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Serial Killings That Aren't

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by Writingfangirlforhire

Kate Beckett works hard at her job. Most of the time, it’s actually pretty normal (for a homicide detective anyway). But this is not one of those times. This serial killing case is anything but normal, or so she finds out when a two men with FBI badges show up at her crime scene.
Dean Winchester is investigating angel killings with his own personal shoulder angel. But when Castiel is confronted by his brothers, what side will he be forced to take.

Words: 1523, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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George Harrison, Isle of Skye, Scotland, 1971 - photographed by Pattie Boyd

“George was always a reluctant famous person.” - Pattie Boyd, British Beatles Fan Club interview

“[In the summer of 1971, George and Pattie traveled by train from London to Kyle of Lochalsh, with Donovan and his wife, Linda - and then on to Skye, where they stayed at Donovan’s house] Details of the secret pilgrimage to the beautiful Hibredean island only emerged in 2007, when Pattie discovered long-lost photographs of her former husband gazing out across the Cuillins and clowning around for the camera on the ferry trip. Wearing a baggy jumper and a wooly, beanie-type hat, and with his hair falling past his shoulders, George is virtually unrecognisable as the innocent young moptop of 1963-1966. Instead he is very much a mixture of hippie hobo and wandering mystic, happy to indulge in a bit of fun. […]

During his few days back on the island, George and Donovan were happy just to wander about. Donovan told me: ‘Linda and I were delighted to show our dear friends the beauty of Skye. We had our little one-year-old daughter Astrella with us, and George was enraptured by her. As I let my feelings drift back to that long-ago summer, I see four young friends walking the grassy slopes of island cliffs, gazing out to sea at the shimmering terns and the clear blue sky. All the world was young, and the possibility of peace was in every gentle heart.’

Donovan’s long-time friend Sam Richards was occasionally part of the company. He says: 'George was a very sweet guy, very humble. We went down to the Stein Inn and had a couple of pints in there. For the most part Don and he kept themselves to themselves. He signed a couple of autographs, but by and large he was left alone. I’m sure the locals were surprised to find a Beatle in their midst, but no one bothered him much. I think he was just enjoying some peace and quiet away from all the hassles people like him have to go throught. Most of the time they just hung out with each other, playing guitars.

'George had travelled up from London and he and Pattie got the ferry over from the mainland. I remember it was bitterly cold at that time of year and I gave George a big hug to keep him warm. I don’t think he even had a change of clothing. I seem to remember him leaving in the same clothes as he arrived. The weather was so wild I remember him saying you could die out there. So he started fantasising with Donovan about how you could build a tunnel from Don’s house down to the boathouse. And they were both talking about how it could be done. They were always joshing with each other, a lot of banter. He was a really lovely fellow.’

The last word, naturally, lies with Donovan: 'I am always surprised how long a band does stay together. They were together the longest time. We are grateful for the time they were together. It’s not easy. I welcomed their solo careers and don’t really miss anything. The music of the band is alive and well. In many ways they were the best friends this planet ever had.’” - From The Beatles in Scotland by Ken McNab


Sexy Men Post 13 - Men in Plaid

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“Sir, at your house, before Daniel and Teal’c showed up… What I was gonna say was…”
“I know.”


Look, T, I know what you’re trying to do, and I appreciate it.