OKAY IMMA QUICK TALK SO I REALLY LIKE MAKEUP AND SHIT I LOW KEY WANT TO DO IT FOR A LIVING omg imagine working on the makeup crew for supernatural imagine putting makeup on Jared IM-

  • Lucifer: Gonna start an apocalypse, gonna meet my son
  • *Double doors fly open, slamming against the walls*
  • Jack: What's up Daddy-O? Want some candy? How bout some whiskey? I looove humans so much, angels need to learn to be forgiving ya know? Oh, oh, I watched Brokeback Mountain last night and let me tell you-
  • Lucifer: *Sneering at the other angels* What the fuck have you idiots done to my son?
  • Balthazar: Made him awesome
  • Gabriel: Introduced him to television
  • Samandriel: Let him have a heart
  • Gadreel: Taught him to be a badass, but also forgiving
  • Castiel: Taught him drama and love
  • Lucifer: I'll. kill. you all!
  • Jack: Shut up dickbutt! God, you're so whiney. My son loves humans wahhh! Daddy doesn't love me waah. Boring
  • Gabriel: Good boy
A Supernatural Preference- How your brothers Sam and Dean find out you're dating

A/N: I’ve done something like this before but I can’t help it I just love the whole idea.


Lucifer being the idiot with an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude just told them straight out while they had to talk one day.
“So boys I’m taking it you summoned me to talk about this whole darkness situation.” He says looking over to your brothers.
“No we asked you here to tell us what you’ve been up to.” Dean responds sarcastically. 
“Oh you know, raising hell, dating your sister, the usual.” Lucifer tells them in casual tone.


Crowley and your relationship got found out because you’re an idiot who doesn’t read the name you’re about to send a photo to.
You pressed send as you sent the photo of you and your boyfriend Crowley to said boyfriend, except it wasn’t him, you read the name as you saw it was sent to ‘Big Bro Sammy’, oh shit.


Samandriel is just so adorable and I don’t think anyone could take their eyes off him and that was how Sam and Dean found out, because you couldn’t keep your eyes off the cute little thing.
Sam and Dean had taken Samandriel to the park because Cas insisted on helping his little brothers mental health. 
You look over to him with the softest sweetest eyes and anyone could see that the love was basically pouring out of you like honey. He looked over to you and gave you as smile and a wave and you waved back with a smile just as sweet. You didn’t think of the consequence of doing something so harmless until your brothers gave you a look that told you, you were busted.


Cas and you get caught in the shower of a hotel room you and your brother were staying at.
“Oooohh Caasss.” Your brothers heard you moan as they walked into your room to get you.
Both their eyes went wide as they knew what was happening, all of a sudden they knock on the door and your doofus of a boyfriend opens the door with an almost apologetic smile.


the two Winchester men re-read the chapter about the ‘beautiful angel’ over and over again, trying to figure out which angel you could possibly be talking about.

“i think its about Cas.” Dean said finally, “they stare at each other a lot.”

“i dont know Dean, Lucifer has always had a thing to her. unfortunately.” 

“but then you never know do you?” Dean sighed, “i mean every single angel we meet somehow ends up liking her so it could be anyone.”

                                 THE ARCHANGEL NEWORK

As I promised two days ago, I would create an official network tag to recruit angel lovers from the fandom so sharing the love for our smol lost children would be easier to do. Keep in mind that this network is for all angels, and not just the fierce and mighty archangels. We gotta give ‘em all some attention.


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soulmate AU where you know the last name of your soulmate.

sam’s is ‘novak’ and cas’ is ‘winchester’ 

they become collage roommates and things are awkward as fuck because tbh they feel nothing for each other in that way at all. the feelings cas is developing to sam are more friendly than romantic

then they meet the other’s brother

Supernatural Preference- How They React When Someone Asks If They Like You

Dean would just be straight out with how he feels but he’d also be kind of quiet because he wouldn’t want you to hear.
“Wait, Dean, do you like y/n?” Sam asks his older brother with a smirk.
“Yes!” He answers with a whisper shout.
“But if you say anything I will cut all your hair off.” He tells him as he walks out the door. 

Balthazar wouldn’t really want to tell anyone and would get a little defensive when asked.
“Balthazar, do you like that human y/n?” A fellow angel asked him.
“Why is that any of your business?” Balthazar asks the angel.
“It is heavens business.” 
“And I care about this because…?” 
“Because she’s a human and you’re an angel, it’s dangerous!” The angel yells at him as he flies away. 

Samandriel would be rather straight-forward about his feelings towards you when anyone asked.
“Samandriel, do you like y/n?” His older brother Castiel asks.
“Yes, Castiel I believe I do. She’s perfect in every way and I want to be with her always.” He tells his brother, his words filled with emotion.

Crowley would tell it how it is when asked and would  not beat around the bush. 
“Fergus, you like her don’t you?” Rowena asks her son.
“Why yes mother, I do, I do indeed.” He says smiling after y/n.