sam x y/n


“You’re still wearing it.”

“Well, it seems that I’m not done with you yet.”

“That’s a good news. I missed you Y/N.”

“Me too Sammy. Now, tell me why do I finally deserve to see this nice beard.”

Hopelessly Devoted

Gabriel x Reader

Summary: You and Gabriel were soulmates. An angel and a human walking together through hell on Earth, until one day Gabriel is stolen from you by his older brother. What happens when the angel comes back but refuses to stay with you?

A/N: Sorta based on Unfinished Business (s13x20). Dean is a part of readers life but it’s not romantic it’s more brotherly (unless you’re into that love triangle stuff-but it wasn’t my intention to put Dean through more heart ache so it’s brotherly love.) ((Jack also falls into that category.))

Warnings: Swearing, panic attack, loss, ANGST, but with fluff, happy ending

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“I’m leaving,” the archangel said.

“Gabriel you can’t.” I pleaded. “I just got you back.” My voice broke.

“You’ll get over me again.” And with that he was gone from the bunker.

A strangled scream left my throat as you fell to my knees. Sam was by my side in an instant, kneeling and holding me steady.

“No, no, no, no, no, no.” A cry left my lips. “Please!” I begged to no one in particular.

“Come on Y/n, he’s gone.” Sam tried to console.

“No!” I screamed at him. “No! He can’t just…!” I rose and ran for the bunker door with reckless abandon. I didn’t have a plan but I wasn’t going to let my angel go again. Not when I knew he was alive.

It wasn’t Sams arms that stopped me this time. It was Dean.

“Y/n.” He called softly as I screamed and kicked against him, hell bent on my mission. “Look at me!” He ordered raising his voice. Dean never raised his voice with me. I took notice. My tear filled eyes met his pained green ones.

“Let him go,” He whispered. “Let him go.”

A sob left my chest, wretched and broken like the heart that was inside it. I buried my face in his shoulder and clung to him as the hysterics wracked my frame. He held me and stroked my hair softly. This was the most comfort I had gotten from the older Winchester ever. It was normally Sam who I went to with emotional problems or for comfort.

Dean picked me up like I weighed nothing and carried me down the stairs and I didn’t have it in my to care that I was being handled like a small child. Numbness was starting to wash through me. He set me on my bed and pressed a soft kiss to my forehead before taking off my shoes and tucking me into bed and turning out the light.


About a month passed. I was a shell of a person hell bent on trying to let Gabriel go. I was ruthless on hunts, leaving the monsters to the dust without a second thought. I was aggressive and started one too many bar fights and snapped at more people then I could count.


“I don’t even see why we need him.” I scoffed as I unpacked my clothes from my bag. We were in a rundown motel looking for the angel I loathed.

“We need his grace.” Sam reminded me gently.

There was a knock on the door and I immediately pulled my gun aiming it at the mahogany. Sam opened the door cautiously and before me I saw him. Gabriel. His hand was at his side, covering what looked like a gruesome wound. I snarled and took a shot, aiming it perfectly at the door frame beside the angels head, before Dean disarmed me, and held my hands behind my back with one of his.

“Let me go!” I struggled against his grip, glaring down the archangel.

“Easy sweetheart.” Dean coaxed. “Deep breath.” He chanted.

I closed my eyes as the two of us went through our routine. Dean had become the only one who could pacify my fits of pure rage and hatred. I took a deep breath and kept my eyes closed, repeating the mantra the older Winchester taught me. Dean sensed when I had relaxed enough and released my hands. I ran my fingers through my hair and opened my eyes.

“I need your help,” Gabriel pleaded.

Both Winchester’s took a step in front of me, between the archangel and I, which was probably a good thing.

“You’ve got some nerve.” Sam bit out.

“Yeah yeah. I hear you need my grace, so I’m here to offer a deal.” The archangel raises an eyebrow and entered the room. “I’m going for a walk.” I hissed, grabbing my gun and set of keys to the room.


“What the hell man?” Sam shot at the angel. “You really think she wants to be anywhere near you!?”

“She’ll get on her feet again,” the angel shrugged nonchalantly.

“Listen here you dick.” Dean growled. “She should not have to do that! You are making her life a living hell because you’re a coward! She gave you everything and you’re treating her like she’s some nobody!” Dean was yelling at the archangel. “No, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t let her loose on you.” He glared at the angel.

Gabriel’s intense stare matches Deans as he stood. “Don’t you think I know that!?” The archangel growled. “Don’t you think I watch her everywhere she goes!? I watched her break for me, then try to put herself back together. And she was finally okay with you two. I can’t just come back and damage her like that again!”


The air was brisk outside the motel. Fall was setting in and winter on a threatening front. I leaned against the outer wall of the motel and closed my eyes, a few tears escaping. I laughed humorlessly as a thought crossed my mind. How had my life become some bad musical? The song ran through my head and I muttered the lyrics.

“But now, there’s no where to hide,” I whispered to myself, humming the tune. “Since you pushed my love aside.” Sighing I pushed off the wall. “I’m out of my head…. hopelessly devoted…”

My fingers reached up and brushed against the single pearl that hung at the hollow of my neck on a leather chord. It was a necklace that Gabriel had given me long ago.

“Hopelessly devoted to you…”

I couldn’t find it in myself to be mad anymore. All of the anger seemed to fade, and I just wanted my angel back. I walked back inside and heard the ends of a fight, and someone in a lot of plaid (more plaid than the brothers combined) pushed past me. I broke into a run and threw the door to the room open.

I sagged in relief when I was Gabriel in his feet, standing over a dead body that had been stabbed with a wooden sword. His honey eyes darted to mine. I bit back tears as I walked towards him. He tensed as if I were going to punch him, and in that moment I wasn’t quite decided.

I decided on my latter thought and wrapped my arms tightly around the angel’s neck. I felt him freeze but slowly relax and wrap his arms around my waist, pulling me to him. I inhaled deeply and let my tears go. I didn’t care that Sam and Dean were there watching or that Gabriel might decide to leave me again. I had him with me, right here, right now. It didn’t take long before the the dam burst and I was sobbing in his arms. I was sobbing for the years lost without him. For the guilt that crippled me because I should have been looking for him. The agony that he didn’t come back. The fear that he didn’t want to stay again.

Gabriel whispered soft consoles into my ear as he rubbed my back.

“It’s alright sweetheart. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Not again.” His words sounded so sweet I wanted them to be true.

“I’m so sorry.” I rasped out.

“No, don’t apologize sugar. It wasn’t you at all. This ones on me. Well all of it’s on me.” Gabriel chuckled slightly and pulled back from our embrace and cupped my face. “Forgive me?”

I nodded and pulled him back into an embrace, to which he groaned in pain. I gasped and released him, remembering his wound. My hand flew down to the tear in his shirt. I glanced around the room, first noticing the two brothers were gone, as well as the body, and secondly locating my bag that was still on the bed.

“Take the shirt off and sit.” I ordered him.

“I get all tingly when you take control like that.” Gabriel teased. He winced as the slowly shrugged the shirt off.

I took the first aid kit from my bag out and pushed back on his shoulder, making the angel lay on the bed. I began cleaning it, first with baby wipes then an alcohol pad.

“This is gonna sting.” I warned as I used the pad.

I felt him wince as his breathing became more labored. I smiled softly and rubbed his arm.

“You’re okay angel cake.” I consoled.

He nodded and closed his eyes as I continued to work. Part of me knew that he needed stitches, but the more dominant part of me knew that it wouldn’t fare well with the angel. Not after Asmodeus.

“Still have a little self healing in you?” I asked, really not sure whether to stitch him up or not.

“Enough. Why?” His amber eyes were curious.

“I… you need stitches if you can’t.” My voice was small as I gauged his reaction.

His eyes went cold and distant and he inhaled sharply, but it wasn’t because of the pain. He didn’t have to say a word, because that gave me my answer.

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “You can manage without, just go easy on the fighting?” I compromised.

His crooked smile returned. “Thank you.”

I smiled and finished patching him up then gave him one of Deans shirts. The Winchester would protest but he wouldn’t put up a fight against me.


“Haven’t you ever seen a kill list?” Gabriel scoffed.

“Kill list?” Sam questioned.

“You want revenge.” Dean concluded, still on edge about Gabriel and the fact that things were better between he and I.

“You know where that leads.” Sam said. “It never ends well. For anyone. “

“You don’t know what it’s like!” Gabriel raised his voice and stood. I shadowed him, placing a hand on his shoulder keeping him grounded. “You don’t know what it’s like.” He whispered. “The years I spent tortured…”

“I don’t like it.” Dean huffed.

“Well I’m sorry princess.” Gabriel rolled his eyes. “But if you want my grace…”

“I’ll do it.” I whispered. All three pairs of eyes snapped to mine. “I’ll help.” My voice was small.

“Y/n!” Dean protested.

“I know.” I looked at the older Winchester. “I know revenge never ends well but we need that grace. I need to save Jack.”

Dean read my expression. He of all people knew what it was like for me, losing Jack. When Jack has first come into our lives it was odd and tense but being with Jack made everything hurt a little less. He had become my best friend in the short amount of time we had together and losing him was like a shot in the heart.

“Okay,” Dean agreed with a nod. “We’re in.”


“Gabriel,” Loki stalked up to the groaning archangel. “with his dead beat dad and his mean older brothers,” Loki used both hands clasped to beat Gabriel down. “Who will help me?” He mocked kicking the angels side. “Who will save me?” Loki picked Gabriel up by the throat and pinned him to the wall.

“I will, you son of a bitch.” I snarled, dragging the trickster god back by his collar, pulling his attention of of Gabriel. I let go of the god and backed away twirling my blade in my hand. Was it wooden? No. Would it do damage to a god? You bet.

“You… I know you. You’re the one he’d never shut up about.” Loki almost smiled. “He left you… and still you fight for his defense? How… pathetic.”

Before I could react Loki had me against the wall by my neck, my toes barely brushing the ground. My knife fell harmlessly to the floor. I yelped and struggled clawing at his hand, trying to get air to my lungs, remembering to exhale so the carbon dioxide doesn’t burn.

It didn’t take long for the Winchester’s to show and for Dean to hand Gabriel the wooden blade. Before I knew it I could breathe normally, taking in deep breaths. Loki fell to the floor, dead and reacting I caught Gabriel in my arms before he could fall as well. The angel groaned in my arms and tried to get to his feet, but failed.

“Hey, hey.” I called to him softly, panting slightly. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” I consoled. “Take it easy, I’ve got you.”

We were both a wreck. My lungs and throat burned and I felt dizzy as oxygen was trying to make its was back to my brain and Gabriel, well, he looked like hell and I could speak from experience.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but when my eyes opened and I was in the back seat of the impala, my first thought was “where’s Gabriel?” I panicked and looked around anxiously, but didn’t have much luck for something, no someone was holding me.

“Hey, it’s okay sweets. I’m right here.”

I didn’t even have to look up to know who it was consoling me, but I did anyways because I missed those honey brown eyes. Gabriel’s look was pensive, and guarded. I frowned a little which brought a smile back to his face.

You look awful.” He teased.

“Didn’t know I was a mirror.” I shot back.

My angel laughed, then winced and my hands went to his side where I knew his deepest wound was. His breathing hitched and I lightly feathered my fingers over his skin.

“I thought I told you no fighting.” I whispered.

“Sorry sugar.” He gave a crooked smile that made my heart hurt.

“I forgive you.”

His eyes searched both my eyes and my soul and saw the honesty behind the statement. I did forgive him. For letting me believe he was dead all those years. For leaving me after I had helped after Ketch saved him from hell. For every tear, sleepless night, scream, nightmare, panic attack, and heartache, I forgave him.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I still love you?” The angel asked tense.

I smiled. “I would.” My voice was barely a whisper.

Again a smile stretched across his face as I leaned carefully back into his shoulder.

My eyes met Dean’s in the rear view mirror. He was smiling, joy reaching his eyes making them crinkle on the outer corners. He was relieved that I was happy, and happy for me. As much as he loved keeping me grounded, he was so much happier to see me where I truly belonged.

Me an intellectual: love at first sight doesn’t exist, that’s not a thing

Me when I saw Dean Winchester:

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Person A: What are you doing?

Person B: *squiggling in person A’s arms* Hiding

Person A: … you mean hugging?

Person B *pauses* : Did I fucking stutter.

Person B : This is my safe place.

Person B : Now shut up and put your arms around me.

I Hope She Was Worth It

I Hope She Was Worth It

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Sam x Reader. 

Summary  -  Your relationship with Sam was amazing until the day he broke your heart.

Warnings - Angst, cheating, swearing, pregnancy.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

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Part 6 

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“You’re just cute when you are on your nerdy mode, that’s all.”

“Well, thank you birthday boy. Now let’s make a cake!”

The Secret’s Out

Summary: You and Sam have been secretly dating for months now and Dean still hasn’t caught on. Until some fun between the two of you leads to you getting caught after all. Oops.

Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 3,000

Warnings: Smut, language, fingering, handjob, oral (male receiving), bit of Dom!Sam. NSFW! 18+ only, please!

A/N: This is for @shadow-hokage who requested the following:


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“Get some rest, kiddo. We’ll be back at the bunker soon.” Dean assured you as you were trying to get comfortable in the backseat of Baby. Thankfully, nobody had gotten hurt on this particular hunt but you were all drop-dead tired and ready to be back home. Dean only got a mumbled response from you and he chuckled, shaking his head, as he started up the Impala and headed out of town, his music playing at a decent sound level.

You sighed, unable to get settled as you leaned against the door, wrapping your arms around yourself and curling up on the seat, getting Sam’s attention. He looked into the back and frowned from his seat upfront with Dean and he sighed. Dean glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, raising a brow.

“Pull over a minute, Dean.” Dean peered in the rear-view mirror and saw how restless you were and he nodded, doing as Sam asked. It wasn’t unusual for you to need to lean on one of them when you couldn’t sleep as they knew you were still plagued by nightmares now and then, needing some sort of contact to help ground you.

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Sam and Dean:

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me: alright, seems convincing 

Imagine: teasing Sam while he’s hacking.

Sam X Reader

Content: Smut: Dry Humping

Sam’s fingers flew over the suspect’s keyboard. Flashes of color flickered over his face as he cycled between screens quickly with a shortcut maneuver. You watched as he licked his lips, intently focused on hacking into a zipped folder. His eyes narrowed catching some detail of significance. When he swallowed, your eyes followed the shift of his throat greedily. You pulled your eyes away attempting to continue through a pile of paper on the suspect’s end table. A slip of paper dropped from the stack in your hands, catching the air to flutter to the floor behind you. You turned to pick it up, eyes drifting over an accent mirror near the far wall. You paused. Sam’s eyes had lifted from the monitor to your form. You ducked your head hiding a smirk. Keeping a secret eye on the mirror, you stood, lifting your ass first in fluid motion you often used when dancing. He licked his lips, shifting lower in his seat. Shuffling the papers in hand, you turned just in time to see his head snap back to the computer.

“Got it.” He cleared his throat after a minute.

You dropped the papers on the end table, sauntering to the desk with renewed confidence.

“It looks like there’s a thread of emails here and-” His explanation was cut short as he glanced up at you.

You slid onto his lap, resting your elbows on the thin strip of cleared table before the keyboard keeping your back arched forward. You could hear him gulp audibly and feel him shift awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

“What emails?” You asked innocently, seeing full well the emails in a smaller window behind the main one.

Sam released a shaky breath. He moved forward, chest pressing against your back as he reached for the mouse. You leaned against him, tilting your head to the side to give him view of the monitor. His breath touched your neck bringing a tingle to travel across your skin. You didn’t suppress the light shudder it caused.

“It’s, uh, here.” He replied breathlessly.

You responded with a deep hum. A smirk curled your lips as he shifted beneath your thighs. You scrolled through the emails, which would have been painfully dull if not for the pleasant distraction hardening every time you slid forward or back to “readjust” your reading position. Finally, you finished. Making a show of stretching your arms upward, you unleashed a satisfied moan and turned to face Sam. For his effort, he attempted to look unaffected. A muscle twitched in his jaw and his nails dug into the leather armrests.

“So, it doesn’t seem like the emails contained much, did they?” You asked in hushed tones.

He glanced between you and the monitor quickly, obviously having no idea what was in the emails. You twisted in his lap, grinding against an evident bulge between your legs.

“Sam?” You lowered your eyelashes, “You okay?”

“Yeah.” His eyes darkened briefly lowering to your lips before he found composure. “Yeah, fine.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’re having a… hard time focusing.”

His hand paused halfway to the mouse.

“I know these emails can be… lengthy,” You continued finding it increasingly difficult to hide a smirk, “and having to sort through them is… really shafty…”

Sam sat back, embarrassment coloring his features.

“I know it would really… grind… my gears if I had to hack into every dude’s computer while Dean gets to take a break at the bar.”

“Are you done?” Sam interrupted.

“No, no… wait! I think I can come up with something for penetration and erection-”

Hot lips met the juncture of your shoulder and neck with leisurely-paced open-mouthed kissed, effectively transforming your teasing words into a sharp inhale. His fingers wrapped around your hips, gripping your pelvis firmly before pulling it back. A flash of sudden pleasure surged through your core. His nose dragged against your shoulder inching closer to your neck, heat building between your flushed bodies. A shiver ripped up your spine as he found a sensitive spot. He paused, pressing a kiss there. Your head lolled back against his shoulder. His hands slipped up your body, sliding under your shirt. His rough fingers pressed and caressed in disorganized trails, drawing each nerve to maximum stimulation. You gasped, unable to stop an onslaught of shivers from his touch. He sucked at the spot on your neck, locking his arm around your waist as you squirmed with assailing pleasure. His tongue flicked against the spot, his teeth following immediately. A cry broke from your lips. You slapped a hand over your mouth, surprised by the outburst. Sam chuckled darkly against your skin, the deep rumble sending an aching between your thighs.

“Oh, fuck…” You breathed, heat enveloping your body with a savage ferocity.

His hands grabbed your chest, barely restraining his strength as he kneaded. He closed his fingers over hardening nubs sending your hips to jerk forward in response. You bit your tongue holding back a moan, as your clit rubbed along his impossibly hard shaft. He moved quickly, grabbing your hips with a near bruising force. Every nerve in your body seeped with the heat building between you, overreacting with every little stimulus. Pleasure pulsed through your body with every breath hitting the tiny hairs along the nape of your neck, each finger digging against your hips, and every inch where your center rubbed against his.

He thrust up pulling your hips back. Sparks of unadulterated ecstasy exploded from the friction. Before the sensation could cool, he pushed you forward. White flashed before your vision. A helpless moan left your lips, an animalistic need for contact infecting every cell in your brain. You jerked against him, heat blazing, pleasure mounting endlessly. He grunted desperately against your ear, whimpers rising from your throat as you grinded together fueling an erotic fire threatening to consume your entity. There was nothing but sharp concentrated pleasure coursing through your core like live electricity. A strangled cry broke the room as he thrust against your sliding bodies finding an edge so high, you couldn’t believe a pleasure could be so intense, but it kept building, growing until you found a new edge before the other could finish. Your body shuddered, head falling to his shoulder, completely at his mercy.

He embraced your body, crushing you against him as he stiffened, broken groans tumbling from his chest as he shuddered against your back.You squeezed your legs together, his hold slackening as you felt a warm stickness in the apex of your jeans. You slid to his knees, turning to see Sam’s face. Surprise, mirroring your own expression, bloomed from a devastatingly sexy look of contentment. You jerked off his lap, stumbling to your feet.

“S-sorry!” You yelped, yanking your head away from the dark patch on his jeans.

“N-no, I’m…” The chair crashed into the wall as he pushed to his feet. He skirted around the opposite side of the desk muttering something you couldn’t catch over the blood pounding in your ears.

He retreated from the room. Your hands trembled, pleasure still lingering along your skin from his contact, as you hugged yourself close. It seemed the heat would never cool and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bedtime Secrets

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Characters -Sam X Reader, Dean, Cas, Jack.
Word Count - 850.
A/N -  Based during 13X06 so mild spoiler alert no real mention of what happens in the episode just where they are.

Honestly, all you wanted to do was sleep, you wanted to get to bed and sleep for a few days yet Cas was back and you had another hunt to go on. You were in the bunker for probably 10 minutes before you were back in the Impala, you were sat in the back between Sam and Jack, your head resting on Sam’s shoulder as you began to fall asleep.

“You comfortable?” Sam whispered looking down at you his hair tickled your forehead as he watched you.

“Not really but I’ll be fine.” You mumbled as you opened your eyes.

“Come here.” Sam pulled you into his lap and rested your head in the crook of his neck, you instantly settled into his arms as he wrapped them around you.

“Thanks, Sammy.” You felt yourself falling asleep faster now with the warmth of Sam’s chest and the motion of the Impala.

“What have I missed?” Cas’ voice pulled you from the edge of sleep as Dean laughed.

“Not much Cas.” Sam’s voice was low avoiding waking you.

“Sam are you and Y/N together?” Cas questioned as you heard him turn in his seat.

“No we’re not.”

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“Yeah sweetheart, daddy’s home.”

Requested by Anonymus

Sore in the Morning

Summary: You know you’re going to be sore in the morning after a close call on a hunt, but out of that same close call comes a truth from Sam you didn’t see coming.

Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 2,300

Warnings: Language, fluff-ish, smut, unprotected sex (be safe!), bacon is mentioned multiple times (technically not a warning, but still XD). NSFW! 18+ only, please!

A/N: This was a collab/co-written with @justcallmeasmodeus (AKA @67midnightwriter). She handled the first part of the fic and I was “drafted/enlisted” to smut up the last third lol. Go show her fics some love after you read this, she’s awesome-sauce!


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Your feet pounded on the pavement, mimicking your heart pounding in your chest. Your lungs burned in protest as you pulled fresh air in through your nose and blew it out through your lips. Now was the worst time to remember the mantra Sam muttered to you every time you went on a run together, which had been a grand total of two times in an attempt to spend some alone time together, but fuck if it wasn’t coming in handy.

Your lungs were screaming as you rounded the corner, leaning into the turn so you wouldn’t fall. It was only a few more feet. You prayed to whatever was out there that you wouldn’t lose your footing as you switched from pavement to grass and grass to forest floor debris. You could hear heavy footfalls behind you, and the mental image of your mangled corpse pushed you into a second wind as you let your body take over and guide you around trees and over limbs.

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My brain: you have to stay up and finish your homework, otherwise you know you’ll regret it tomorrow!

The devil disguised as an angel on my shoulder: 

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When She Came Back - Part 3

 Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader

Summary: At the end of season 11, it’s not Mary who’s brought back, but the Winchester’s six year old sister.

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: angst, violence, torture

A/N: Here’s the next part. It took me some time, but it’s also kinda long, so I hope that makes up for it. As always, thanks to the amazing @nickiwinchester97 for being a great beta and also to all the people who support me with this. All your likes, reblogs, comments and asks make me happy. Thank you so much.

A/N 2: This is kinda dedicated to my brother, who saved me from getting beat up by a drunk Dutch biker with the words “Don’t fucking touch my sister” and it was the cutest thing ever (despite him being super loud and aggressive, so I just had to include that sentence in the story). Bonus: “I didn’t want to protect her, I just wanted to fight that dick.”

Part 1

Part 2


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The darkness was everywhere. It was thick, holding you down like a heavy blanket, causing you to panic. You tried to breathe. Why did it work just a few seconds ago but now it wouldn’t? Your eyes opened as you finally managed to suck in some air.

You quickly realized that the darkness was not holding you down, but some chains around your wrists. It didn’t make the situation much better. At least it wasn’t actually dark once your eyes adjusted to the dim light, but you still felt dizzy and couldn’t quite make out your surroundings.  The only thing you noticed were voices.

“No names means pain. It’s that simple. We fight the same things, you might as well cooperate.“

A huff.

“If we fight the same things, why am I sitting here, not some monster?“

„Bloody Americans. You think you’re so clever when all you do is behave like an uncivilized crowd of hooligans; as soon as you have a gun in your hand you think you can take on the world. But what do you do? Apocalypse? Darkness? Don’t get me started on all the things that are still running around in this country. Ever thought that maybe you’re not better than those monsters?“

There was a moment of silence.

“Screw. You.“

The scream that followed woke you up completely. It was a scream of pain, reminding you of the night of the fire. You could still hear your mom scream, just like your own screams still rang in your ears. It took you a moment, but eventually you realized that you were screaming right then and there.

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“I just want a hug…”

“You… Okay. Okay come here. But please just… Stop crying, I promise you that I recorded the episode. You didn’t miss it.”

Coming Out

Characters: Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader, Father!Sam x Daughter!Reader (Reader is a teenager, age not stated but arounbd 16 or 17)

Words: 1180

Summary: The reader talks to her uncle about figuring out her sexuality. Once she figures it out, she tells her dad that she’s bi-sexual. 

Warnings: talk about sexuality, crying, bi-sexuality 

Hey guys. This is a special story to me, very special. I wanted to write and post it this month because it’s Pride month, and it seems more than appropriate. I’ll talk more about it all at the end of the one shot, so enjoy. 

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When you realize it’s almost time for finals, but you don’t remember anything that you learned

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“Good jod Sammy, you finally got the girl.”

How I feel every time something bad happens on supernatural, when we were soooooo damn close to something good:

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