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More vampire AU? :D

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  1. “I don’t like this,” Clara said as she followed Rose downstairs. She really shouldn’t have been out of bed, but she had to follow Rose around and remind her what a horrible idea this was.
  2. Like Rose needed to be reminded.
  3. “You should let me come with you,” Clara insisted.
  4. “It’s the middle of the day,” Rose pointed out, and Clara hesitated, frowning slightly.
  5. “Well, at least let Amy or Rory come.”
  6. “No, it could be a trap,” Rose said. “Mickey’s not going to hurt me but he’ll hurt one of you.”
  7. Clara huffed, folding her arms. Rose sighed as she turned and pressed a light kiss to Clara’s lips.
  8. “I’ll be okay. I’ll be back soon. I’m just going to talk to him.”
  9. “Ask him how his nose is doing,” Amy asked with a smirk as she settled in the living room with her tea. Rose rolled her eyes.
  10. “Be back soon.”
  11. She’d agreed to meet Mickey at a park an hour away from the house. She honestly wasn’t sure why – she had nothing to say to him.
  12. But he had been her best mate for years. She owed him this.
  13. Mickey was already there when Rose arrived. She’d known him long enough to recognize the disappointment on his face – he’d been hoping she’d come with Clara, Amy, or Rory clearly.
  14. “Hey,” Rose said quietly as she approached.
  15. “Surprised your bloodsucker is letting you wander around alone. I’ve heard they’re pretty possessive.”
  16. “Well there’s a lot you don’t know about them clearly,” Rose snapped. “What do you want, Mickey?”
  17. “I want to try and help you,” Mickey insisted. “I don’t know what they’ve done to you–”
  18. “Nothing, they’ve done absolutely nothing.” Rose had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. “You’re the only one here who’s been brainwashed.”
  19. “Rose you don’t understand–”
  20. “I. Love. Her,” Rose said firmly. “I understand that. I love her, and I swear to god part of me wishes I’d just let Amy throttle you because I honestly can’t believe you would turn on me like that.”
  21. This had been such a waste of time. Rose whirled on her heel to leave. “So what’re you gonna do, then?” Mickey snapped after Rose. “Become one of them?”
  22. Rose froze, fingers twitching slightly. She hadn’t really…thought much past the next couple of days.
  23. “That’s my business, Mickey,” she said finally. “And if you don’t like it, you can bugger off.”
  24. And she walked away.

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I just got a digital tablet and I'm completely lost so I was just wondering if you could explain how you colour... it looks so lovely and rosy :)

ooh man i don’t think i’m the right person to ask but.. ill try :’^)

i’m not sure if you mean how i paint or how i colour lineart or.. whatever ill do both

this is just the way i do it, so it’s probably not the most efficient to do it but oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

aaand for the lineart.. idk the way i do it is pretty basic

i hope this helps a little!!

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"We’re the only ones in this tiny bus shelter and you’ve been crying for 10 minutes and i would give you some privacy but it’s pouring rain out so 'do you want to talk about it,' i guess?" with Clara/Rose, if you feel like it :>

TW: Parent death, pet death

Taking public transport was always a bit of an adventure. In the years she’d been taking it, Clara thought she’d seen everything. Hell she’d even see a woman go into labor (though thankfully not give birth, the ambulance had arrived before the actual miracle of life had happened).

And yet her weirdest, and arguably best, encounter, topped the almost birth.

She was sitting in a the small bus shelter, waiting for the 9:45 to take her home (or three blocks from home, anyways). Rain had just started pounding on the roof when a blonde woman ducked into the shelter, pulling the hood off her head. Oh, she was cute – definitely preferable to the weirdo who had been sitting on the other end of the bench muttering to himself for twenty minutes the night before.

The blonde sat, and Clara was debating whether or not to strike up a conversation…when the woman burst into tears.

Well. That was uncomfortable.

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Hi, do you have any recs where Derek has Stiles as his betrothed mate and has to make claims? You know those traditional omega verse? Stiles can be werewolf or human.

See this, I KNOW for a fact that I have read stories like this. I know that. Yet when I go searching I find nothing that actually match completely. 

This is one is somewhat what you asked for: His Abandoned Omega by xcaellachx  (My heart hurt)

This one is somewhat close to it, I guess: A Wolf’s Ribbon by  Dexterous_Sinistrous (by the way it’s lovely and you should totally read it either way)

So if anyone else know any fic that fits send it my way!

Sorry I couldn’t be more help. And sorry it took so long!


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So I know vampire lore generally differs a bit from story to story. So in your vampire au, how do humans get turned into vampires? What's the transformation event?

Oh wow, I didn’t expect people to start asking about the lore

*ruffles feathers proudly*

So, basically, when a vampire bites someone they release a venom that triggers a change, but most vampires can learn control so they choose when to release the venom. Which is why Clara didn’t turn Rose into a vampire when she bit her wrist back in part…idek, thirteen? After they rescued her.

However, baby!vampire Clara probably accidentally created a few vampires back when she was first turned because she had no control and was drinking straight from humans to survive.

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you're the person who got me to step back and think about unhealthy straight couple jokes and now they bother me too. but in a way it's sweet that you care about people in general enough to be bothered by the dumb jokes.

hey man it makes me really happy i got someone to see how unhealthy straight memes can be so disgusting tbh!! 

idk how someone wouldnt be bothered by it though or even find it funny. like it just makes me feel sick inside when i hear jokes like “i dont trust that bitch” or “my wife is so annoying” or “when ur gf finds out abt ur side partner” or “i check my partner’s phone because i dont trust who they’re talking to” etc etc etc

it just doesnt feel right?? ya get what im saying

what i do love hearing tho is when ppl use memes like “I LOVE MY PARTNER BOTTOM TEXT” or “when u happily listen to ur partner talk about something they love bc u love hearing them talk” and other wholesome memes like this. they just make me happy and i lov hearing ppl talk positively about their partner and how much they love them.

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What are your favourite things about Rose Tyler?

Oh dear god, where do I even start…

1. Her humanity

Rose is so….SO freaking human. Like, don’t get me wrong, all the companions are human, obviously, but Rose just personifies that. She’s not perfect, she has flaws, she makes mistakes, and every single one of her actions is so god damn human. From saving her father’s life to trying to change a Dalek’s mind. She has no A-levels and no job, but she’s got enough humanity to make her stand out and shine in a show about time-traveling aliens and fantastical futures

2. Her selflessness

NEVER tell me Rose Tyler is a “selfish bitch.” This is the girl who told the Doctor to blow up the building they were standing in to save the world (even if it meant her death), who risked her life to save the Doctor after knowing him a total of twelve hours, who held her dying father’s hand—

“Oh but she never apologized to Jackie and Mickey for disappearing for a year and ruining their lives!

Haters gonna hate (and this is one I see a lot) but I’d like to direct you to these lines:

JACKIE: One phone call. Just to know that you were alive. 
ROSE: I’m sorry. I really am.

ROSE (to Mickey): I’m sorry. 

ROSE: He’s winding you up. I am sorry. 
MICKEY: Okay. 
ROSE: I am, though. 

Three times. She apologized three times. In one episode. I’m a little confused as to how anyone uses this to call her selfish.

3. Her Compassion

Don’t even get me started on this. She tried to save Gwyneth’s life, she held Elton as he cried, she held the Doctor’s hand on the Crucible after he lost the TARDIS — hell, she helped the Doctor to realize that his life was actually worth something and he deserved to live. Like guys, he was ready to kill himself when she first met him. Remember this:

DOCTOR: So, I’m going to go up there and blow them up, and I might well die in the process, but don’t worry about me.

You can say he was just joking around if you want, but this is a Doctor who was fresh off the pain of the Time War. I don’t think he was kidding. But Rose changed that, Rose made him want to live — Rose made him enjoy living. Just being her compassionate, lovely self.

4. Her Loyalty

Basically if Rose Tyler loves you, you’re stuck with her forever. Say what you will, but Rose stands by the people she loves — hell, she got the Doctor to help her find a guy just because he upset Jackie. She helped build a dimension cannon and jumped across universes to get back to the Doctor. That’s not “clingy,” my friends, that’s loyalty. And Rose has it in spades.

***And coming in at the very, very bottom because it’s not one of the things that immediately drew me to her but it bears mentioning:

THAT FACE. Seriously. How do you not love it?

So there you have it. A comprehensive list of my favorite things about Rose Tyler. And believe it or not, I kept my fangirling under control here.

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Is anyone ever not in the mood for wartrophy Loki?

Loki snarled as he struggled, trying to resist the soldiers hold on him as they attempted to bind his limbs. He felt some pride in the fact that it took no less then four Aesir to hold him down, but the pride was short lived as he felt metal bite into his flesh. Heavy cuffs were put around his wrists, ankles, and neck with a chain that connected them. As soon as the men relinquished their hold on him and allowed him to stand, he hurled himself forward and head butted the closest one, effectively knocking him out. He lashed out with elbows and teeth as the others rushed to immediate pin him back down. The shouts of the scuffle drawing the attention of anyone nearby.

“What’s going on here?” A sharp, commanding voice cut through the scramble.

“A mage, m'lord! And a feisty one at that,” one of the soldiers replied.

Finally the men succeeded in pinning Loki to the ground again. A length of rope was produced from somewhere and was wrapped around his midsection around the chain going from his wrists to his neck, effectively preventing him from moving his hands any further than an inch away from his waist. There was a fist in his hair roughly pulling his head back and then a click of metal as another heavy chain was linked to the collar like a leash. The fist in his hair was gone, throwing his head forward into the ground. Loki snapped his head to the side and growled at the offender.

“My, my, you are rather feisty, aren’t you?” the commanding voice sounded again, amused this time. The man had come to stand in front of Loki and he squatted down to get a better look. Loki turned his head and looked up to immediately recognize him as the Aesir prince, Thor.

“How dare you-” he started but Thor quickly grabbed the chain attached to his neck and pulled it up, harshly cutting off Loki’s words. He held the chain like that silently as he studied Loki’s face, bright blue eyes meeting green. After a minute of Loki struggling to pull in air, Thor finally said, “I’m going to keep you.” And then he flashed a wide smile that wasn’t wholly kind and said softly, “I’m going to break you.”

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yeah and everything about how the doctor suddenly doesn't understand humans like ??? If this was an earlier Doctor who doesn't stick around earth that much then yeah, I could maybe accept that idea but this is the TWELFTH doctor who has had nothing but human companions for the last couple regenerations. And even with the thousand years apart from Clara or whatever, he was still WITH HUMANS. I just don't get how he's suddenly going to be oblivious to humans and how they act and all that??

Literally nothing Moffat has said about the new season makes ANY sense. He’s going to be a darker Doctor, but he should be happier because hooray, Gallifrey’s back! He’s spent years and years and years with humans, even living on Earth for chunks of time and traveling with humans, but he doesn’t understand humans.

Moffat is basically confusion wrapped in contradictions attached to a bad haircut.

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When was your first sexual/romantic kiss with Dean?

Not counting the sloppy, ‘oh god did I just do that’ kisses we never talked about along the way?

I was around 25. We’d started sharing a bed because after Mystery Spot I just.. Couldn’t sleep, not unless I could feel his heart beating. I didn’t want to lose him ever again, and the thought of him going to hell scared both of us even if Dean was always putting on a front.

Guess you could say what started out as wrapping around each other to keep grounded just..developed. Forehead presses became nudged noses became kisses became..more. 

We found a comfort in each other that we’d never let ourselves have before, but had been wanting for too long, and at the time we thought it was our last few months together and we weren’t going to let ‘em pass us by without showing each other in every way we knew how that nothing else in the world mattered more to us than one another. 

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Um 5 and 7 for the ask thing, if you are doing it

I AM thankyouforaskingily this is gonna be long

5. I’m really inspired by other artists on tumblr, my favorites being @elentori-art, @oyoshima, and my great friend @watermelongoblin. I’m also inspired by Steven Universe a lot, Rebecca Sugar is a goddess.

7. YOU BET I DO let me introduce you

This was a draw the squad that I did for my main ocs a while back. you can hear more about them and their story at @project-lost-soul. This is Lydia (she/her) K (they/them , freakishly tall, possibly dead? we dont know) Will aka cinnamon roll (he/him) and Danny (he/him, wants to fuck spend lots of time with and get to know Will)

That’s the main story but I have a bunch of other children!

Finn Thomas





And many many more! I do requests! ask me about my ocs! Also I occasionally hurt them a lot so like… yeah