samantha gill

Dearest Sam,

HELLOE. We’ve known each other for a couple years now (how time flies!) and as each and every day passes I learn something new from you. You have taught me so much and I cannot begin to thank you enough for that. You are the loveliest soul I’ve ever encountered in my entire life and you’re one of the best friends I have and will ever have. Your kindness is admirable, your laugh is contagious, your talent is overflowing, and your passion is igniting. And of course your sense of humor is without flaw. SOY-YA! I hope you enjoy your day – Florence Florever™, eat lots of popcorn, and flail over Kate Walsh’s legs (damn gay)! Always remember yours is flat and mine is fat, and no more peen for you and me, only vageen. I love you, girl. Go soog.

Peace and blessins’ from Andy Sandberg (never forget),

and Emily (or Em Em, as of late?)

PS: Mark Twain will be there, crying.