NYC 👋🏽 I am looking for a new full time synth-master / gtr shredder for live SU shows, to replace employee of the month @bryansenti 😢💔 DM or 📧 ~ pic tbt berlin 2012 wow 👻 by samandude

“TBT here is me weeping while playing central park 2 wks ago, bc being overwhelmed by all kinds of emotion in general, empathy, depression, gratitude, but specifically in that moment watching Dev walk out into crowd that was so beautifully mixed with different races/ages/styles of people all sharing love and sweetness, my guts being wrenched by the thought of the violence and injustice happening between people who look or believe or love differently from one another all over the world, in our country, in our city. Cherish peace & celebrate love & inspire change for the better in any/all ways. Be patient & kind, smile, compliment” by @samandude on Instagram