Dean’s voice was stoic but his heart ached.

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Feedback please!!!!!

Summary: Steve are told to take his Nieces and nephew out for trick or treating. He stumbles upon you and your daughter and the evening turns out so much better than Steve could imagine.

Warning: CUTE STUFF 

A/N: Here’s my Steve writing!! I hope you guys enjoy it! 

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Steve was sitting on the couch in the living room while the rest of the avengers all scattered around, trying to get their children all together for trick or treat. They all have gathered the children to get pictures and last minute touches on their costumes before Steve was to take them out for trick or treating. The parents all wanted to finally have a night out and since Steve didn’t have a kid, or even a girlfriend for that matter, they pretty much voluntold him that he was to be walking them all around this year. Which he didn’t completely mind. It was just that he thought he was gonna be out partying along side his friends.

Steve stands up and makes his way to the mirror. He takes one last look at himself in his costume. Being a vampire was all Natasha’s idea and he didn’t actually hate it.

“You look great Uncle Steve!” Luci says as she comes and stands next to him. Luci was oldest of the three kids Steve was to be taking out tonight. She was about 9 now and the other two were 6 and 4. Perfect ages to be taking out for trick or treat.

“Thank you sweet heart,” Steve smiles as he looks down at her. “You look great as well Luci! Love your Pirate princess costume.” They both smile at each other before they hug and then return to the group.

“Okay, we will be back pretty late Steve, Thank you once again for this!!” Natasha says as she hugs him quickly, then hugs her son and takes Banner’s hand and leads him to the elevator.

“Seriously, thank you Steven,” Wanda also thanks him before kissing and hugging her daughter. Vision takes her hand and is soon following behind Natasha and Banner. Bucky and Caitlin, his wife, are following close behind. Joining alongside of them is Tony and Pepper. Clint was back at home with his wife and kids, so they unfortunately were to not be joining the group this time around.

“This means a lot man! We will see you later spidey child!” Peter says, smiling then hugging Luci and soon grabbing Kathryn’s hand, his wife, and joining the group in the elevator. Steve and the little ones all wave before the group disappears behind the doors.

“Uncle Steve, are we the next elevator?” Sophia, the youngest of the group asks, tugging at his cape.

“Yes we are!” Steve answers, sending her a warm smile. “Now, does everyone have their buckets?” They all nod and hold up their buckets. “Does everyone have their jackets?”

“Are you going to be holding them for us?” Chris asks, pulling at his sleeves.

“I can for now, but you must put them on the moment the sun goes down, okay?” Steve asks, pressing the button for the elevator. They all nod once again before the door opens, allowing them all to enter. Luci presses the first level button and all soon make their way down to the first floor. “When we get out of the tower, please hold my hand or onto my cape.”

“Okay!” They all say just as the door opens, allowing them all to exit and head towards the door.

Sophia and Chris wrap their little hands in Steve’s hand while Luci grabs a hold of his cape. They soon make their way towards the houses that are passing out the candy. They reach the first house and soon take off up the stairs. Steve stands back, watching them as they share smiles and please and thank yous. They soon are making their way back to Steve and to the next house, repeating the same words each time.

They are soon making up the second street. The little ones start to make up the stairs as your daughter runs up right behind them. You and Steve stand silently as you guys watch the little kids all gather around the bowl of candy.

“So, which one is yours?” Steve finally asks, looking back at you. You smile as your eyes follow your daughter in her little black widow costume.

“Samantha, she’s the one dressed like Black Widow! What about yours?” You ask Steve. He smiles as he looks up at his nieces and nephew.

“They are my nieces and nephews. Sophia is the little Belle, Chris is the Little Ninja, and Luci is the one dressed like the pirate princess.” Steve explains, looking back at you once again. “I like your vampire costume.”

“I like yours as well,” You smirk as you look him up and down. “So where all are you guys headed?”

“Well, we are going to head up this road but if you want to join us, i know i would like the company,” Steve explains as the little ones soon come back to you guys.

“Lucky for you, we are also heading up this road,” You say as you place your hands on your daughters shoulders.

“Good,” Steve says as his little ones come up to him. “I’m Steve by the way, i don’t think i said that yet..”

“Y/N, It’s nice to meet you Steve. And this is Samantha,” You say, causing your daughter to smile as she nods her head at the group.

“It’s nice to meet you Samantha, These three are Luci, Chris, and Sophia.” Steve explains, causing the group to also smile at the girl.

“Shall we keep moving?” You ask, moving out of the way for the little ones. They all yell excitedly as the take off to the next house. Steve lets you lead him as you two trail closely behind the children.

“So.. I do not want to sound rude or to peer into your life. Especially since we just met and all. But i um… notice dad is nowhere in sight..?” Steve stumbles over his sentence. You just smile and shrug.

“Dad got me pregnant just after i graduated college. I thought we were gonna get married but the moment i told him i was having her, he skipped town and has not been seen since. I don’t mind you asking about it. I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks. I have raised Samantha perfectly without a man by our side…” You explain as the kids come running down the steps of another house and compare their candy. They soon take off once again.

“I respect that.. Not everyone needs someone to be by their sides at all times.” Steve answers, grabbing at his neck nervously. You pick up on his nervous tick quickly and are soon trying to correct it.

“It’s not that i don’t want someone by my side. It’s just people are always questioning and trying to advise that i need someone by my side. And no offence, but we just met and i don’t really need a stranger telling me how to live my life. Now, if you were to ask me for coffee and we got to know each other and you became the man of the house, then i would take your advice.” You explain once again.

“Look, i don’t mean to come off as someone who is trying to tell you how to live your life. Samantha is a beautiful individual, a mirror of her mother might i add. I just was curious. I would love to take you out to coffee and get to know you.” Steve answers once again, sending you a nervous smile.

“I would love that as well.” You smile back at him, you two continuing behind the kids. A good hour passes before the little ones are soon zipped up in their coats and getting tired of walking around. The group stops to get some hot cider from one of the families that you know and take a quick break. Steve walks away from the group to get a hold of one of the mothers but soon returns with an angry look.

“Everything alright?” You ask, getting a tad worried.

“None of the parents are answering. I can’t talk them home to an empty tower because they will just be running around, eating candy…” He trails off, looking down at the group of children.

“Why don’t you come to my place? Samantha and i usually get home, dump her candy on the coffee table and sort it out. I then pop popcorn, put in It’s the great pumpkin charlie brown, and we snuggle while snacking. What’s adding three more kids and another adult to the mix?” You ask. Steve looks back at the group of giggling children. He stands silently before whipping his phone out again. You guys stand there as he types away on his keyboard.

“Okay, i am down. I just texted Natasha.” Steve says, smiles spreading across both of your faces. “Guys, we are gonna go with Y/N and Samantha. Sound good to you?” You guys earn excited yes’s as they all get up and grab their buckets of candy. Steve gathers the cups quickly and throws them away.

“Follow me!” You exclaim as Samantha grabs your cape. She then grabs Sophia’s hand who grabs chris’s hand who grabs Luci’s. Steve walks closely behind the group as you all make your way to your apartment.

Once you guys reach the apartment and are inside, Steve helps the little ones get their jackets off and headed towards the living room.

“You’ve got a great place here!” He calls out as you make your into the kitchen to pop the popcorn.

“Thanks!” You call back, grabbing the popcorn box from the cabinet. You unwrap two bags and place one in the microwave. You hit the popcorn button then go searching for your big bowl. You pull out the bowl and set it on the counter. The microwave soon signals that the first bag is done. You pull it out and put the second one in. Once the popcorn has started, you open the first bag and the steam comes streaming out. You smile at the smell and soon pour the light puffs of deliciousness into the bowl. The microwave beeps once again and you soon grab the second bag out. You pour it’s contents into the bowl and make your way to the living room. You reach the doorway but soon stop in your tracks. The scene that has taken place in the living room just melts your heart. Samantha has made her way onto Steve’s lap with Sophia while Chris and Luci stand super close so they can all sort out and trade their candy.

“Hey!” Steve says, causing you to drift from your quick happy moment. You place the bowl of popcorn in the middle of the coffee table.

“So it seems we all have made ourselves comfortable…” You trail off, giving Samantha a look.

“It’s perfectly okay! Living with these little ones has taught me that i will always have someone in my face.” Steve says, causing the group of the kids to all smile at you. You smile back as you move to the TV. You go searching through your movies before you find the usual Charlie Brown disk. You open it up and and take the disk out. You turn the DVD player on, place the disk in the tray. You close the player and return back to the couch with the remote. Steve picks Samantha and Sophia up, making his way to the couch. He sits down next to you. Sophia sits down in your lap and Samantha stays in Steve’s. Chris and Luci gather around on the floor between the couch and coffee table. You press play and settle into Steve’s side with Sophia settling into your lap.

It was about half through the disk and the children are all asleep. You and Steve sit silently, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. Your head lays against his chest, loving the feeling of it moving up and down. His scent of warm amber invaded your nostrils causing your senses to slowly fall asleep. Steve smiles as he lays his head on top of yours, sighing contently. This for sure was worth missing some Halloween parties.

It’s a Winchester Family Halloween Movie Night Special!

TITLE: It’s A Winchester Family Halloween Movie Night!
PLOT: This is for Katie’s ( @winchesters-favorite-girl ) Halloween celebration. The theme is Hocus Pocus—Sam Winchester spends time with his daughter and wife as they watch a classic Halloween film.

The opening scene of the movie started off with Sarah Jessica Parker singing across the town of Salem.

“Samantha! Come on! The movie is starting!”

“Yeah! Come on Mommy!”

Two voices were heard over the television in their bedroom. Samantha smirked at the sound of excitement from her hyper child and her equally hyper husband.

Sam Winchester covered himself and his young child with a duvet as they watched the scene—the hanging of the three witches.

You rolled your eyes at the three witches—Sarah, Winifred, and Mary Sanderson—You knew that your dad, your mom, Uncle Dean, Uncle Cas, Crowley, Grandma Mary, and Auntie Sage would have kicked their butts by now.

“They’re stupid.” You stuck your tongue out at the screen before glancing at your father. Sam agreed with a nod, “Yeah, they are. Sweetie.”

“You and Unca Dee or Unca Cas can kick their butts! Right Daddy?”

“You know doll face, your mom and Aunt Sage can do it too!”

“But who will protect them?”

“Sweetie, your mom is one strong person. She can protect us and kick butts!And she is already doing it! The lullabies and monster checks before bed, the kisses on ouchies, and her big hugs.”

“So if the mean witches get Mama?”

“Nah, your mama is a tiny lady with a scary attitude. They’ll be afraid of her.”

“What about you? Will you save the day too Daddy?”

“Sweet Pea, your father already saves the day as it is. With me, Auntie Sage, Uncle Dean, and Uncle Cas.” Samantha called out from the hallway.

And you were satisfied immediately by the answer…The Winchesters were heroes and nothing can ever change that.

But back to more important things at the moment-POPCORN!


The scene shifted to the part where Max and Dani went trick or treating.

“I can’t believe that this movie is 24 years old. It was almost like yesterday Dean brought the cassette tape and we watched the movie after a group of kids in clown costumes scared me.”

    “That’s sooooo long ago Daddy! You’re old.” Five year old Y/N Winchester quipped from the cocoon of blanket surrounding them.

And down the hall, you heard your mom laugh as she walked into the room. Samantha smiled when Dani was embarrassing Max in front of Allison.

Sam snorted as he pulled his child into his arms.

“Kiddo, it was made in 1993. Your mom and I are not that old, although she is graying a little nowadays.” Sam smirked at Samantha’s scoff and Y/N’s giggle.

“Mama has gray hair now! Is that why she puts red lines in it?” Sam laughed at his child’s question.

“At least it’s not a lot like your father’s! He has more hair than me! Because he is six years older! Poor guy! I wish he could stay young like Thackary Binx. I liked him when I was four…” Samantha laughed as she sat next to Sam, pulling her baby’s legs onto her lap.

“You want me to become a cat.” Sam deadpanned as Samantha put on her thinking face.

“Nah. You already shed sooo much, my dear hairy man.” Samantha laughed as Y/N got bursted out laughing as the commercial came on.

“Daddy is a hairy man! Daddy is a hairy man!” You chanted—sticking your tongue out at your father.

“You guys are mean.” Sam pouted. The commercials lasted for ten minutes before the movie came back on—it was the moment.

The moment.

That moment.

The moment when Danny lights the black flame candle.



Two voices were heard again—this time: it was mother and child.  

Sam Winchester glanced down at both his wife and his child in his arms as both watched with horror on their faces despite the fact that they have seen this movie a billion times before and while stuffing their mouth with extra buttery popcorn which he knew would make them gassy later.

The sight was comical but he would not change this night for anything in the world.


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Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part7 (Dan Howell)

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An incoming call woke me up the next morning, with sleepy eyes I accepted the call before sitting up straight, looking to my right I found that side empty making me frown sadly.

“Hello?” I asked rubbing my eyes

“Morning (y/n)” I heard Dan say

“Dan… You left early, don’t you know it’s rude to leave your hook up waking up the next morning alone?” I joked

“Yeah… I’m sorry about that Phil texted me about a meeting we had at 8 so I had to leave.”

“Oh it’s okay. About yesterday…” I started to say

“I know I’m glad we talked too, I really did miss you and I’m glad we’re friends again” He said warmly

“Me too. I missed you too, umm Dan after we talked… Do you remember anything else happening?” I asked not wanting to say it right away

“Not really, after that we just went to bed and that’s it. Why? Did I say something in my sleep?” He asked worriedly

“Oh nothing, nothing. It-it doesn’t matter…” I answered quietly

We said our goodbyes after that as I sat on my bed looking down at my phone, unable to move, of course he wouldn’t remember it and even if he did why would of he said anything. Shaking my head I got up from the bed, making it and walking to the kitchen for some breakfast. Taking out everything I needed and starting to prepare my meal I kept thinking back to last night, to the kiss, to how I’d told Dan we couldn’t sleep in the same bed anymore and minutes later we were doing the exact same thing. Even though I knew it was wrong I couldn’t help but want it to happen again, but knew better and knew it couldn’t happen. After breakfast I took a shower, got ready and headed into the town. It was a nice day out and I still needed to finish my Christmas shopping. Town was fairly busy like always but not the point where it was suffocating thankfully, walking into a few shops I got things I’d seen before but haven’t had time to get, heading to lazy oaf for some new clothes. After that I went to a cute little restaurant near by opting to continue looking around afterwards, once I finished lunch I was heading down the street when a familiar voice stopped me.

“(Y/N)?” Said Samantha in a questioning tone coming closer to me, once she saw it was me a smile crept onto her face as she came to hug me “It is you, how’d you been? It seems so long since I last saw you” She said pulling away

“Yeah, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been good, you?” I politely asked }

“Oh I’ve been great. Specially today, would you believe Dan surprised me with breakfast this morning?” She said making me frown “He can be so sweet at times”

“Really? This morning?” I asked with a raised eyebrow

“Yeah, why?” She said confused

“Oh nothing. I just thought I heard Phil say they had a meeting today or something like that, must of got the day wrong, right?” I said chuckling to which she joined

“Probably. Well what are you doing right now? I was on my way to their place so maybe you would want to come with” She said tilting her head slightly to the right

“Sure, I’m done shopping anyways so why not” I said with a smirk trying to hide my anger

I mean seriously Dan? That was your big ‘meeting’? He could of just told me the truth and say he was going to Samantha’s place instead of lying. It’s not like I would get mad of it, she is his girlfriend after all and if he wanted to see her it would be more than obvious and okay. Shaking the thought off we headed to the train station and then to their house. On the way there Sam tried making small talk to which I responded a few things but not the hole 'OMG we are so gonna become best friends’ type of way. Once in front of their door I was about to knock on it when Sam stopped me holding up a key with a little smirk and opened the door. It took me a second to snap out of it and get inside, thinking to myself 'what the actual hell?’. Since when does she have a key to their apartment? Why don’t I have a key to their apartment, I’ve known them way longer than she has and she is the one with a key? If I was mad before now I was just straight up furious. Walking into the lounge we were greeted by the both of them playing some video game I really didn’t care about since all my mind could process was that I needed to talk to Dan.

“Hey guys! Look who I found wondering town” Sam said as I put the bags I was carrying on the table

“Hey…” I said as they looked my way

“(Y/N)!” Phil said pausing the game and coming to hug me

“Hey” Dan said shyly, clearly not expecting me here

“What’s all the bags about?” Phil questioned trying to look inside on of them until I stopped him

“No…” I said moving my finger side to side “This are presents, you can’t see them. One of them might or might not be yours” I said with a smile

“Uuuuuh” Phil said intrigued moving away from the bags

“I’m bored!” Samantha whined “Can we watch a movie?”

“That sounds fun, I’ll go make the popcorn. Any help guys?” I asked no on in particular

“I’ll help” Dan said getting up as Sam looked through Netflix

We walked in silence to the kitchen, as I started looking for popcorn and put it in the microwave then looked for other things we could eat. Just as I was taking some bowls out I decided it was a good time to confront Dan.

“So… How was the meeting?” I asked still focused on what I was doing

“It-It was good. We talked about a lot of things” He said making me take a deep breath before turning to look at him

“Really? That’s interesting since Samantha told me you came by her house around the time you said you were in a meeting” I said tilting my head a bit with a questioning look

“Did she?” He asked clearly nervous which made me sigh

“You know Dan, if you were going to see her you should of just told me. I mean it’s not like I was going to get mad or anything. She is your girlfriend after all” I said coming closer to him and putting one hand on his arm

“But that’s the thing” He started moving away from me and closer to the sink “Sam is my girlfriend, not you.” He said turning to look at me

“I know that” I said frowning in confusion

“Then why did you kiss me?” He said slightly loud to which I moved closer to him in an effort to make him quiet

“Wow, wow, wow. Hold on a minute.” I said shaking my head as I blinked a few times “I did not kiss you, we kissed each other.” I clarified

“Well we shouldn’t have. It was wrong” He said harshly, hurting me a little

“I-I’m sure we didn’t mean to. We were tired and really close to each other, it was probably just default, impulsion. Like some type of muscle memory” I tried to explain

“You can’t tell anyone! You can’t tell anyone, specially Sam. You can’t do that to me” He said coming a little closer making me frown in slight anger

Did he really think I would tell someone, knowing he’s in a relationship. That I would tell his girlfriend out of everyone I know, that I would tell her? Low blow Howell.

“I-I wasn’t going to” I said still frowning as I shake my head and looked up at him with pursed lips from anger “I should probably go.”

Turning around I started to head out the kitchen but before fully out I turned around to look at him.

“Oh and by the way. It’s so nice to know that your girlfriend of a few months has a key to your apartment over your best friend of two years.” I finished raising an eyebrow

Walking into the lounge I took hold of all the bags making up an excuse to why I had to leave before heading out the door, seeing Dan on the way out I just mumbled a small 'bye’ and left.


Stumbling into my we kept our lips together in a passionate kiss, our hands roaming every inch of our bodies. Pulling apart I took a deep breath before making him lay down on the bed, me on top of him as I reconnected our lips once more. I left his hands move to my bum squeezing it hard.

“Oh Joe…” I moaned out making him smirk and do it again

As he started kissing my neck I smiled and let myself go, being consumed into the night and the pleasure.

A Shoulder To Cry On (Rafe Adler X Reader)

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Okay…so I have no idea where this came from…it kinda originated from a dream I had, that involved someone I used to consider a friend. I got really ill half way writing this…so I feel it gets a bit shitty towards the end. And I don’t know if this is considered slight fluff? Also I got writers block when it came to the prompts i need to do and my Sam X Reader series…this was just to help me get into the swing of things again. It was meant to be a drabble…but me being me didn’t stick by that, its 3200+ words.

Warnings: Slight domestic violence.

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