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Just saw Still Waiting For The Right Partner and I am blown away by your art. I love all the details you put in (Clint is perching! Hahaha!) and it's so realistic. Really, really beautiful. And poor Steeb looks so lonely, I hope he finds the right partner soon. *sniff*

Thank you so much! I am happy you like Still Waiting. I love hiding details in the pictures. I originally thought of putting Clint dancing on a table next to an ice sculpture of Cupid. But he fit better up there. Maybe next time.

And Steve will definitely find the right dance partner some day - I think suggestions so far include Bucky, Sam, Maria Hill, and Darcy. I personally thought the evening would end with every single Avenger walking up to him and teaching him their favorite dance, including Pep, Jane and Betty.

So don’t be sad!

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Marvel Comics - Hip Hop Variant Covers

Extraordinary X-Men #1 (Artwork by Sanford Greene) / 3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul 

Howard the Duck #1 (Artwork by Juan Doe) / Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Versionby Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Invincible Iron Man #1 (Artwork by Brian Stelfreeze) / Get Rich or Die Tryin’ by 50 Cent 

Ms. Marvel #1 (Artwork by Jenny Frison) / The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill 

Doctor Strange #1 (Artwork by Juan Doe) / The Chronic by Dr. Dre 

Sam Wilson, Captain America #1 (Artwork by Mahmud Asrar) / Long. Live. A$AP. by A$AP Rocky 

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