ladies gentlemen and others, I have come to introduce you to the avengers youtube channel

tony created the whole thing and and the bio reads: robin hood, uncle sam, ginger snaps, goldilocks, jolly green and the tin man’s chill room

there are videos of natasha teaching self defense moves for women, using the boys as props. her showing tips to learn other languages and “five things you didn’t know you could turn into a weapon”. her filming twenty minute long videos answering questions and giving advice to young girls about everything, from safety, mental health, recognizing abusive behavior in men, self confidence, and how to safely get out of risky situations

thor has a series of videos that go from “things of midgard I (Thor) do not understand” and “thor tries things” of his tasting foods from all over the globe because he is deeply fascinated and respectful of other cultures

bruce does a video series of him teaching yoga and meditation, and every once in a while he asks another member of the team to participate, and by far the most viewed one is of him trying to teach tony to stay still and not say anything and tony does try, but fails miserably while bruce sighs. bruce showing recipes from all the places he’s been. “how to create a stress free environment” videos

tony being the science dad™ making videos of “cool shit you can do with useless eletronics you haven’t used since the 90s but haven’t thrown out yet”. he has short videos of “easier ways to physics” and “math for things you will actually use on your day to day life”. he makes thirty minute long videos of him showing pop culture to steve and thor. so. many. storytime. videos. “that time we tried to lift thor’s hammer”, “steve and the 21st century”, “I watched natasha castrate a man with a plastic spoon”, “clint making the mistakes again”, “reasons why I love bruce banner”. “how to handle anxiety like a boss” videos

steve does the whole thing, from homemade remedies for sick kids that he learned when times were rough and sarah couldn’t afford the real ones. workout tips. and of course, educational yet ranting videos of basic human decency things that should’ve changed in 70 years but haven’t. “it’s ok to ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak” videos

clint being that bitch, trolling everyone in everyway imaginable. changing thor’s shampoo bottle for pink hair dye? check. coloring all of steve’s clothes red blue and white? check. changing the sugar of bruce’s tea for salt? check. making jarvis play everyone a different theme song for when they walk into the room? check. and of course, tony. there are several hour long compilation videos of him scaring the shit out of tony

all of them reading fanfiction about each other. stony, clintasha, ironhawk, ironwidow, romanogers, thor/everyone, loving all the combinations they can find. yes to poliamory and everyone loving each other

jarvis livestreams a night of them drinking asgardian ale and playing mario kart and singing high school musical songs on karaoke. it breaks youtube viewing records

Hell of A First Time

Pairing: Castiel x Sam x Dean x Virgin!Reader (no destiel, sastiel,or wincest–sorry!)

Word Count: 4.3k words of SIN

Warnings: it’s a threesome with dean as a voyeur. and the reader’s a virgin. lots of orgasms. and there’s oral. tada!

A/N: this is my first time writing a threesome, so be kind, friends!! feedback is so greatly appreciated!

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You, Sam, Dean and Cas sat around the map table sharing a bottle of whiskey, celebrating another successful hunt. It was nights like these—full of laughter, jokes and telling stories—that you treasured most. Being a hunter pretty much ensured a short-lived life, so you always treasured the small moments of joy spent with your best friends.

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Untitled wincest

Wincest, well, duh, it’s me. 

Sam kissed Dean for the first time when he was fourteen.

It’s ‘bout time you tried some beer, right kiddo? Dean had grinned as he’d put a sixpack on the table and flopped down onto the motel room’s couch. Two beers in, and Sam’s liquid courage had him crawling onto Dean’s lap, nuzzling against Dean’s warm throat, breathing in the intoxicating scent of his big brother. “Dean,” he’d mumbled, sheer want bleeding into his voice, and Dean had gone stiff with resistance beneath him.

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Sam x reader

Warnings: need I say it? S.m.u.t, including spanking, swearing, slight voyeurism if you squint, unprotected sex (no glove no love kids), public (ish) sex, dominant Sam.. I think that’s it?

Side note: this is a lot shorter than some of my other ones. Mostly because the long ones take me a looooong time to write and I’m trying to keep this blog as active as possible. Hope you enjoy!


His hand clamped over your mouth to stop the moans that were escaping all too loudly. You couldn’t help it. Being bent over the hood of baby in the parking lot of the motel you were hauled up in, while Sam was slamming his cock relentlessly into your pussy was a dream come true.

The place was completely deserted, but Dean was asleep in the motel room that was only a few feet away. If he woke up and found you two in this extremely compromising situation, there would be hell to pay.

Sam paused his thrusts so he could bend down and place his mouth right against your ear.

“Y/n if you keep making that much noise, I’m gonna have to punish you. Is that what you want?” His voice was barely a whisper but you could hear the challenge right away.

You moaned into his hand.

With lightening fast speed, Sam stood up and slapped a hand across your ass, leaving a hot sting in its place. It only made you moan louder.

Sam slapped your other cheek this time, matching the red hand print that was already starting to form on the first cheek.

“You’re gonna get us caught. Dean’s gonna walk out here and see how hard you like it. Do you want that Y/n? Do you want my brother to find out how much you love my cock?”

You moaned as loud as you could, Sam’s strong hand still covering the sound. Hell yes you wanted to get caught.

“You asked for it.”

Sam started his thrusting again, pounding into your pussy so hard it ruined any train of thought you might have had. The pleasure was so intense you couldn’t concentrate on anything, even if you wanted to. Your moans grew louder and the sweat poured down your back. Your orgasm was close and you knew Sam could tell.

Sam removed his hand from your mouth and reached under your hip, finding your clit and rubbing circles around it. “Cum for me, y/n.”

Had the car not been underneath you, you would’ve collapsed flat on the ground.

Your orgasm was so intense you couldn’t even tell where it started. It felt like every muscle in your body was spasming. You felt it from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, drowning in the pleasure. Sam kept his thrusts hard and even, riding out your orgasm and watching your face in the reflection of the hood the entire time.

When your orgasm subsided, Sam slowed his pace, giving you time to relax. It was a gentle pace, like he had all the time in the world.

You turned your head lazily, looking up at Sam, watching as the sweat dripped down his torso. “Sam…” you whispered.

He nodded, understanding what you needed.

Placing his hands on either side of you, he quickened his thrusts. You were so spent the only thing you could do was lie there, watching as Sam got closer and closer to his orgasm.

His movements stuttered and he let out a strangled growl. You felt him cum, hot and fast. He thrust into you one last time and collapsed on top of you.

“So good..” he said, placing a kiss on your shoulder.

“Mm…” was all you could manage.

You felt Sam stand up, pulling himself out of you, turning you over and lifting you into his arms. He slowly opened the motel door, sure that Dean had heard everything. But when he looked over at his brothers bed, he saw the hunter was fast asleep, an empty bottle of whisky in his hand.

Sam placed you on the bed, sliding in beside you and throwing the covers over you both, falling asleep seconds after.

The next morning you slowly opened your eyes, the sun coming in through the window making it damn near impossible. You looked over at Sam and smiled. He looked happy and peaceful.

“SAM! Y/N!” you heard Dean holler from outside.

Sam’s eyes opened in an instant, grabbing the gun he kept under the pillow and rushing to the door, not caring that he was only wearing boxers. You followed him out, wrapping the sheet around yourself and staying safely behind him.

When you both got outside, Dean’s face was pure rage, standing next to the front of the impala, a few inches away from where you and Sam had been last night. There didn’t seem to be any immediate danger, so Sam lowered his gun, giving Dean a look of worried confusion.

“Dean, you alright?”

Dean pointed a finger at the hood of the impala, his hand shaking slightly. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” He bellowed.

In a synchronized turn of your heads, both you and Sam looked at the hood, realizing at the same time that there in the dust, was the outline of your breasts and torso, and Sam’s hands.

Neither of you said anything, not sure how to explain. You blushed furiously, realizing Dean now had a good idea of what you looked like topless.

“No one has sex on top of baby, but me.” Dean marched back into the motel room, slamming the door behind him.

You and Sam looked at each other, eyes wide and cheeks red. The laughter started suddenly, first light giggles and then you were both desperate for air. With tears running down your faces you walked back to the motel room, not really caring how mad Dean was.

“I guess next time we gotta cover our tracks better.” You managed in between laughs.

Sam raised his eyebrow and gave you a wicked grin, the same one you’d seen on him last night.

“I thought you wanted to get caught?”


that time of year is approaching, and if you need some tunes to get in the spooky mood, have i got a trilogy for you

howl - werewolves

howl - florence + the machine | kill of the night - gin wigmore | wolf & i - oh land | dirty paws - of monsters and men | wolf like me - lera lynn | wolf - first aid kit | lil’ red riding hood - laura gibson | a wolf at the door - radiohead | you’re a wolf - sea wolf | the wolves (act I & II) - bon iver | daniel in the den - bastille | the wolf - fever ray [bonus tracks]: wolf like me - tv on the radio | lil’ red riding hood - sam the sham & the pharaohs | hungry like the wolf - duran duran

hunt - vampires

work song - hozier | if i had a heart - fever ray | lonesome hunter - timber timbre | white teeth teens - lorde | bloodsport - sneaker pimps | date with the night - yeah yeah yeahs | my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine | night time, my time - sky ferreira | kill and run - sia | secret - the pierces | valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds | i walk the line - halsey | i will never die - delta rae | sleep baby sleep - teresa straley | o death - jen titus

hex - witches

blood on my name - the brothers bright | wishin’ well - sioux city kid | black sheep - gin wigmore | the bullet - devil makes three | under your spell - timber timbre | house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell | take me to church - hozier | bones - little big town | me and the devil - soap & skin | seven devils - florence + the machine | when the lights go out - the black keys | raise hell - brandi carlile | chasing twisters - delta rae | jungle - x ambassadors | wicked ones - dorothy

A Little Water never Hurt Anyone

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Sam Winchester X Reader (Female)

Warnings: Smut (Sorta- ish)

       You were in there way longer than you needed to be, but you didn’t care. The feeling of the warm water cascading down your skin was just too good to be cut short. You jumped ever so slightly at the sound of a knock on the bathroom door. “Just checking to see if you’re still alive in there.” You smiled at the sound of Sam’s voice echoing throughout the bathroom. 

        “Barely.” You yelled so he could hear you over the sound of the water hitting the shower floor. You grinned as you heard the bathroom door slowly open. You peeked your head out of the shower curtain. “Can I help you?” You questioned with a wide grin on your face. You wanted nothing more than Sam to join you, feel his hand on you, feel his breath on your neck. 

      “Yeah, I think you can.” He smiled as he worked on undoing his belt. You dipped your head back behind the curtains and waited for him. You ran your head under the spray of the water and pretended to ignore him as he made his way into the shower. He waited a moment for you to turn and face him, but you never did. Once he grew tired of waiting you felt his strong arm snake around your waist and pull you close, you could feel every inch of him pressed up against you which caused a shiver to run down your spine. “You can’t just ignore me.” He growled into your ear. You quickly turned your body to face his pushing your chest up against his. 

        “And why not?” You whispered running your hands up and down is arms. You looked up at him with your big Y/E/C eyes and you could practically see his body melt into your stare.He didn’t even have the strength to answer your question, he just forcefully pressed his lips to yours. His hands ran through your soaked hair and gently tugged drawing a small moan from your lips. You continued to run your hands over his body, feeling every dip and curve in his skin. 

      He dropped his lips from yours and began moving his lips down your neck and sucking on the skin ever so gently careful not to leave a mark, knowing Dean would pester you about it for weeks if he did. “I love you.” He breathed against your skin. HIs words caused another shiver to run through your body. Sam noticed your reaction and just laughed before attaching his lips to your skin once more. He dropped a hand down to your breast, kneading, and squeezing making you whimper under his touch. He pinched and pulled at your nipple watching your reaction with hooded eyes. 

     Sam gripped your shoulders tight and pushed your back up against the cold tile, the sudden temperature change causing you to squeal. You could feel his hands slid down your body slowly, coming to rest on your ass before giving your flesh a rough squeeze. One hand stayed put on your back while the other snaked around to where you had been wanting to feel his touch all day. Two long fingers slowly teased your clit causing your legs to buckle underneath you. Sam flashed a devilish smiled at you, proud of what his touch was doing to you.”Say my name Y/N” He growled as he continued to tease you.   

      “Sam.” You sighed throwing your arms around his neck to keep yourself balanced. You gasped loudly as he quickly plunged two fingers into your dripping heat. The moment he began to move his fingers inside you, you threw your head back in pleaser giving Sam’s lips access to your throat, which he took full advantage of. The feeling of Sam’s lips on your skin and his fingers pumping in and out of you nearly caused you to collapse, but Sam used his free hand to hold you up and press your body against his. When his thumb moved to rub against your clit you knew you didn’t have much time left. You leaned your head against his chest as you felt the similar knot building in your abdomen. “Sam..Im..” You had trouble making a full sentence, but he knew what you were getting at, he could feel your pussy clenching around his fingers signaling that you were close. 

       “Cum for me, Y/N,” He whispered your ear, “Let go.” He growled. With that, you came. His name fell from your lips like it was the only thing you knew you knew how to say. He held you to his chest as your rode out your orgasm, all the while whispering words of praise in your ear. He slowly took his fingers out of you and brought them to his lips, licking your juices off of them, and pulling them from his mouth his a loud pop. Seeing him do that caused a whole new wave of arousal to course through your veins. He saw how you were watching him and he laughs, wrapping his arms around you once more. “I can’t help it you just taste so good.” Your heart fluttered at his words, drawing a smile to your lips. Before the two of you could go any further a loud knock at the door stopped you both in your tracks. 

         “Could you two pornstars get out of there other people need to shower!” Dean yelled from behind the bathroom door. You cheeks quickly turned red at the though of Dean eavesdropping on you and Sam’s activities. 

          “alright!” Sam yelled so you didn’t have to. He quickly turned the water off and pulled you from the shower. 

       “But wait, Sam you never…” He cut you off with a quick kiss to your swollen lips.  

       “You can make it up to me tonight.” He winked and wrapped a towel around you as if you were a small child. He pressed another kiss to your lips before pulling away to wrap a towel around his waist. 

anonymous asked:

I need a científic explanation about car sex or sex in the car. Are Audi comfortable enough?

My experience at the auto show says a Q5 doesn’t have enough space for three kids under the age of 10 to fit in the backseat without falling into a game of “I’m Not Touching You” before the car can back out of the goddamned driveway. There’s no way in hell it has room for a 6′3″ slab of Scottish beef and a 5′10″ pair of legs to comfortably fuck it out in one, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And that way is banging it out on the hood.


Requests are currently open, you can requests anything. Including m/m, m/f, or f/f.

Last Updated 11/6/16

I Won’t Write About Some Stuff

Au memes 

Dating Jack Gilinsky 

Dating Nash Grier

Dating Hayes Grier

Dating Stiles Stilinski 

Dating Brian O’Connor

Dating Scott McCall

Being Zoe Sugg(Zoella)’s best friend

Having a boyfriend, and Stefan’s in love with you. 

Fourth of July with Stiles 

Fourth of July with Scott

Being Best Friends with Taylor Swift

Dating Gally, TMR

Hate at first sight/Falling for Nate Maloley {Part Two}

Dating Issac Lahey

Being a professional dancer and dating Shawn Mendes

Dating Matt Espinosa 

Dating Jack Johnson

Being apart of Omaha Squad

Dating Sam Wilkinson

Being Nash’s best friend, he takes you on tour and you fall in love with Matt

Dating Aaron Carpenter and he gets over protective/worries

Jack Johnson gets over protective because one of the boys flirts with Y/N

Getting Married to Zac Efron 

Chuck Bass having a crush on you

Dylan O’Brien getting asked about Y/N in interviews

Dating Theo Raeken

Dating Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Crstyal Reed

The Boys Tease Jack Johnson till he asks Y/N Out

Shawn Mendes picks Y/N up from school

Being Married to Bob Morley, and acting on the 100 {Part two}

Fighting with Bellamy Blake

Comforting Taylor(Swift) when she gets dissed

Being Best Friends with Holland Roden

Being apart of the Teen Wolf Cast

Being a Professional singer, and working with the Omaha Squad. Sam doesn’t like you at first, but gets jealous when he sees you with Nate. 

Being Best Friends with Twaimz

Dating Robbie Amell

Being Best Friends with Lilly Singh, iisuperwomanii

Teen Wolf Bloopers

Dating Danisnotonfire

Dating Dave Franco

Dating Zac Efron

Dating Bob Morley

Dating/Marrying Drew Van Acker

Dating Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen being over protective

Dating Ian Somerhalder

Dating Paul Weasley, and acting on TVD

Dating Tyler Posey, and acting on Teen Wolf

Dating/Marrying Daniel Sharman

Dating Artie Abrams

TVD Bloopers

Being on Wolf Watch

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin

Dating Liam Dunbar

Being a cheerleader, and Hayes showing it off

Being Best Friends with Candice Accola 

Being an actress on H2O: Just Add Water, and dating Joseph Morgan 

The Originals panel at comic con and dating Joseph Morgan

Being best friends with Claire Holt

Being best friends with Phoebe Tonkin

Trivia games with the cast of The Originals

Being married to Joseph Morgan, and playing his love interest on TVD/TO.

Dating Calum Hood

Dating Luke Hemmings

Being Married to Joseph Morgan and acting on TVD

Being Best Friends with Chloe Grace Mortez

Being on Disney Descandants and being bestie’s with Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron 

Being Best Friends with Connor Franta

Dating Matthew Daddario

Dating Ethan Dolan

Dating JC Caylen

Being Best friends with Mahogany Lox

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin.

Dating Tyler Posey, and being on Teen Wolf

Dating Paul Wesley, and being on TVD. 

Dating/Marrying Chad Michael Murray


Please(Damon Salvatore)

Good Morning(Joe Sugg)

Can’t Keep Doing This(Stiles Stilinski)

Say Something(Scott McCall)

Servant(Hayes Grier)

My Peter Pan(Hayes Grier)

Officier(Hayes Grier)

The Ex(Hayes Grier)

He’s a Nerd(Hayes Grier)

Bandanas(Nate Maloley and Taylor Caniff)

First(Hayes Grier)

So Sweet(Hayes Grier)

Makeover(Jack Johnson)

Rivals(Calum Hood)

Accents(Sam Wilkinson)

Happiness(Derek Hale)

Dancing With the Stars(Hayes Grier)

Twister(Omaha Squad)

His Clothes(Shawn Mendes)

I Don’t Wanna Be A Hunter(Dean Winchester/DDM) {Part Two}

Gone(Shawn Mendes)

Birthdays(Sam/Dean Winchester/BSM)

Care for a Dance?(Dylan/ O’Brien)

Our Firsts(Shawn Mendes)

The Best Friend(Thomas Sangster)

It Will Rain(Sam Winchester)

Isn’t She Lovely?(Scott McCall)

Stupid Snaps(Sam Wilkinson)

Waking Up(Shawn Mendes)

Chef(Shawn Mendes)

The First Kiss(Shawn Mendes)

His(Shawn Mendes)


It’ll Be Okay(Nash Grier)

Closing In(Shawn Mendes)

The States(Shawn Mendes)

Love Isn’t Real(Stefan Salvatore)

Height(Cameron Dallas)

Mini Golf(Shawn Mendes)

Our Little Girl(Sam Wilkinson)


Me and my BFF(Nate Maloley)

Fault(Owen Grady)

Stay(Dean Winchester)

Silent Walls(Stiles Stilinski/Pack)

Hammock(Shawn Mendes)

Not Happening(Shawn Mendes)

Hands(Shawn Mendes)

His Day(Shawn Mendes)

I Love It(Shawn Mendes)

Talking Body(Cameron Dallas)   

Of Us(Shawn Mendes)

What’s the Difference?(Cameron Dallas)

Unbalanced(Shawn Mendes)

Laughing Gas(Shawn Mendes)


All of the Stars(Shawn Mendes)

The Perfect Present(Dylan O’Brien) 

Home Alone(Theo Raeken)

I Told You So(Tyler Sequin) 

Gonna Kill Shawn(Shawn Mendes) {Part Two}

Come Back to Me(Shawn Mendes)

Neighbors(Will Poulter)

You’re Home(Will Poulter) 

Hanging with Tig(Tig Trager)

Slow Dancing(Matt Espinosa)

Remember When(Stephen James)

Daycare Tunes(Shawn Mendes)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Instead(Tony Stark)

Who is that beauty?(Pietro Maximoff)

I Am No Man(Lucifier Morningstar)

Some Werewolf(KlausxIsaac) M/M

Right Here(Dean Winchester)

Cristiano Ronaldo(Zayn Malik)

Its a Boy! (Daryl Dixon)

Screw School(Josh Diaz)

Photoshoots(Brenden Hopkins)

Don’t tell Nate!(Derek Luh)

I’m Sorry(Myles Parrish)

Life of the Party(Shawn Mendes)

Our Sister(Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Posey)

Instead(Tony Stark)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

Text Imagines

Stealing Stiles’ sweater

Needing Damon to kill a spider for you

Dean Winchester texts Y/N after a bad hunt, that leaves her in a coma

Shawn Mendes asking you out

Fan fiction 

I’m Not a Banshee//Teen Wolf(Currently on hold)

{Prologue} {Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three} {Chapter Four} {Chapter Five} {Chapter Six} {Chapter Seven}

Growing Hatred//Shawn Mendes

{Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three}


Full Drabble List

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Derek Hale #32

“I don’t love you…” Nate Maloley #1

“Stop, we’re in public…” Calum Hood #2

“I want you to go…” Sam Wilkinson #18

“Are you afraid of me?” Nate Maloley #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Hayes Grier #39 {Part two}

“Stop, we’re in public…” Grayson Dolan #2

“I’m pregnant…” Sam Wilkinson #8

“You’re mine…” Derek Hale #37

“I need to study…” Grayson Dolan #22

“Be Strong…” Nash Grier #9

“I miss you…” Ashton Irwin #30

“Please, tell me this isn’t what it looks like…” Sam Wilkinson #24

“Wait, are you jealous?” Nash Grier #13

“Stop looking at me like that..” Cameron Dallas #21

“I believed you…” Jack Gilinsky #38

“How do I look?” Omaha Squad #40

“Wait, are you jealous?” Aaron Carpenter #13

“Wait, are you jealous?” Hayes Grier #13

“Are you afraid of me?” Sam Wilkinson #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Sam Wilkinson #2

“Do you really see me like that?” Nate Maloley #27

“You really think I’d do something like that?” Nate Maloley #25

“I’m pregnant.” Ashton Irwin #8

“Are you afraid of me?” John “Swazi” Swift #39

“How do I look?” Jack Johnson #40

“I need to study…” Stiles Stilinksi #22

“I hate that I love you…” Matt Espinosa #6

“Are you afraid of me?” Nash Grier #39

20, 29, and 36 Hayes Griers {Part two}

“I need to study…” Matt Espinosa #22

“Stop, we’re in public…” Matt Espinosa #2

“I’m pregnant.” Matt Espinosa #8

“Do you mind?” Michael Clifford #3

“I hate that I love you…” Luke Hemmings #6

“It killed me to see you with him…” Nate Maloley #17

“You’re an asshole.” Sam Wilkinson #26

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Jack Johnson #32

“Stop, we’re in public…” Jack Gilinsky #2

“Stop looking at me like that…” Nash Grier #21

“Do you really see me like that?” Nash Grier #27

“Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?!” John “Swazz” Swift #29

“Wait, are you jealous?” Shawn Mendes #13

“I need you…” Aaron Carpenter #12

8, 20, and 38 Jack Johnson

“No one can love you like I can…” Nash Grier #36

“I need you..” Stiles Stilinksi #12

“Stop, we’re in public…” Nash Grier #2

“Am I in trouble?” Matt Espinosa #5

“You couldn’t have just tried? For me?” Sam Wilkinson #7

“Are you cheating on me?” Cameron Dallas #23

“Will you marry me?” Cameron Dallas #20

“Will you marry me?” John “Swazz” Swift #20

“You said you loved me…” John “Swazz” Swift #35

17, 23, 24, and 33 Hayes Grier

“You’re beautiful…” Nash Grier #28

“Get the hell away from me…” Shawn Mendes #33

“Are you afraid of me?” Matt Espinosa #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Cameron Dallas #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Halsey #2

“I’m pregnant.” Nash Grier #8

“Stop looking at me like that…” Liam Dunbar #21

2, 21, and 40 Lydia Martin (F/F)

“Stop, we’re in public…” Hayes Grier #2

“Please stay…” Stiles Stilinski #19

“Stop, we’re in public…” Brett Talbot #2

“Stop, we’re in public…” Shawn Mendes #2

29 and 36 Shawn Mendes

“It meant nothing, I swear…” Theo Raeken #4

“You think I’d really do something like that?” Sam Wilkinson #25

“I need you…” Liam Dunbar #12

“You’re mine…” Theo Raeken #37

“I hate that I love you….” Shawn Mendes #6

“Stop looking at me like that…” Sam Wilkinson #21

“It never happened…” Shawn Mendes #11

9, 21, and 29 Shawn Mendes 

“Fight it…” Theo Raeken #14

2 and 22 Liam Dunbar 

15, 12, and 36 Shawn Mendes 

35 and 38 Chuck Bass

9, 36, and 39 Shawn Mendes

“You’re beautiful…” Matt Espinosa #28

“Stop, we’re in public…” Tyler Posey #2

“Wait, are you jealous?” Theo James #13

35 and 38 Theo Raeken

“Take the Pain Away.” Castiel #48

5 and 21 Liam Dunbar

“I will never stop loving you.” Stephen James #45

“Please Stay…” Blair Waldorf #19 F/F

Head First

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Sam + singing, requested by @courtney-elizabeth-winchester​. OK this is super fluffy and I love it, not gonna lie…

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 781

Song of inspiration: Aquaman by WALK THE MOON

You let Sam open the car door for you. He insisted, and his plea was so earnest you couldn’t refuse. He needed to be a gentleman for you on this date.

You inhaled deeply and exhaled with your lips pursed right before he opened the door. Good. You didn’t want him to see your nerves, afraid he would interpret them as reluctance. You weren’t entirely convinced they weren’t reluctance, though.

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Destiel, red riding hood AU, where Dean is a werewolf hunter and Cas is a “no moon” (= he was born when the moon was hidden behind the shadow of the hearth)  werewolf trying to stop his family from hunting humans. Sam would be more of a man of letters than a hunter, and the hood was probably Mary’s.


A/N: For @avasmommy224‘s Birthday Challenge! My quote was I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore! I know you like Dean, so I decided to try my hand at writing him. Hopefully it turned out alright! Hope you have a great birthday :)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language, mentions of violence

Word Count: 3501

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The drive back to the motel was tense, the only sound being the Impala’s growl as it sped through the empty roads, moonlight gleaming on its hood. Even Sam had decided to go to a bar instead of accompany you and Dean back to the motel after your hunt. He wanted to wait out whatever was about to happen between you and Dean, and he knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

The hunt went successfully, but it was rough. You, being the overly confident person you were at times, decided to pursue the demon right as you found out what vessel it was possessing. However, you were so eager to hurry up and send it back to Hell and save the day that you might have forgotten to give Sam and Dean a call while they were out trying to figure out the vessel as well. Good thing they were nearly as smart as you because they figured out who the vessel was and sped through the streets quick enough to find you and the demon before your neck got snapped.

Long story short, you were thrown through a first-story window, Dean right after you, and Sam had to take out the demon with the demon-killing knife while you and Dean were stunned. You were still busy picking bits of glass out of your face as you sat quietly in the passenger’s seat. Maybe you should’ve waited for their help, should’ve waited to create a plan, but you just wanted to help.

Now, Dean was pissed, that quiet kind of pissed off that even set Sam on edge. You wished he would just hurry up and yell at you, to break the tension and rant just so that you could yell right back. You weren’t intimidated by him.

As soon as the Impala parked in the motel’s parking lot, you exited without a word, Dean having not even shut off the car by the time you were in your room. You figured he would follow, and your room door slamming shut behind you a few seconds later confirmed that. You whipped around, jaw tight as you adopted a stern glare. “Spit it out, Winchester.”

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Sam isn’t sure of what his big brother is planning tonight. Dad won’t come back in a few days and honestly, Sam is disappointed. It’s his 13th birthday tonight and Dad didn’t even remember… he could’ve at least called! But there’s no time to really think about it because Dean is parking the Impala in the middle of a field and poking his sides to force him to get out of the car.

“Stop it, jerk!” Sam squeaks and bats Dean’s hand away, but his brother is a damn stubborn ass and keeps pushing until Sam groans and hops out of the seat and into the fresh night air. “What are we doing here? Dad will kill you–”

“Dad doesn’t need to know. Come here.”

Sam sighs but moves closer, following Dean until they both are propped up in the Impala’s hood. Sam has no idea what Dean is doing but he doesn’t question either–not right now, at least. Then his big brother lays down, eyes focusing on the clear sky above their heads, and Sam imitates his position, relaxing. The stars are shining so bright tonight. It’s a beautiful scenario. It’s quiet and comforting.

“I know it isn’t your best birthday, but… he tried, okay?” Dean says softly, but Sam refuses to reply. “So, since Dad can’t be here, I thought… I mean, I’ve heard there’s this meteor shower happening in a few hours or something, so… I thought you’d like to watch it.”

“Dad will be mad if he finds out.” Sam says, moving onto his side to take a better look at Dean. “The meteor shower won’t happen until 3am, maybe later.”

“Fuck Dad. It’s your birthday.”

Dean’s voice is quiet, but there’s something in there that makes Sam moves closer and closer until they’re almost hugging, until Dean finally sighs and wraps an arm around Sam and pulls him against his warm chest. Sam smiles, burying himself into Dean.

And suddenly their noses are almost touching and Dean’s lips are really, really close and Sam wonders what it feels like to kiss his brother–he startles for only a second because fuck, no one should know about that, it’s wrong and–and then he’s pressing his lips against Dean’s, eyes closed and fingers tight around the old leather jacket. It feels right to be there. It feels home.

And Dean… Dean doesn’t push away as Sam had feared. They kiss again and again without saying a word, because there’s nothing to say, really. Sam doesn’t know for how long they kiss, but he finally moves his face away for a second and smiles as brightly as the stars on the sky.

“Thanks, De. It’s the best birthday ever.”

He pretends not to see Dean blushing.

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Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1455 (1129 without lyrics)

Summary: Sam and the reader get stuck in the middle of no where as their car breaks down.

This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Follower’s Celebration! :) I got the song Firecrack by Josh Turner! Enjoy the fuff!

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Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1206

Warnings: slight angst (if you really squint), fluff, kissing, dry humping (for like a second), smut.

**Sorry most of my stories have been mostly smut lately. I have no excuse… and no regrets.  

The warm night air caressed your face as you leaned your head back. The summer mountain air was different than what you experienced in Kansas, light and oddly calming. You turned to Cas in the drivers seat, studying his shadowed features as he concentrated on the foreign twists and turns of the country road.

The pain in his eyes killed you to the core. His stolen grace was fading and both of you knew it was only a matter of time before it would kill him. But he was holding on, the same true fighter you had met several years before. You knew he would hold on for as long as he could, keep fighting, for you.

You snapped forward as the car began to putter. A cloud of smoke rose from the hood as Cas pulled his gloriously ridiculous car to the side of the road.

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