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Jason Robert Brown to direct Jonathan Bailey & Samantha Barks in The Last Five Years!

The Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye has announced that composer Jason Robert Brown will direct an upcoming revival of his musical The Last Five Years in London.
The show will open at the St James Theatre in late October starring Jonathan Bailey and Samantha Barks. (running from Fri 28 Oct to Sat 26 Nov 2016)


LISTEN: Samantha Barks and Jonathan Bailey talk to Graham Norton about The Last Five Years and other things (10.15.16)

Wolves At The Door

Samantha brushed her fingers through her thick hair, sighing as she stared back at her reflection in the mirror. She gave no fucks. Not today. Dipping her finger into the soft pink lip gloss container, she gently smeared the substance across her lips, puckering them slightly as the dark make-up lined her eyes. She was beautiful. At least that’s what Olivia told her day after day when they would go into work together. Beautiful, sexy, and sought after by many of the patrons in Harlequin’s. 

She knew that her friend was being sweet to her. Sam never doubted that she was beautiful, sexy or whatever other charming turn-of-phrase would fall from a hungry-eyed man or woman. But what killed her - what really made her heart ache and feel inadequate was the fact that she could never truly feel wanted by anyone. She was an abandoned doll - the sort of porcelain that was chipped and so far beyond repair that the crack would always show. What good was a beautiful china doll if there were blemishes? Cracks took away the value of the doll. 

Sam’s market value had dropped.

Wolves wait at your door

For your permission
Slyly you invite them
On one condition
They prepare a feast
From your provisions
Of root and wild beast
For you to eat

They took your money and ate your kids
And they had their way with your wife a little bit
While you wept on the porch
With your head in your hands
Cursing taxes and the government

‘Cause you’re a goddamn fool
You’re a goddamn fool
You’re a goddamn fool
And I love you
Yeah I love you

The song on the radio played, as if reminding her that Sam was, in fact, a fool for holding so strongly onto the past. It tortured her and crept into the darkest recesses of her heart. The past pointed and laughed at her, for making her believe that she was, in fact, a fool for falling as hard and swiftly as she had for him. How could she have done it? How could she allowed herself to think, for even one second, that she could have had him? It was a pipe dream that was being flushed down the fucking toilet.

There was a knock at the door of her studio apartment. It was a run-down piece of shit but it was hers. Olivia had helped her to get a place, not wanting to burden her friend with moving in. There was just no point to it. She didn’t want to stress her fellow dancer out. 'Livia had her own problems.

Crossing the few, easy steps it took to leave her bedroom and make her way to the front door, Sam didn’t bother with sprucing up. She didn’t even bother looking through the peep hole. It could’ve been a rapist or serial killer and she wouldn’t have cared. She was sure that they didn’t care her current wardrobe preference were a pair of cut-offs, a baby-rocker Tee with “Guns-n-Roses” emblazoned across her chest. She pulled the door open, blinking lazily as she placed a hand on her hip, looking at the other side of the door at her “guest.”

“What’s up? Need something?”

On A Sunday Afternoon || Ev & Sam

Samantha pulled her hair into a loose ponytail, eyeing her clothing and deciding she didn’t really care much what she looked like. A simple V-neck and capris with ballet flats would be plenty. She was always strutting in heels at work and, frankly, she missed the days when she would run around barefoot in the park. Those days when Cameron would tackle her and tickle her until she wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and die from laughter. The days when she didn’t have to constantly worry about her looks and keep up with her image both inside and out of the Harlequin House. But not today. Today would just be a simple gloss and a little eye-liner. Nothing more.

While most people assumed that she was a slut since she was a dancer at one of the hottest clubs in Atlanta, it was the farthest thing from the truth as it could possibly get. Samantha Bailey was still 100% untouched and she’d never fallen in love or even liked a nother person since Cameron Pierce. But now that he was out of her life doing god only knew what (being blissfully happy with his new friends and girlfriend while going to school), she had to move on. She just had to. That topped with her stepdad being the biggest asshole and abuser (while her mother didn’t believe any of it or defended her new husband), Sam had had enough. She threw everything that mattered to her into a duffel bag and got the hell out of her house. Sam said goodbye to her dreams, her future, and her family. She had to say goodbye to her feelings for Cameron too. 

It took a while for her to find stability, but Gianna Phillips had been good enough to give her a chance. She’d even helped her to convince Sloane, their boss, to give her a chance at being a dancer. It would be tough work since he would only allow the best of the best, but she was pulling her weight. Sam even got her big break about a week ago, getting her own lead performance in a dance instead of just being a back-up dancer on stage. Things were starting to look up. Well, as up as they could be in that kind of work environment.

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