samantha falcone

The Winter Soldier: Genderflipped

  • Jennifer Morrison - Stephanie Rogers/Captain America
  • Kevin McKidd - Nikolai Romanoff/Black Widower
  • Gina Torres - Nicola Fury
  • Lupita Nyong'o - Samantha Wilson/Falcon
  • Helen Mirren - Alexandra Pierce
  • Rupert Graves - Agent Marcus Hill
  • Sam Reid - Sean Carter/Agent 13
  • Tatiana Maslany - Becky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Sort of a follow on piece to my genderflipped Avengers Assemble set. 

deviantredhead  asked:

[Text]: CLINT! Are you STILL mad at me???? This is Sam, by the way. Samantha Adams. Not Falcon Sam.

[Sam I Am]: Just leave me alone. Don’t care anymore.

Clint sent the text back quickly before shoving his phone back into his pockets. He was getting exhausted being away from her for the past two days, but he just needed to make it one more before he wasn’t a burden on her anymore.