Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I was feeling sad // Can’t help looking back // Highways flew by

Run, run, run away // Lost, lost, lost my mind // Want you to stay // Want you to be my prize

All alone // not so strong without these open arms // lie beside

“Runaway” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Mrs. Winchester

Author: thekingslover (ao3)

Wordcount: 2061

Rating: T

Summary: After being stuck on an island for seven years, Cas returns to the house he shared with his husband Dean. When a Mrs. Winchester answers the door, Cas regrets having invaded Dean’s new life - until Dean himself sets it all straight.

Review: Aaargh! The fluff! It felt like I was dying of cuteness!
This was really short, but so cute!
That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Go read now.