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If you watch the gold derby video of C, it seems that the way C phrases her relationship with S is to me the truth. They are best of friends and nothing more. Yes, I see the chemistry between them two but I believe her when she say's we are good friends. T seems like a nice and extremely shy guy. They seem more like friends, than anything else (T). Maybe one day, they will end up together but I'm letting go of all this wishing.

I don’t understand this “T is a nice guy.” YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM. Literally all we know is his name and he’s friends with Cait. Does that automatically mean he’s a nice guy? Maybe. But you know nothing about him. We know nothing about him. How does him coming to press events with Cait prove “more?” It doesn’t. At all. I’m sorry this makes me RAGE. Cait fucking lights up like a Christmas tree when she talks about Sam. When she does that about any other guy then yes, MAYBE I will believe her and Sam are with others (but probably not lol). Or when either of them do this with other people:

You don’t have to be on the ship. I’m not dragging anyone on or back on but I’m also saying that I can’t see how people think any of Sam and Cait’s behavior with each other is acceptable or normal if they’re not together. It’s not. I’d feel really fucking bad for any of their significant others if that was the case because they’d have to be the biggest pieces of wet plaster to be walked all over like this. 

/done being a bitch :)

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I disagree with the last anon. MM is not part of the fandom. She has nothing to do with the show, but we as the fandom make her part of it. She is part of Sam's private life (in whatever capacity) which shouldn't be for our entertainment or consumption. I have to say that all this (mean) talk about Sam and MM is upsetting, because they have done nothing wrong and nothing that deserves the lack of respect, IMO. We said she is irrelevant, but we make her relevant. Where is the talk about our ship?

All I was pointing out anon was that everyone felt that way about Tony two years ago and I saw a whole lot of “entertainment” going on at Tony’s expense. I’m not criticizing you for your views, anon.  And how can we assume MM and T are not part of the fandom?   I’m sure they ARE fans of the actors and the show.   But they do appear to be part of S&C’s private lives and it is NORMAL to speculate about people who are accompanying celebrities to events.  Especially since the narrative S&C want us to believe is that they are not together.  

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  • You are 100% here for positivity in the Shadowhunters/the Mortal Instruments Fandom.
  • If, even though you love the books and can’t stand the show, you would never take someone down for loving the show or spread hate.
  • If you love the show and would never attack someone who loves the books but not the show, just because you disagree with them.
  • If you believe Clary’s pain is something to take seriously and not laugh at.
  • If you agree tha Clary acting scared and being so adamant on finding her mom is justified.
  • If you believe Alec’s pain is something to take seriously and not laugh at.
  • If you agree that not everybody handles their sexuality/identity the same way and there are always different circumstances in every case and that Alec Lightwood is no different and he shouldn’t be attacked because he didn’t react the way you wanted him to.
  • If you can agree that, though they are on a low budget, the actors giving it their all is amazing and that they shouldn’t be torn down because of any cheesy acting.
  • If the casts’ love for their characters in general and all their relationships are important.
  • If you believe/agree that it is ok to have an opinion about something but it is not ok to attack someone for disagreeing with you and that it is not ok to just post outright hate of any cast member, character or blogger.
  • If you agree that all the characters are important no matter what and they all have their flaws and strengths and that’s what makes them, them.
  • Just reblog if it makes you sad, upset or even mad that such a great fandom has so much negativity and there’s no reason for it!

All the different ways the voices and characters are separated in DWSA breaks my heart.  Wendla’s voice is physically pulled away from her by the doctor, and is fighting to try and get back to her. Moritz’s voice hands him the gun and leaves, like his voice can no longer help him now that he has decided to make that choice. Martha and her voice are separated for almost all of her scenes, but especially in Dark I Know Well. Ernst chooses to leave his voice at the end of Word of Your Body (reprise), because he is becoming less naive and young. 

arrow….has cast madison mclaughlin….as artemis….artemis crock as in artemis from young justice…half vietnamese artemis….artemis that is an icon to all of us woc because she not only overcame her dark past and family ties and paved her own path but despite being a non-canon character from the comics, left a lasting impact on whoever watched the show.