Okay but can we talk about how symbolic everything was that Josh did to Ashley during the prank.

Like I saw a post talk about the same for Sam, but Ashley’s is also very symbolic.

Like he tired her to a wall and forced Chris to choose who lives and dies, and did the same with the gun incident, and you know why?

Ashley was just a bystander in the prank against Hannah. She didn’t record it or plan it or anything, she just watched. And so that’s what he did to her in his prank, he forced her to watch while in a state of powerlessness.

Also he forced her to watch her life go to shit and not allow her to make any choices for herself or have any control of her fate, much like the helpless he had been feeling ever since he lost his sisters.

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Okay here's the thing CC is a good ship, to some people, just like the Chris/Ash ship is good to others. I like both of them. But I don't like Ash by herself simply because of a way Chris dies, if she hadn't done that I would have no issue with her.

Must have missed the part where I cared about your opinion…

Oh yeah I don’t. Leave.

EDIT: And Josh is such an angel. Sexually harassing Sam, putting Ashley and Chris in situations that could kill them if gone wrong, putting people through actual torture… You all are so transparent.

  • Jess:I'm a little cold
  • Mike:Here, take my jacket
  • Ashley:I'm a little cold too
  • Chris:Here, take my jacket
  • Emily:I'm cold as well... Matt?
  • Matt:Oh, yeah, take my-
  • Chris:Here, take my other jacket
  • Chris:Josh, b r o , here's my other other jacket
  • Chris:Sam, you cold too?
  • Sam:I'm wearing a fucking towel
  • Chris:Here, take my other other other jacket
  • Josh:I wish my sisters were here
  • Chris:I know, bro. Me too...
  • Chris:I still have two more jackets