samantha mancino

went to otis wit slamp betsy mahach catalie and cody and had a documentation party for salami mancino’s headdresses. root beer floats are a way of life. some traveling “crusty” girls came by sludge and wouldn’t stay in it because “it’s like a fucking squat.” HUH? riding bikes at the beach + thai coffee lattes + rhinestones everywhere. stillness is the move, still. everything is fine. if anyone wants a custom vest i am doing that now-decorating people is my one true wuv. riding bikes past a distraught lady picking at a birthday cake in her hand and calling the entire parking lot a bitch. SHOULD I HAVE HELPED HER?? IS THAT MY JOB?? MAYBE? an elderly black lady pulled over in her car and ordered me to turn around so she could see the back of my vest and she also said “girl when i grow up i want to be just like you.” swoon