The Business of Love: How Hollywood Relationships Can Benefit Celebs
Sometimes you get more than just a lifetime of happiness.

This article is being touted in extreme shipper circles as being evidence that Sam and Mac’s relationship are just for PR.

Yeah, misreading articles seem to be their specialties.

Some things that don’t make the article applicable to Sam and Mac:

  • The article is referring to A-listers not C-list actors.
  • The article doesn’t claim that these “business” romantic relationships aren’t “real”–just that the couple at least initially took that into account in getting together.
  • The article claims that these kinds of relationships are often short-lived. Sam and Mac have been together almost a year now.
  • The article suggests that these relationships are used to help publicize one or both actors’ projects. I have not seen Mac or Sam use the relationship to publicize anything. Heck, they didn’t even post BAFTA Scotland pictures of the two of them together on their own social media. 

However, there is one part of this article that actually goes against the whole ES argument that TPTB want to hide Sam and Cait’s “love” to create more interest in the show bymaking Sam appear to be single:

We’ve ALL known for a long time that if Sam and Cait were really having a relationship it would be a PR goldmine for Starz/ Sony. PR teams encourage romantic leads to play up their flirty chemistry when they are “selling” the show. They would absolutely neve get them to try to hide their chemistry let alone a real life relationship with each other.

Furthermore, if the PR department wanted Sam to appear to be single, it makes no sense to set him up with an actress that he is reported to be dating now for about a year. Why substitute an “actual” long-term romantic relationship for a “fake” long-term romantic relationship. If they wanted Sam to “appear” to be single they would have paparazzi conveniently on hand to get photos of him out and about with a number of women

None of it makes sense. But then again none of the ES have made sense about Sam and Cait for a long time.


Gone Too Far???

Perhaps bs_no has finally sealed her fate… She can delete but screencaps are forever. This is a clear case of Libel. Bs_no has included a photo and personal name of a professional woman in an ongoing conspiracy theory and harassing narrative regarding the relationship between Mackenzie and Sam.

Maybe with some help this woman can, at the very least, shut down no_bs. Prosecuting bs_no would be my first choice if I were this woman and read through bs_no’s account.

Mackenzie is clearly aware of the horrible troll bs_no. Good for WS for shining a light on such hateful people who have nothing better to do than to create accounts with the sole purpose of spreading their hate and mockery. I hope Sam and Mackenzie are able to take some action against the owner of that account.

ok but the reason everyone is losing their minds over san junipero is bc black mirror never has good endings. the main characters either die or are the bad guys the whole time. for this ep, it would’ve been so easy, even within the character of the show, to have kelly not pass over and die while leaving yorkie sad and alone in san junipero. but they didn’t. they gave a lesbian and a bisexual a HAPPY ENDING. that’s why this is so big.


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You are welcome world.

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Maybe we should focus on somebody who actually gives a damn about what’s happening in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, not how many followers they have on Social Media.

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