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These Burdens I Carry- Part 4

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Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: trials!Sam, angst, swearing, canon divergence (I didn’t really follow the plot of the actual season!) gore!!!!!
Summary: While everyone else notices how much the trials are killing Sam, the reader can’t sit on her hands anymore and decides to do something about it.
A/N: So this is my little love letter to my followers before I leave for camp for two weeks!! Oh my god two weeks without talking to you guys what am I gonna do:( I love you all so much<3 
Ps: Yes I’m aware I’m evil leaving this on such an angsty cliffhanger, if you guys want to write your own endings feel free! Make sure to tag me in them I’d love to read them all when I get back!!!!<333 
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Your phone didn’t stop buzzing for the entire hour you sat in your car and waited for the Hellhound to appear. If you knew Sam, and you did, when you opened your phone you would be showered with texts and voicemails that would take years to filter through. 

At first he’d be worried, so worried, and it’d show through the tone of his voice and the mannerisms of his messages. But then, you guessed about a half hour in, he’d get restless. 

Pleading would turn to begging and before you knew it Dean’s voice would probably be in those voicemails as well. He wouldn’t break down like his brother had though, instead he’d get angry. 

You knew that the minute you opened your phone, the minute you listened to those voicemails and read those texts, you’d want to turn back. You’d be faced with Dean’s wrath and Sam’s pity- two things that would definitely make you cave. 

So instead of checking your phone, you tuned out the buzzing and threw it in the back seat. But you could still hear the vibrations that translated to Sam’s heartbreak in your head, and after a while you opted for the less gentler approach. 

You blasted music. 

Setting a timer for the remaining 21 minutes, you shut the doors of your Jeep and turned the volume up until even the sound of your own heartbeat was drowned out. 

The wild, off-kilter beat of Metallica, Bad Company, and so many more- all of which painstakingly reminded you of the Winchesters- muted almost everything else in the car. But you didn’t dance or sing along like you usually would, no, instead you just sat there twirling your knife between your fingers. 

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What’s a girl to do.

Alright so here is the 4th installment of my short-shots. I hope you guys are enjoying these they are really helping me get back into the swing of things. Just a reminder that if you want to become a part of these just write them and tag me in them, I’ll be making a list of the top ten best on Thursday! So without further ado here we go! P.S. NSFW.

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“What do you mean you’re not coming home until Wednesday!” You yelling into the receiver. Sam and Dean had left a week prior while you were hunting a Ghoul up in Maine. When you came home all you were greeted with was a note that read ‘Be home in a week.’ 

“We’re sorry Y/N… It’s harder to find this nest then we thought it would be.” Dean’s voice sounded apologetic, but that didn’t mean that you were any less mad at him for leaving you in the first place.

“Why don’t you guys just tell me where you are so I can come help.” You were already grabbing your keys and heading out the door at this point. Anything was better than staying here alone for another week. 

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