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Jess ashley and sam 5, because you did this to me, you did this to me sammy

*INTENSE GASP* How could you!!!

kill: I, err, Ash! RIP Brotato


have on your zombie apocalypse team: I guess that leaves Sam, athletic right?

*internal screaming* XD


“May we raise our weapons, our glasses, and our children, who accept this future to rebuild. Raise to Vox Machina.”

On the 12th day of Christmas USSF gave to me….

LH 12 prevailing

11 always slaying

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10 always scoring

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9 different numbers

8′s new owner

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7′s cap and goal

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6′s diving header

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Here’s 5 more newbies

4′s 100th cap

3 stars

2 teen prodigies 

and a ship that has set sail- OMG!!!

until dawn – stereotypical teen party movie trailer edition

this is my contribution to the until dawn fandom. enjoy.