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Disagreements | Fabrevans

Quinn tapped her foot impatiently while she watched her boyfriend and his newly reconciled best friend fussing over something; what it was she didn’t know because she really didn’t care. It was almost time to go back to New Haven and other than when she first got there it felt like it was the Sam and Jessica show. There was no way she came all this way to be their third wheel. At first Quinn had been content with it because she had wanted Sam to make up with his best friend, he missed her, but it wasn’t okay for her to waltz back in after everything she said and did like nothing happened. It irked her to no end. Sure she had Sam to herself a night when they were curled up in bed but it didn’t by any means that this was okay with her.

“We really do have to get going,” Quinn pointed out hoping to use their dinner plans with Sam’s family as a means for breaking up this little pow-wow. Only it back fired on her when Jessica insisted they stay a few more minutes because she hadn’t finished telling Sam about her plans for the upcoming summer. It seemed like more and more lately discussions turned to their talks of the future but Sam never really had much to say. He always gave them the same song and dance where he was worried about exams and graduation to think of the future but Quinn wanted to know. Maybe part of her secretly wondered if when they were done if he would want to find a way to make things between them work. He was so at home and at ease there in Tennessee and with his family and friend. “Or not,” she muttered seeing that they weren’t leaving right away.

“I plan on going to Atlanta,” Quinn tossed in randomly once she got tired of listening to everyone else discuss their future plans. “Yale has a great graduate program for acting but getting out there and getting real experience is the only way to do it.” She prattled on not really letting Jessica interrupt her. “Atlanta is the new LA for movies.” She said with a shrug her future pretty wrapped up in her head. Quinn had grandparents in Georgia so she figured she could crash with them until she could get settled and get her own apartment. “Have you decided on what you want to do yet, Sam?”

Sam Evans | 28 | Rising Country Star | OPEN

“When in you’re in high school, everyone always dreams of what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Though, sadly, life rarely works out the way that we want it to. For those lucky few whose dreams come true, sometimes they lose the ones they love along the way in order to reach this goal. Then for others, their lives have changed drastically but they still try to convince themselves that they are entirely happy. The real question is - are they really? Join our gleeks as they try to navigate a life that isn’t exactly what they planned, with people they didn’t think they would end up with. Can they get their lives back on track? Or will they be destined to settle for second best in their lives?”




  • STARTING SHIP → Single.
  • POTENTIAL SHIP → Samcedes, Samchel, Fabrevans, Samtana, Open/Up to player.
  • MANDATORY DEMANDS → Bring us dorky, comic obsessed Sam! We don’t want a stripping sex god, just a good, humble country bumpkin. 
  • NOTABLE FACTS → Past Blam fling over the summer when Sam attended a singles cruise where Blaine was working as a musician. 


  • Summer wasn’t exactly a total dream for Sam, he’d been skeptical at the idea of a single’s cruise but how could he turn down tropical destinations and the actual chance to blow off some steam? He’d at least met some people Rachel for one, Finn and Blaine who was a performer on the ship…
  • After his week long relationship with Blaine became a flop, Sam has sort of sworn off relationships for a while—and probably guys too. Girls were confusing enough for him. Now he’s back in Chicago working on that comic book he’d like to get published one day.
  • The book’s about done and it’s not exactly easy finding a publisher in Chicago, so it’s starting to look like New York City will be the place to go, especially considering how long it’s been since he’s seen his best friend, Mike Chang.
  • It might take a while to get the book ready for the final publishing process, but who better to work out the details with than Mike himself?


  • BLAINE ANDERSON: After their short fling, Blaine and Sam completely lost contact with each other. Sam did end up sending an email to try to fix things, but Blaine took it the wrong way and the two haven’t spoken since.
  • RACHEL BERRY: Sam and Rachel met on the cruise ship the previous summer, as well. The two didn’t talk much, seeing as Finn sort of kept Rachel to himself for a large majority of the trip, but whenever the two talked they really did enjoy themselves. After the inevitable breakup with Finn, Rachel’s going to need someone to make her laugh again, and the dorky blonde she kept in touch with from the cruise might just be that someone. 
  • MIKE CHANG: These two had always been best friends, always joking around and just generally nerding out together. When Sam went to Chicago and Mike to New York, they still kept in touch though they haven’t seen each other in forever—way too long if you ask either of them.
  • FINN HUDSON: Sam and Finn met on the Single’s Cruise Blaine spent his summer working on. The two had a friendly bromance, but nothing too serious. Really, just two guys who liked to talk whenever they had time.
  • KURT HUMMEL: Sam and Kurt never actually met, but considering how things between Blaine and Sam ended, Kurt doesn’t really have a high opinion of the blonde seeing as Blaine depended on Kurt for comfort after the short fling.
  • SANTANA LOPEZ: Santana’s never actually met Sam, but Blaine probably spent the start of his week talking about how great things were, only to eventually inform her that, no, things were not great and he was sort of miserable with the relationship he sort of had. Again, her opinion of Sam may not be so great at the moment.