Season 12 Summary

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So the BMOL (British Men of Letters) kidnap and torture Sam for information and stuff, but Sam is like ‘I’ve been tortured by Lucifer, this is nothing.  Bro, do you even lift?’

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Meanwhile Dean like all ‘Yo!  Cas, I’m alive and this is me ma.  Ma this is harp head’. 

And Mary gets the shock of her new life at all the Dean and Cas loving

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Then it’s time to save Sam.  Luckily two of the finest killers alive are there to chase down the BMOL and protect Mary.   Except that a British lady kicks both their asses at the once, and we’re all kind of embarrassed for them.   So Mary like all mothers, had to do everything herself, takes down the foe and mourns her once clean hands

Dean gets captured with Sam but luckily Mick Davies wants Cas’ ass and helps them, oh yeah Mick Davies

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Actually a lot of people want Cas’ ass this year

Castiel and Dean fight a whole lot, because Dean is worried about and mad at the bae but Cas will not take it lying down (in this context)

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But then they still join forces against evil angels and throw bitchfits every five minutes because ‘I love you’.  Which Cas totally says to Dean, and there’s  mixtapes and Cas playing Dean in his room, and stealing Dean’s favourite toy.    It made Brokeback Mountain look straight (not really, but come on!)

Sam plays referee but he gets Eileen and there’s less drama, Saileen for the win!

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They are cute and supportive and badass, made prank calls and basically rule

Except they kill Eileen and the fandom is furious!   #firebucklemming, we’re sick of this bullshit.  The bull is full of shit.  So I guess with Eileen being dead Destiel remains the undisputed power couple by default.  Whoops no, Cas died too, and Crowley, and Rowena

Fandom is mad beyond all reason, overkill on the kill.  (It’s gonna be okay guys….well for Cas anyway, bitch about the other three deaths all you want)

Oh, and Lucifer the human hater decides he wants a kid and does the do with a human.   After he and Crowley play a game of ‘Whos the Dom?’

The wee abomination (Jack son of the devil) sees Cas and is like ‘dibbs’.  Cas had been meaning to kill the kid, but then he’s like:

‘Maybe murdering innocent babies is wrong?’

And decides to play the role of the daddy, before he gets deaded, and after Kelly (baby mama) angelnaps him

Also Mary goes full Ripley from the Aliens franchise on Lucifer’s ass

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Cas kills death, Sam and Mary get in bed with BMOL then take them down.  Bobby lives in the AU, and Dean gushes to some waitress about how hot Cas is…in front of everyone

Sam leads an assult on the BMOL and Dean hangs out in his Mum’s head and the Winchesters love each other to death (and past death, cause they die every five minutes)

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And that’s my season 12 summary


I guess you could call this an Age Swap AU? here’s the lay down:

  • Pidge and Shiro’s ages are swapped (Pidge is 25, Shiro is 14)
  • Matt and Keith’s ages and roles are swapped (I thought saw a tweet that said Matt is a couple years older than Keith, Lance, and Hunk???)
  • Pidge, Sam, and Keith were captured on Kerberos and Pidge managed to escape a year later, minus one leg
  • Pidge is the Black Paladin
  • Matt is the Green Paladin
  • Shiro is the Red Paladin
  • I’m really hoping Matt is at least somewhat like Blake Anderson (his VA) bc that’s just a recipe for hilarity
  • Shiro’s maturity mostly came with his age/imprisonment, but now that he’s only a wee bab he’s kind of a shit head
  • Lance and Hunk are pretty much the same, but relative to Matt and Shiro they are far more mature and responsible
  • Pidge is now the older sibling, but still shorter
  • She’s less of the team mom and more like a tired babysitter
  • Pidge and Allura is a possibility?? still not sure how I feel about that
  • Shiro and Keith are basically brothers. Shiro’s really protective of Keith even though he’s almost ten years younger
  • GALRA KEITH. pretty much the main reason he’s still held prisoner
  • Keith’s hair is longer whoopee
  • I forgot Pidge’s face scar in two drawings but I’m not gonna fix it cause I’m Tired

Feel free to play around with this AU!! it just popped into my head in the shower yesterday

Slow and Steady

Word count: 1,236

Warning: LOTS of fluff, smut, oral (female receiving)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Request/Summary: Thank you for your request (I’m so sorry I just re-read the request and it said massage, not shower, but oh well. I probably should have done that before but I could have sworn it said shower.)

After a particularly rough hunt Sam takes good care of the reader in more ways than one.

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It had been a particularly difficult and strenuous case, but it was finally over. All of your muscles ached, you were bleeding from what seemed to be everywhere, and dirt and grime covered your body. After making it back to the motel you slumped onto the bed, relishing in the sweet rock-hardness of the mattress and the course brush of the cheap sheets against your tired skin. Dean had gone to his room, refusing to drive you back to the bunker until you had all had a night’s rest and recovery. Sam returned to the room half an hour later once he had patched Dean up and vice versa.

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A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)

Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

Tagging: @deanscolette, @lostboycas, @seraphmisha, @rebmathegisher <3

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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Torture in Fiction: Captain America, The Winter Soldier

With its superb fight scenes and stand out performances by a talented cast, this movie is a fan favourite and cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I don’t think you’re going to like what I have to say about it.

So I’m going to start with the little disclaimer I have for this series as a quick reminder.

Once again I’m rating the depiction and use of torture, not the movie itself. I’m trying to take into account realism (regardless of fantasy or sci fi elements), presence of any apologist arguments, stereotypes and the narrative treatment of victims and torturers.

If you are in any way upset by my analysis of this movie or its characters I advise you to consider both the impact fictional depictions of torture have in real life and Rule 6 before you respond.

On to the movie-

The relevant plot details are, well, most of the film. I’ll try to be as brief as I can.

Steve Roger’s (aka Captain America) boss at SHIELD (Nick Fury) is assassinated by a mysterious man known as ‘The Winter Soldier’. Before dying Nick tells Steve that SHIELD itself has been compromised and gives him a usb.

On refusing to hand over the usb Steve is attacked by a large group of his former colleges in a lift.

He escapes and teams up with Natasha Romanov aka the Black Widow. Together they discover that SHIELD has been infiltrated by Hydra, a Nazi organisation who are particularly interested in SHIELD’s latest weapons project which they could use to kill millions.

The Winter Soldier, a character who is heavily coded as mentally ill, is ordered to assassinate them by Hydra.

Steve and Natasha track down a SHIELD/Hydra agent and threaten him with death or grievous bodily harm unless he gives them information. They get the information they want.

They clash with the Winter Soldier and during the scuffle he is unmasked and revealed as Steve’s long lost wartime friend Bucky Barnes. Steve, Natasha and their friend Sam are all captured by Hydra.

The audience is told that Bucky, apparently now a super-soldier, was captured by Hydra, tortured and brainwashed. He has been their best assassin for decades. A scene of his memory being ‘wiped’ follows with props that are heavily reminiscent of ECT machines.

Steve, Natasha and Sam stage an assault on SHIELD HQ in an effort to stop the launch of the new weapons. In the process Steve takes over the comm system and announces Hydra’s plan to the entire base.

Two sympathetic characters are shown resisting Hydra demands when threatened with death. One of them dies for his trouble.

Steve and Bucky fight until the last weapon is disarmed. With the threat of civilian casualties gone Steve refuses to fight Bucky and tries instead to appeal to his humanity, asking him to remember their friendship. Bucky beats him unconscious but stops short of killing him.

I’m giving it 0/10

The Good

And well that really is the problem: with regards to torture I cannot think of more than one good thing about this film. Usually I’d throw the movie at least one point for a single good scene, but in this case I think the scene is part of a larger entirely negative trend in the narrative.

1)      The scene I’m thinking of is the attack on Steve in the lift. About eight or nine people, all armed in various ways, attack Steve at once. His arms are pinned by several people each while he’s repeatedly shocked with a device a bit like a cattle prod. This basic set up is extremely true to life for many cases of police brutality, although a Taser would have been a more likely weapon.

The Bad

Where to begin?

1)      Every major ‘good’ character in this movie engages in torture.

Our heroes Steve, Sam and Natasha torture a Hydra agent for information by threatening to kill him, then throwing him off a building (Sam catches him before he falls to his death).

This is not just portrayed as good and reasonable but it is played for laughs. The scene is used to extend a joke about Steve’s dating life.

2)      The ‘good guys’ obtain accurate, timely, relevant information through torture. This never happens in real life. Torture cannot force someone to give accurate, timely or relevant information. And it’s a stereotype in fiction that I particularly despise because it has been linked to the justification of and practice of torture in real life.

3)      The ‘bad guy’ they torture does not resist once they have tortured him. This is extremely unlikely. The data we have at the moment suggests that torture makes people far more likely to resist.

4)      This stands in contrast to the way ‘good’ characters act when threatened with death or torture. The film consistently shows ‘good’ people resisting torture and ‘bad’ (or in Bucky’s case mentally ill) people complying under torture. This is not only wrong; it’s frankly sickening and perpetuates extremely harmful stereotypes about victims and torture.

5)      Brainwashing does not work and is a central, important plot device in the film. The story simply does not work unless violence, torture and pain can ‘force’ a victim to change sides.

6)      Torture cannot change hearts and minds. It cannot force someone to support or work for a cause they are strongly against.

7)      Memory really does not work in the way the film suggests. Anything that could remove old, strongly held memories, such as those of childhood or the victim’s name, would also have removed their memory of how to drive a car, fight hand to hand, use a gun or virtually anything else Bucky does in the film.

8)      Even accounting for the sci-fi idea of removing specific memories, torture and pain would not force a victim to comply with their captors. In fact it makes resistance more likely. A Bucky Barnes without the memory of his friends or the war would still almost certainly resist Hydra simply because they caused him pain.

9)      There has never been a recorded case of ECT machines being used to torture. They have been used as a form of abuse in some hospitals but they have never been used by military or terrorist organisations such as Hydra. This is another inaccurate stereotype: the idea that torture is ‘scientific’ or ‘high-tech’.

10)  The film assumes that a victim of systematic abuse over decades would be physically and mentally capable of complex assassinations. Instead the sort of damage to both physical and mental health this would inflict means that Bucky and Natasha should both be noticeably less capable than their colleagues. Instead they are more capable than their colleagues, implying that abuse made them ‘better’ at committing wanton acts of violence.

11)  Both this film and other Marvel films state that Natasha has both suffered and committed abuse, yet she shows no severe symptoms. This seems to be narratively linked to the idea that she is ‘strong’. And I detest the notion that a basic, bodily reaction to trauma makes victims weak.


I think the word for this movie’s use of torture is ‘dire’.

It’s not just consistently wrong.

It’s not just based around an impossible, trope laden premise.

It’s not just running through a check list of every harmful stereotype that regularly turns up in fiction.

The movie supports the notion that the torture of ‘bad people’ does not ‘count’.

It shows ‘heroes’, particularly individuals that the audience is supposed to think are morally above reproach, engaging in torture and the plot supports and justifies their doing so. It tells us that really ‘good’, ‘pure’ characters, such as the titular hero, threaten ‘bad guys’ with torture and then stand back to watch their friends do the torturing.

It shows victims (ie Bucky) as dangerous and violent and without other symptoms. It shows torturers like Natasha as without symptoms. It shows torture as a successful interrogation tactic and shows torture fundamentally changing hearts and minds.

Even accounting for sci-fi elements, the movie’s attitude to and treatment of torture is consistently false, dangerous and fundamentally against the basic principles of human rights.

Human rights are not for ‘good people’. They are for everyone. Whatever their race, gender, creed, politics, or crime. Torture is never justified.

And for that reason this movie’s treatment of torture is quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. It is a shining example of how much torture apologia pervades popular culture.

This, readers, is how not to write torture.


Take A Ride

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Request: Could you do a Sam x Reader for “Ride” By Chase Rice?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Pure Sam smut is what this is…

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Sam’s SXSW Diary  |  Style

Austin brought its style a-game to SXSW this year. Here’s just a few of our fav looks that Sam captured on day three of the festival.

Winchester Sister Masterlist

Sister fics;

Bullies-Brothers find out their sister is being bullied.

Shots-the boys had to take their sister!reader to a doctors who has a fear of needles.

Nothing but a drug addict-Dean hurts the readers feeling and ends in dangerous consequences.

Multiplying- The brothers feel awkward and scared around their sister when she’s recieved a gift from mother nature.

Head over heels- Reader catches her brothers trying on her heels.

His word- Dean promises he’ll never leave his sister(reader).

The Journey of a Winchester-The brothers realise their sister is hiding something from them.

The journey of a Winchester~Part 2- The brothers realise their sister is hiding something from them.

Baby’s purr- Series of moments the readers brothers have carried her out the car asleep.

Corrupted-Sister is brought back as an angel when she dies.

Corrupted part 2-Sister is brought back as an angel when she dies.

Corrupted~ Part 3- Sister is brought back as an angel when she dies.

None of the above-Winchesters tease their sister to far.

Little sister- Sister just wants comfort from her big brother Sam after a bad day.

I’m scared- After a car crashes into theirs, the brothers make it out okay but sister! reader does not.

Little secrets-Adam’s been hiding his little sister from his brothers.

Hallucinations- Adam helps the Winchester sister snap out of a hallucination.

Koda and I- Sister!reader tries to hide her schizophrenia from her brothers.

Too young-How the brothers cope with a little sister on the road.

Too young part 2-How the brothers cope with a little sister on the road.

Too young part 3-How the brothers cope with a little sister on the road.

Too young~part 4-How the brothers cope with a little sister on the road.

The tally on the wall-Sister!reader looses her mind.

Tally on the wall~part 2-Sister!reader looses her mind.

Invisible-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible part 2-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible Part 3-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible Part 4-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible Part 5-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible Part 6-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible part 7-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible Part 8-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Invisible~Part 9-Sister!reader is ignored by her brothers.

Safe and sound-Brothers comfort reader after a nightmare.

Promise me, Cas- Sister! reader asks Cas to not share her dangerous secret with her brothers.

Promise me, Cas Part 2-Sister! reader asks Cas to not share her dangerous secret with her brothers.

Promise me, Cas~part 3-Sister! reader asks Cas to not share her dangerous secret with her brothers.

Dog nose-Brothers catch the reader smoking weed.

First priority- The boys took care of their little sister when their dad wouldn’t.

Living dead-Sister runs away to hunt but comes back different.

Baby sister- Series of moments the brothers have referred to their sister as ‘baby sister’

You have my word-reader goes on a secret date with Cas.

One of us-Reader finds out she’s adopted.

Anything-Reader is dealing with a woman issue but the problem is… she has two very awkward, manly big brothers.

Woops-Reader isn’t as innocent as her brothers thought.

Change-Reader confesses her sexuality to her brothers

L.A dreams-Reader falls for an actor on a case but has to leave

Self esteem -Brothers help their sister with confidence issues.

Self Esteem Part 2-Brothers help their sister with confidence issues.

Talk to us-Brothers help their sister deal with her problems.

Panic room-Sister!reader is addicted to demon blood instead of Sam.

Panic room Part 2-Sister!reader is addicted to demon blood instead of Sam.

Panic room Part 3-Sister!reader is addicted to demon blood instead of Sam.

Magic Brownies-reader is the boys’ little sister and accidentally eats brownies with weed in them.

A sister?-Brothers find out they’ve got a sister.

A sister? Part 2-Brothers find out they’ve got a sister.

A sister?Part 3-Brothers find out they’ve got a sister.

A sister? Part 4-Brothers find out they’ve got a sister.

You’re safe now-Reader (sister) Is acting distance and not their usual bubbly self. Her brothers confront her.

You’re safe now Part 2-Reader (sister) Is acting distance and not their usual bubbly self. Her brothers confront her.

You’re safe now Part 3-Reader (sister) Is acting distance and not their usual bubbly self. Her brothers confront her.

You’re safe now Part 4-Reader (sister) Is acting distance and not their usual bubbly self. Her brothers confront her.

Bad little sis-Brothers find out reader is good with archery.

EUGH!-Brothers catch the reader making out with a boy.

busted-Reader sneaks out on a hunt after Dean forbids her too.

Busted Part 2-Reader sneaks out on a hunt after Dean forbids her too.

Don’t separate us-Reader and the brothers are all separated to be interviewed by cops after getting arrested only that the reader has separation anxiety

Dad’s on a hunting trip-Story that follows the show, not reader (kinda used my own name :/)

Dad’s on a hunting trip Part 2-Story that follows the show, not reader (kinda used my own name :/)

Words unspoken-Mute!Sister!reader gets kidnapped.

Silence is the loudest cry- reader is their little sister and she stops talking and they have to try and find out why.

Look after you-Reader is just a baby (like few months old) and the boys have to take care of her

Ferrets are cute!-Reader tries to convince brothers to let her keep a ferret.

Wait what?-Sister isn’t as innocent as brothers thought.

Secrets-Reader hides her ADHD from her brothers.

Torture-Dean and Sam are tied up/captured along with the reader, and they’re forced to watch their sister being tortured.

My funny teddy bear-Younger readers teddy comes to life only he’s very sassy and snappy.

Rock, Paper, Scissors-Brothers fight over who gets to take out the reader.

Those moments-Brothers defend their sister when they get called into the principals office.

Slowly breaking-Everyone notices how the brothers feel, but no one stops to see how the reader feels about everything. (Warning: Self harm and suicide)

Slowly breaking Part 2- Reader gets rushed into hospital.

Slowly breaking Part 3- Brothers don’t like it when they find their sister talking to a boy.

Laughing gas-Reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister and has to have laughing gas.

Pet names- Moments where the brothers have used different pet names on their sister.

Silently mad-Sam leaves his sister after Dean goes to hell, when Dean returns and they go to get her back, they find out she’s not the same.

Silently mad Part 2- Sam finds out his sisters mental health isn’t all it seemed to be.

Cry to big brothers- Sister has been hit with a spell that makes her finally show her emotions.

The sad kind- reader is Sam and Deans younger sister (around 15-17) and Dean is drunk. But not the goofy kind of drunk, the sad kind.

A sisters pain-The brothers sister gets hurt on a hunt after training to hard.

Here to help-Sister has a stutter that she hid from the boys but had now come back and needs her brothers help to get rid of.

How to love-Crowley saves Winchesters little sister from getting attacked.

Sketches-Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister and they find out she’s been hiding talents from them.

Always here-Sam refuses to let sister go when Lucifer makes him see her death.

Protective brothers-Lot’s of moments showing where the Reader (sister) is in trouble and big brothers come to the rescue.

Dad’s on a hunting trip-Episode 1 of Dean bringing Sam back just in a version where they have a sister. (not reader though)

Until proven- Sister reader has appendicitis, but Dean doesn’t believe her until they have to rush her into hospital.

Protecting you-Dean has to leave to help a friend and leaves Sam in charge of their sister.

Unintentional prompt: “They just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish.”

“Did I mention how much I hate camping?” Dean grumbles. “Who needs this back to nature crap.”

On the other side of the campfire Sam looks at Cas and rolls his eyes. “We’ve been over this.”

“Seventeen times,” Cas says under his breath.

Sam snorts, then continues. “The coven lives deep in these woods. There are no roads, and it is more than a day’s hike. So we camp.”

Dean isn’t done complaining. “And seriously, it’s August, isn’t it supposed to be summer? It’s freezing!”

Barely holding on to the calm tone of voice, Sam says, “It’s northern Michigan, not Miami. You’re in the woods, and it cools off at night. That’s why we have a fire.” He shoots Cas a look that clearly means It’s your turn to take care of the baby, then stands and says, “I’m going to bed. We’ve still got about ten miles to go in the morning.”

“Goodnight Sam,” Cas says.

Dean grunts and throws a pine cone into the fire.

Cas sighs as Sam disappears into the darkness. “Do you have up be so…disagreeable?”

Smiling at Cas, Dean says quietly, “I really do hate camping. But I was also trying to get him to go back to the tent.”

“Next time try, ‘hey Sam, I’d like to be alone with my boyfriend.’” Cas says drily.

Dean bristles. “Cas…”

Cas puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder, instinctively finding the place his handprint used to be. Their eyes lock.  “It’s alright, Dean. You’ll tell Sam when you’re ready.” He slides his hand up Dean’s shoulder to the back of his neck, pulling him close for a kiss. Dean relaxes.

“Look up,” Cas says, and Dean can hear the smile in his voice.

The sight almost makes the tent and the hike and the cold worth it. “Cas,” Dean breathes. Cas laughs and pulls him against his chest so they can both look at the sky together.

“The Milky Way,” says Cas. “I can’t hear the stars sing anymore, but I still appreciate their beauty. And I remember fragments of their songs,” he says wistfully.

“Sing to me,” says Dean. He looks at the sky, holding the best part of heaven in his arms.

“Dean, look out!”

Dean looks up when Sam yells, but he’s too late to escape the spell. At the last second Cas dives at him, trying to push him out of the way, and he’s caught in the blast too. The witch laughs, a horrible, high-pitched laugh, then snaps her fingers. There is a disorienting flash of red light, and by the time their vision clears the witch–and the rest of her coven–is gone.

“Great,” mutters Sam.

Dean and Cas look at each other. At first it is unclear exactly what the spell did. They look normal enough. “You okay, Cas?” asks Dean.

Cas nods slowly. “I think so.” But when he attempts to stand the problem becomes apparent at once.

He has no control of his arms. At all. They actually flop from his shoulders as if all the bones are gone, but when Sam grabs his wrist Sam can–thankfully–still feel bones there. Cas feels…nothing.

Dean’s eyes widen with panic as he tries–and fails–to move his hands. He turns at the waist and his arms follow in the same direction, and since he can’t stop his momentum he lands directly on his face. Sam is overcome by a fit of laughter.

Dean glares.

“I’m sorry,” Sam gasps between fits of mirth. “But if you could only see yourself…” A thought occurs to him, and he pulls his cellphone out of his pocket.

“Dammit, Sam!”

“Sorry Dean, but you’re going to want to see this later. Or, I’m going to want to see this later. Over and over and over…”

Dean growls and tries to move toward Sam. He has limited control of his legs–they move, if weakly–but without his arms it’s difficult to make much progress. Sam laughs and backs away, filming everything.

Cas clears his throat. “If I could interrupt this bit of brotherly love…”

“Oh. Right. Witches. Uh…it may not be the safest plan ever, but I think I’m going to have to leave you two here and go after them myself. They can’t have gotten far. And hopefully I only need one of them. Any of them should do. We can hunt the rest down once you’re…better.”

Dean and Cas look at each other. It’s probably true that any of the witches can break the spell. And they trust Sam to be persuasive. They aren’t safe anywhere, and if they go with Sam they will only slow him down. “Go,” they say together. Dean adds, “And hurry.”

Sam looks from Dean to Cas and back again. “That was weird,” he says. Then he’s gone, chasing after the witches.

“What now?” Cas asks, truly looking around for the first time.

The house is surprisingly large and bright for housing a coven of witches deep in a forest. They are in what looks like a family room, complete with flatscreen tv and comfortable looking couches. It’s disordered from the fight–a bookshelf lays on the floor, a painting hangs crooked–but still it’s not a bad place to wait for Sam to capture one of the witches. The picture window overlooks a blue, glassy lake and towering pine trees.

“Think we can get onto one of the couches?” Dean asks with a wink.

Cas’s eyeroll is epic. “You are trapped in an unfamiliar house belonging to an unfamiliar coven of powerful witches, any of whom could return at any moment. You’ve been hit by a spell and can’t move your arms. You have very little control of your legs. Your brother is risking his life to fix you…and your first thought is ‘hey, there’s a couch. Let’s make out.’”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Dean grins. “Come on, Cas, lighten up. What else are we going to do? Build a defensive perimeter? Gather weapons? Prepare a healthy salad for Sam to enjoy when he gets back?”

A smile tugs at the corners of Cas’s mouth. “When you put it that way…”

Getting onto the couch is not easy. They discover that although they can move their legs a bit, walking is impossible. With their arms swinging every which way, they overbalance and topple over as soon as they try to move. So they get to their knees and do a rather ridiculous looking sideways shuffle, and then one at a time roll onto the couch.

As soon as they’re on the couch they realize it isn’t going to work. Cas is face down, trying desperately to roll over, but Dean is sprawled across his legs. Dean struggles to sit up but all he can do is push his face into Cas’s thigh and kick his feet in the empty air.

“Uh, Dean,” Cas says, his voice muffled by the couch cushions, “I think maybe the floor is better.”

Dean grunts in agreement and manages to flop himself onto the floor. “Ow,” he groans. “My tailbone is going to feel that for awhile.”

Cas rolls off the couch, and they maneuver themselves to lean against it. “After all that,” he says, “I think I just want a nap.”

“Are you kidding?” Dean says. “All that work? I’m getting my reward.” He leans forward to kiss Cas, Cas leans forward to meet him, and they both lose their balance and fall to the floor.

“Fuck!” yells Cas, and Dean can’t hold back his laughter. Cas glares.

“I’m sorry,” says Dean, “but that was funny.”

They are face to face, only inches apart, sprawled on the soft carpet. “Hey,” says Dean. “This could work.”

Cas’s arms are both underneath him. Dean is on his side, one arm between the two of them and one arm awkwardly behind him. It doesn’t matter. Their lips meet, and they just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish.

They both smile, breaking the kiss. “See?” says Dean. “Totally worth it.”

Two hours later

Sam bursts into the house, yells, “I got one! You two–” He breaks off mid-sentence, frozen at the sight of Cas and Dean wrapped in each others’ arms and connected at the lips.

“Clearly your arms are working again, but uh–um–was there a love spell I didn’t know about?” Sam asks.

Dean smiles at Cas, ears pink, then looks at Sam. “No, Sam. I was just enjoying some time alone with my boyfriend.”

So…this story came about because Lindsay ( @justrandomspnstuff ) and I were having a conversation about my struggle with writing Dean and Cas kissing. I told her I can see it all in my head but they don’t ever do what I want them to do on the page….


Lindsay: haha nope. They just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish

It made me laugh (and laugh and laugh) and a story was born. It was supposed to be a drabble, but instead it’s 1400+ words. Oops.

Thanks, Lindsay!! (And I did finally write that kissing scene!!!! ;) )

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Pop A Top Again Mini-Series-Part 1-Part 2-Part 3 - Dean x Reader - Fluff, Eventual Smut, NSFW, COMPLETE

Reader’s old flame, Dean Winchester invites you up to his winter cabin to go fishing.  Is he just looking for a friendly chat, a hookup, or will it be something more?

Drunk on You Series - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW, Angst, Depression, COMPLETE

Dean meets Jo’s childhood best friend at a bonfire.  Drama between Jo and Reader results.  Dean and Reader’s relationship plays out.  Will it survive the drama or will the drama be the end of them?

Discoveries Series - Bi!Reader x Dean, Bi!Reader x Sam - Smut, NSFW, masturbation, oral sex, Daddy!Kink, Flirting, Drinking, Sexually Suggestive Language, Angst, Fem/Fem, IN PROGRESS

The reader gets the boys assistance in exploring a whole new set of experiences.

One Piece At A Time Mini-Series - Chapter 1 - POV Baby - Fluff, minor character death mentioned, tiny bit of angst, IN PROGRESS

The story of putting together a family, one piece at a time.

Dean x Reader Fics

Up to No Good - Dean x Reader - Fluff, Foreplay, Smut, NSFW

Dean decides to have a little fun.  The reader decides to tag along, mischief follows.

Mine Now, Mine Always - Jealous Dom!Dean x Reader - Smut, Dom!Dean, NSFW

Jealous, smutty Dom!Dean.  

Come and Get It - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW

Dean and the reader have been flirting for weeks with no action.  Well, that’s all about to change.

Parchment & Passion - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW

Reader works in a library and Dean drops in to visit.

Mr. Man - Dean x Reader - Fluff

Reader’s car breaks down and Dean helps her out.  The reader ends up with a Christmas surprise.

Fire Your Guns - Dean x Reader - Dean POV, Smut, NSFW, male perspective smut and thought process, unprotected sex, oral sex, Impala sex, Canon level violence

Dean runs into a blast from the past during a vamp hunt, however, neither one of them clearly remembers the past.  They give each other a little help in remembering what happened the first time they met.

Night Out - Dean x Reader, briefly Sam, OFC Stacey and OFC Heather - Fluff, jealousy, hints at possible smut

A night out at a local bar.

I Can Do It - Dean x Reader, Angst, serious injury during a hunt, loss of hearing

An injury during a hunt leaves the reader permanently out of action, will her relationship with the boys be finished too or will they find a way to make it work?

Shut Up and Drive - Dean x Reader, Smut, NSFW

The reader can’t help but be curious as to just what Dean is up to when he playfully gets her behind the wheel of Baby. But when a juvenile Dean is suddenly very mature, she will never forget what it was like to push Baby’s pedal to the metal and drive.

Jensen x Reader Fics

Paralyzer - Jensen x Reader - Angst, Drinking

The reader sees Jensen in a club and is mesmerized by him but doesn’t feel that she is worthy of him.

When In Rome - Jensen x Reader - Smut/Fluff

Jensen meets the reader before/during Jibcon and one night leads to some unexpected actions.

So Lucky - Jensen x Reader x Danneel, Jensen x Reader, Danneel x Reader - Smut, PWP, NSFW, Fem/Fem, Threesome, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex

The Ackles like to keep things interesting and they decide to let you in on just how they achieve that goal.

‘Til Next Time - Jensen x Reader, Smut, NSFW, Dom!Jensen, Light Bondage, Drinking, Sub!Reader

The reader starts a new job next door to a brewery, which Jensen just happens to be the owner of.

Sam x Reader Fics

Moon Flower - Sam x Reader - Fluff

You have been married to Sam Winchester for a wonderfully amazing five years.  The good times have been like a fairy tale, but you have had your share of bad times too.  You have been by Sam’s side through many of his friends and loved one’s deaths in the past five years.  It hasn’t been easy on either of you and you have learned to lean on each other for support.

One Single Yesterday - Sam x Reader (kind of) - **TRIGGERS! Angst, failed marriage, cheating, mental abuse, mention of sexual abuse

After five years of marriage, the reader cannot do it anymore.  Luckily, she has Sam to help her out and keep her safe.

Play With Me - Sam x Reader - Smut, NSFW, Masturbation, Fingering, Dom!Sam, Sir!Kink, Unprotected Sex, Fluff

Sam finds a tipsy reader in the bunker’s library and decides to “play” along to get her to do what he wants her to.

Waves and Rocks - Sam x Reader - Angst, Jilted Bride, Metaphors and Analyzing Life, Sappiness, and perhaps a little fluff

Being left at the alter left you feeling like the world was crashing down on you, much like the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks. As you start to see that it is more than being left at the alter that is bothering you, a stranger comes along and offers to help you find your happiness again.

Jared x Reader Fics

The Surprise Party - Jared x Reader - Fluff

You have been working with Jared on the set of SPN for four years and decide that this year you are going to do something special for your friend’s birthday. 

Choose Your Winchester Fics

Pain Relief - Winchester x Reader - Smut, NSFW, unprotected sex, fingering, sex with stranger, drunk sex, divorce (mentioned briefly), cheating (mentioned briefly)

After a divorce, the reader is in a bar alone.  She sees a Winchester and with no words spoken, they manage to connect.  Smut ensues.

Cas x Reader Fics

Lift Me Up - Cas x Reader, Sam, Alex (OC) - **TRIGGERS! Depression, thoughts of suicide (but no action is taken)**, Fluff

After Cas smites the angels and returns to Earth he seeks out help at a local crisis center.  The counselor on duty at the time is the Reader.  Cas and the Reader spend time discussing what has happened to him and form a bond and Cas discovers a whole new set of emotions.

The Cherry on Top - Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean - Smluff, Flirting, Teasing, Foreplay

Cas has been flirting with you for months and refuses to make a move. Will you be able to get him to tell you how he truly feels?

Multiple Pairing and Other Character Fics

Hood - Crowley x Reader/Dean x Reader

The reader is betrothed to the Prince of Hell, Crowley, but then crosses paths with someone she knew during childhood.  Now she must decide which path the rest of her life will follow and deal with the consequences that will result from her decision.

Help Wanted - Lucifer x Reader, Sam x Reader - Mentions of prostitution

The reader is down on her luck and ends up stumbling across Lucifer’s establishment, connects with Lucifer, but something isn’t quite right.   What will she do when she finds out the truth?

Bravery and Broken Bottles - Jo x Reader, Smut, NSFW, Flirting, Fingering, Fem/Fem

When being stood up leaves a bad taste in the Reader’s mouth, she decides to swear off all men. Jo sees this as one door closing and another one opening and takes the opportunity to help the reader see that there are other ways to get what she is searching for.

Non-Pairing/General Fics

Harvest - No Pairing, Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam, Bobby, Farmer AU

You inherited your Daddy’s farm and Dean, Sam and Bobby move in to help you take care of the land. 

That Magic Creek Water - No Pairing, Dean POV

Dean reminiscing about times with Sam at Scribner Creek.

Nut Up or Shut Up - No Pairing, Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam, Crowley

Sam finds a case that winds up being a coven of witches possessed by demons and the boys decide to call in Crowley to help out.  The reader and Dean both wind up cursed and the cure puts them in a rather intimate situation.

Sugar Plum Fairies - No Pairing, Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Bobby, Annabelle (Winchester niece - OC) - Fluff

The reader has to get her daughter to Christmas recital but when she forgets an important item at home, she has to rely on her brothers, Sam and Dean, for help.

MOW Fics

The Doepointe Disappearances - Dean, Sam, Reader, Spirit (Briefly Suzy, Brad, Bill, and Mom; Greg and Alex Doepointe – All OC’s) - Missing children, vengeful spirit

The reader is a long time hunter. Travels through a town and hears about a case.  While working the case, crosses path with Sam and Dean.


More Than One Way to Fight - November CYOSA - Reader, Dean, Sam (captured by the vamps), (Dead vampires- Trudy, Stephen, Leon, Frank, and Marcus!) - and the head count just keeps rising. Daniel (captured by Dean), Nayan, Leather-clad goons Claude and Clive, and 4 other random vampires.

You’re going on vacation! A break! You’ve totally lined up a whole break! Yay! It’s starting right after this hunt…or at least you hope so.

Truth or Dare: Part 5: Y/N picks Truth-March CYOSA- Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader - NSFW, Smut, Explicit Talk of Oral Sex, Groping, and a little Fem/Fem action.

A Game of Truth or Dare starts to heat up.


She What?!

Peppermint Sam

Tangled Together


Not So Bad

A frappu-what-o?

Jellybeans and G-Strings



Tumbling in Dean’s Room

Long Lost Brothers Pt. 3

Summary: the brothers find out they have a sister

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, sister!reader

Word Count: 1,155

Warnings: Swearing, torture (mental and physical)

Catch Up! 
Part 1
Part 2

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“Her phone is probably with her, right?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, so? She’s not answering.” Dean answered, panic starting to burn inside him.

“Let’s just track her number.” Sam said, getting his phone out and pulling up your contact. 

Sam’s eyes widened when the location popped up. “What, where is she?” Dean asked, eager for an answer. “The shifter has her.” Sam said, worried. They both gathered their things and headed out to find you. 


You woke up. Pain throbbing through out your head. You squinted your eyes, adjusting to the lighting, then you looked around. Trying to get up, you were stopped by ropes, holding you down in a chair. You didn’t recognize the room you were in, until it clicked in your head. The shifter had got you. You wriggled around in the chair trying to reach your phone in your back pocket.

“Looking for this?” A voice said, getting your attention. Your head sprung up to see a tall man standing in front of you. It was Sam. He threw your phone on the ground, shattering it instantly. 

“So. You really thought that we were your brothers.” The shifter chuckled. 

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Broken Trust - Part One

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 1505

Pairing: Eventual Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by mishacolins

Warnings: Spoilers of 12x14 and well early S12

A/N: So this will most likely only be very small series, but I couldn’t get these ideas out of my head ever since finishing 12x14. The episode is kind of a base for this and the happenings of this series will pick up from there. Thanks to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for betaing this for me!

Feedback Is Appreciated!


The first time you heard from the British Men of Letters was when Mary and Dean had freed Sam from them. All the things you ever heard about them were plain negative and although you haven’t met them yet, you did not like them much.

After all, they hurt your family.

For a while, neither of you had heard from them. They have left the Winchesters alone as much as possible, at least you thought so. Dean and Sam? They did not have anything to do with them and they probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them unless it’s the only way to save the world from some awful misery.

However, Mary had more to do with the British Men of Letters than any of you would have expected. One day she came back to the bunker and admitted of working together with them. To say you were all in shock was an underestimation.

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The Bronx: Part 7

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 2.9K
Warnings: Angst?, fluff, swearing

A/N: The finale! A huge thank you to everyone that showed this series love, through likes/reblogs/comments/feedback!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

~~Peter’s POV~~

“You alright, kid?” Tony’s voice sounds in Peter’s ear. Peter finally succeeds in taking out his share of the guards, knocking the final one out with a hard punch,

“Yes,” Peter replies through gritted teeth. He didn’t mean to be mean to Tony, but he was too on edge right now to worry about being polite.

The moment Peter and Tony had returned to the compound, after seeing you dragged into the quinjet and out of reach, they started planning this mission. Peter’s first real mission; one that he wouldn’t have had to fight if it weren’t for his stupidity months ago. Getting you back safely was the only way he could fix his mistake, and he was determined to do it first try.

“Through here,” Tony informs Peter when they meet up, passed out agents littering the ground. Tony leads Peter down multiple hallways and staircases, it seemed they were going deep underground. ‘How big is this facility?’ Peter wonders to himself.

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I know I’m probably…definitely reading into this, but this scene is really important to me. In case the pictures aren’t enough, it’s episode 22 of season 9 when Hannah tells Cas to choose between the Winchesters or them, asking him to kill Dean. The reason I love this scene is because there have been several scenes throughout the show where Sam and Dean are captured or hurt or something like that and every time, especially when it’s the other person in danger, they tell the person who is responsible or is given the ultimatum “don’t do this” or “you don’t have to do this”, they’ve even said it to each other and Cas previously. However, here, when Cas is offered an entire army if he can kill one person, neither of them say anything. They don’t ask him not to do it, they don’t protest, not even Sam, they just look at him. It is such a small thing but it is so important to me. Even if it isn’t outright said, which it has also been, this shows how much they trust him and I love that.

She’s Everything (Part Two)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1758

Warnings: FLUFFY. And slightly angsty.

Notes: This is my entry for @waywardmoeyy ’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge! It was also an unintentional sequel to She’s Everything! I hope you guys like it! Xox

Prompt: And suddenly, you were my everything.

Part One

Did you mean what you said?”

He looked away from you and you worried you’d put your foot in your mouth as always until you caught the blush on his cheek.

Um… well.. yeah… yeah I did…” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m sorry, Y/N… I didn’t want to make things awkward between..”

You weren’t going to allow him to finish that sentence. Pressing your lips to his, you kissed him gently.

I love you, Sam Winchester.”

I love you too, Y/N.”

Your fingers delicately traced over the planes of Sam’s abs as you watched him sleep, smiling blissfully. It wasn’t often you were awake before your gorgeous boyfriend so you were making the most of it; though waking up to a hot and sweaty post-jog Sam Winchester was a great thing. Stroking a stray strand of hair from his face, you took him in, still unable to process how lucky you were, even after two years. He looked so peaceful like this, it almost seemed a shame to ever wake him up.

Two years since the demon incident and things had changed drastically for you. You’d moved into the bunker pretty much straight away, Sam not wanting to be away from you for a second; you were completely fine with the arrangement. Strangely, so was Dean. He was just happy to see his brother happy again for the first time in a long while. The three of you and Cas, when he was there, had fallen into a comfortable routine of hunting, relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company, even if things had been a little off recently.

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