Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

my mutuals - bolded
♡ - personal message under the cut

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exolutelyx  asked:

hey boo, rec me some of your fave bts blogs both on tumblr and twitter!!!!! much love xoxoxo also rec me some fics while you are at it hehehe

(cracks knuckles) be prepared for a mini FF… i will do a proper one in May

Some tumblr favs (bolded are my mutuals):
these people are excellent content creators 

@jeonheart  @ktaebwi @changhyuk @mintsugakookies @kthish @kths @jeonity @kookiebuff @jjks @jeony @jeongguk @beui @yoonem @cyyphr @bwiyomi@bwibelle @beuits @hoseokxx @hobuing @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @jjilljj @bwink @kimdaily @apgujeon @jeonify @booptae @deartaetae @gotjimin @comeherejimin @yoonseok @yoonmin@ojjeon @sosjimin @taeguk @sevenkookiejars @park-jimizzle @jeonsshi @mewchim @bang-tan @yoohnseok @chimchins @bwipsul @minblush @cowjimin @sweaterpawsjimin @j-cypher @chimcheroo @yoongsins @aishjimin @pawjimin

some twitter favs (i mostly follow vmin/taekook fanartists and accs):

@/waruitofu @/bimseom @/noranb_ @/yeooongi @/tanukai @/_foroc @/eternal_vk @/mery_bts_ @/kkumrii @/ameizhao @/uruhiko_kpop @/ennunanaiurov @/KuuEirian @/shuaitofu @/kthjjg @/cheons_a @/chimilkeu @/pikappachu @/jaunini @/refrainbow @/cypherville @/kookiechim @/jinjjarevil @/heosekki @/_sunbaejin @/bloominflowerss @/vmindaily @/vminissi

13/10 will recommend excellent fics 

anything and everything written by mindheist (taekook), monsterplaza (taekook), bazooka (yoonmin & namjin), airplanewishes (taekook), arabellarosebts (taekook), kaythebest (vmin), lethallergic (taekook), neptune_scar (taekook) and kpopismydrug (taekook)

Have fun samaly! :3

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Amaal Nuxx (@jesuisamaal)-Words Revealed. Beautiful song and voice. I swear my big bro Papo is surrounded by nothing but talented people.