Let’s name it Sam (Calum Hood imagine)

Calum had been showing me a lot of puppy pictures lately. It’s always something along the lines of “hey babe, look how cute these are” or “Babe, imagine us having one.”

I knew Cal really wanted one, but I was the one putting a stop to that idea for a while. Today was the day I decided I could get one now. Calum was at the studio all day, so I got to business.

I got all the necessary things for the puppy. Then drove to the animal shelter. The workers there were lovely and showed you all of the dogs and puppies around. I decided to get a black corgi with some white and brown spots. He was just like calum, cute and cheerful.

I got to mine and Calum’s house and set up a small play pen for the puppy. I was so ecstatic about the new addition to the Hood household I completely forgot that Calum didn’t know yet. Suddenly I hear footsteps in the corridor, “Hey babe, I’m home!” Cal yelled.

I swiftly made my way to Cal. “Hey babe! Had a good day at the studio?” The overwhelming happiness so obvious in my face. Calum looked at me suspiciously. “Yeah, is everything alright?” He questioned, trying to walk past me. “Wait! I have a surprise for you, close your eyes.” I say grabbing a hold of his hand. He looked at me for a bit, but then closed his eyes. I guided him to the playpen. “Okay, open your eyes.” At first he didn’t understand what I was trying to show him, but than his eyes suddenly went to the floor, as the small pup was nudging his foot. A face of amazement appeared, he looked at you and smiled so wide, I swear it must’ve hurt. “Is he ours? You got us a puppy?” He asked sitting down to play with the beautiful animal. “Yes, this is our puppy, and you have the honor of naming him, since you wanted him so much.” I tell him. Calum picks the puppy up and looks at him, but the puppy starts licking Cal’s face, witch makes him burst out in laughter. “I think he looks like a Sam. Let’s name it Sam.” He tells me. “Sam sounds great.” I say, leaning my head on his shoulder.

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The Flash demo with Sam Hood is over. Make sure to check out Sam Hood’s website and the upcoming ACA summer camp with multiple art instructors from the industry.

Here are some notes from the Q&A:

  • Be a jack of all trades, but specialize in one. If you only focus on one, you’ll be stuck with that one job.
  • Get into your character’s head.
  • When you’re first starting out, use what you have. Don’t worry just because you don’t have all the programs or tools in the world. You don’t have to find the perfect program.
  • Get over your fear. Don’t find reasons to not do something.
  • Come with openness; share who you are. Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • “To live a creative life, you must lose the fear of being wrong.”

Seaman with a cat and kitten, c 1910 by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons on Flickr.

This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Samuel J. Hood Studio collection. Sam Hood (1872-1953) was a Sydney photographer with a passion for ships. His 60-year career spanned the romantic age of sail and two world wars. The photos in the collection were taken mainly in Sydney and Newcastle during the first half of the 20th century.

Other great photos by Sam Hood here.
News item - Free Animation Lecture Led by Sam Hood
Free Saturday Lecture: Animation

Upcoming Saturday Lecture features insights from Animation Industry Veteran.

The Event

Art Connection Academy is hosting a free public lecture led by highly acclaimed storyboard artist, Sam Hood. The lecture is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. CT. Space is limited, so attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the lecture. Sign up for the lecture here: 

To sign up for this free lecture, click here.

About the lecture

During this lecture, Sam Hood will demonstrate the time saving power of animating in Flash while keeping the hand drawn appeal of traditional 2D animation. Sam will also demonstrate how traditional animators use Flash – focusing on learning workflows that top working professionals consider the staples of solid Flash Animation.

The lecture will also focus on a basic hand drawn workflow – helping even those planning on animating mostly with puppeting to be expressive and maintain a natural organic feel to their animation.

About Sam Hood

Sam Hood is an Annie Award-winning animation artist. He has worked with some of the top animation studios in the United States, including Wildbrain, Blue Sky Studios, Laika, Leapfrog, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. For the past three years, Sam has been a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios, where he is currently working on upcoming projects at Pixar.

About Art Connection Academy

Art Connection Academy is an online art school focused on the development and training of artists striving to enter the professional art world. In addition to offering Free Saturday Lectures that are open to the public, the academy is dedicated to offering a high-end education at an affordable price for students pursuing a career in the creative industry. At Art Connection Academy, we work to teach the skills and techniques required for our students to succeed in building successful careers in the arts and entertainment field.


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