samantha burns

Samantha Burns was a 19-year-old student at Marshall University in West Virginia who was abducted from a parking lot at the Huntington Mall on November 11, 2002. That night, Samantha used her cell phone to call her mother and told her she had been visiting friends at Marshall University Court Yard Apartments but was coming home soon. She never came home.

At 3:30 a.m. on November 12, Samantha’s 1999 burgundy Chevrolet Cavalier was found abandoned in Wayne County, West Virginia. The vehicle was discovered in a secluded area near the Cabell-Wayne county line. It had been set on fire and when police found it, was still burning. There was no signs of Samantha anywhere near the vehicle.

In July 2005, Chadrick Fulks and Branden Basham pleaded guilty to a federal charge of carjacking resulting in death to avoid their death sentence. Basham and Fulks had escaped from the Hopkins County Jail in Kentucky in November 2002. They claimed they carjacked Samantha and killed her, even though her body has never been found. They are already on death row because of the killing of another woman, Alice Donovan, who has also never been found.

The search for her was officially ended in 2015, though it continued into 2017. The last update in her case was Chadrick Fulks being let out of death row to assist in finding her body, also claiming that her body was thrown into the Guyandotte River near Huntington, West Virginia. Searches still have been fruitless, however.  

If you have any information about Samantha’s whereabouts, please contact West Virginia State Police at (304) 528-5555

Truth or Dare

The Marauders: Truth or Dare. For anon.

“Lily. Truth or dare?” Sirius Black smirked. The four “Marauders” – as they styled themselves – sat in a circle accompanied by the aforementioned Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, and Mary MacDonald.

“Dare,” Lily said confidently, flipping her red hair over her shoulder and sending a flirtatious wink at James. The Gryffindor common room was devoid of students save the seven seventh years and a few fifth years.

Sirius raised his eyebrows. “Then…go over to Bobby Appleton and kiss him.” Lily blushed at the mention of the fifth year boy, whose crush on her was no secret.

She got up and walked over to where he played chess with Samantha Green, her face burning but her pride keeping her going. Glaring at Sirius – who seemed to be on the receiving end of a glare from James, as well – she leaned down and pecked Bobby on the cheek, and then stood tall and made for her friends.

“Ah, come on princess!” Sirius exclaimed loudly. “On the mouth! You can’t just leave a man hanging!” He gestured to Bobby’s hand – which cradled the cheek where Lily’s lips had so recently been – and his red face. “It’s just not right!

“Leave it, Padfoot,” James said darkly. “Lily kissed him. Enough.”

Thank you, James,” Lily said. “Now, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he answered, still glaring at Sirius.

Lily though for a moment, and then asked. “How many girls have you slept with?”

This seemed to be a trigger question for the Marauders. Sirius broke off sniggering, Remus and Peter quietly stifling laughs to his right. James blushed red, and quietly muttered, “None.”

Lily raised her eyebrows, but made no comment. “Okay, then.”

James, seeing his opportunity, said, “Truth or dare, Padfoot?”

“Dare,” responded Sirius confidently. “What’ll it be, Prongs?”

“Give Moony a lap dance,” James answered, smirking in a way that the Hogwarts population was all too familiar with.

Sirius nodded jerkily, and climbed onto Remus’s lap. “Don’t say a word,” he hissed as the werewolf flushed red. “And, for the record, this will be the best fucking lapdance you’ve ever gotten.”

Sirius’s hips swiveled, though his face was red (a rare occurrence for the Black heir). He tried to hide to tightening in his pants – he didn’t need his friends knowing he was gay – but when he felt a hardening below him, he shot off.

“Moony! You’re – you’re a – ”

Remus nodded tightly. “Er, yes.”

Sirius smirked, his confidence regained. “To do this in the style of Prongs – go out with me, Moony?”



           When Bentley realized that Dipper and Torako were no longer anywhere near the cart, he stopped dead in the middle of the frozen food section and stared at the bags of mixed medley and stir fry in suspended animation.

           “They’re up to no good, aren’t they,” he asked one particularly limp bag. It bobbed up and down in place and didn’t respond; if it had, Bentley probably would have just stared at it a bit more and then moved on.

           He sighed, swiped the thermoshield out of the way, and snagged first the sad bag of peas and carrots, then a more robust package of green beans. He tossed them into the cart, tilted his head and surveyed his options, then pulled a New California Medley mix from the bottom and slid the thermoshield back in place. He dropped the frozen veg on the other two bags and surveyed his cart. Milk, eggs, cheese, summer sau—he was going to put the summer sausage back, dammit Torako—bread, another small container of ice cream, and he was maybe halfway through the list at this point.

           Bentley scratched that the back of his head, and then pushed the shopping cart forward. Judging by the whine of the front hoverpad, it needed to see some maintenance soon. “If they don’t show up soon,” he muttered to himself, quiet enough that the old lady at the end of the aisle wouldn’t hear him, “I’m going to get myself a bag of goddamn chocolate croissants and eat them all by myself.”

           That was, of course, too much to hope for; not ten seconds after he’d turned the corner, he heard the crackle of the intercom. “Ah, um, would a Bentley Farkas come up to the customer service desk? Your children have been found. Repeat, Bentley Farkas to the customer service desk please.”

           Bentley stopped between aisles 9 and 10 and looked down at the sad bag of peas and carrots again. “I’m going to kill them before we leave the store, aren’t I?”

           The bag did not respond. Bentley sighed, then turned the cart around and headed for the service desk at the front of the store.

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