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Dear Queen of all i hold dear, can you explain what's going on with Soul-chan and Murder-chan?? I am a bit confused

I hope this gives a bit of clarification! I guess it’s kinda hard to understand what’s happening unless you’ve seen all the posts AND read all my fanfiction, but here’s the summary! SC loves Purple (or SF!Papyrus), but he’s very abusive to her so MrC hates him for it despite the fact that they’ve never met, and that’s just what’s going on so far. 

Also, BC is my FAV

I haven’t forsaken MCAF btw, I have a plan of how I want to integrate them into all this <3

Trade Mistakes- Part 2

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Crowley, Ben, Lisa

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Sexual Tension, Slight Angst, Season 5-6 Sammy Spoilers, Lisa Speaking (Biggest Warning Of All Tbh)…let me know if I missed anything, bad ass reader

Word Count: 3074

A/N: So, I finally finished part 2, I hope that it lives up to your expectations, because…this has apparently turned into a mini series! Yup, so this is not the last part. I don’t know how many more parts there will be, but I guess we’ll see how this turns out. Please give me some feedback, it’s always appreciated. As always, shoot me a message or an ask if you wanna be tagged in this or any of my other fics.

Part 1


A nuisance. That is what Dean Winchester had become in the past few days. He had been relentless in his attempt to find a way to “save you from yourself” as he put it. He researched non-stop when he wasn’t busy dealing with cases and trying to figure things out with Sam. Meanwhile, you stood by, watching his failed attempts, knowing that at some point he’d find something. He was Dean Winchester after all.

“You know you’re only setting yourself up for failure, right?” You ask him as he takes a swig of whiskey straight from the bottle before pouring himself a glass and sticking his nose right back into his laptop. Upon hearing your comment however, he looks to you with a smug expression.

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Soulless by Gail Carriger


Someone recommended this book to me years ago and I can’t remember who (maybe @msfehrwight ?) anyway it was sitting on my shelves for a very long time when @bookcub sparkled my interest in it again lol

So. I don’t usually read romance. It’s not exactly that I don’t like it, but more that I’m bored to tears by real world settings and usually don’t pick books that aren’t at least somewhat magical. Soulless being steampunk, it sounded like something I might enjoy. 

How very wrong I was.

I didn’t enjoy it, I absolutely loved every second of it.

This might very well be the funniest book I’ve ever read. I literally had to put it down several times because I was laughing so hard. 

Also, hurrah for smut scenes that don’t read like cheap porn but are funny and light.

❇ ⋆ ❇ ⋆ ❇     8.5/10     ❇ ⋆ ❇ ⋆ ❇



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Your majesty, I am not sure if you've answered a question similar to this but what are the y/n's core traits? (Soul stuff) I apologize if you have something that has already answered my question but thank you for reading this. Good day.

You are the most polite person ever <3

If you’re reading it as a reader insert, then it’s just whatever your soul color is. BUT if it’s the NYEH-chans I created to represent the Y/n’s then