sam-cox surprising.

Look at this surprises…( Please)

  • Apparently Zayn’s mother has an instagram? Thank you Zayn and Perrie… Couldn’t she just call her son and say thank you there, knowing how private he is the instagram comment isn’t necessary. But this was necessary because Zerrie is so cute.Right? they do everything together.

  • Little Mix released Salute

But guess where they were that day! what a way to promote a single huh, 1d’s concert, girlpower!.hahaha

But that wasn’t the end of the promotion…Let’s play a game, find the tag that doesn’t go in this picture.

#One Direction…

But wait, who was at the 1d concert with them? You think Little Mix would go to see them? NO, the manager Sam Cox was there!

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anonymous asked:

Little mix does NOT work harder than One Direction and whoever thinks that is crazy. The boys earned their success in America. They literally almost went to every state doing promotions and always came to America til they made it big. Little mix hardly does any promotions here and once they do come, they only go to like 6 cities. Wtf? America is HUGE. 5H does a better promotion job than them. They need to put it in the work first.

Well Little Mix doesn’t do promotion, only and barely in England, but in other countries I think they’re just ’ waiting to get massive’. I don’t know if their manager doesn’t realize that if it would have been like that, kind of just ’ getting massive’ like a Justin Bieber thing…It would have happened long ago. But it didn’t.