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Their smiles are pretty magical too…just saying!

I cannot explain the screeching sound I led out when I saw this picture


Imagine: Dirty talk with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, Dirty Talk

Hand to the short curly haired man upstairs, this hadn’t been planned. It started with a bit of fun, a small prank. Although now, at this new point in time, you couldn’t remember what possessed you to think of this, you had changed your name in Sam’s phone. It was suppose to be a minor inconvenience. One you could laugh off later. Instead of “Y/n” your name read “Destiny”. The joke was a lot funnier at two in the morning as you were rushing to think of something while Sam was in the bathroom. You returned to you separate motel room next door before he was done.

That’s where the real fun started.

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You can’t help but smirk to yourself as you lean back against the counter. Sam and Dean stand facing each other, completely stone-faced as they hold one fist above a flat palm. “Are you guys seriously going to do this?" 

”‘Course we are.“ Dean readjusts his stance, still not looking away from his brother. "This is how we solve almost everything." 

"Not the best way, but fine,” you respond under your breath. Dean glares at you. 

“Alright,” Sam interjects. “Let’s go.” He raises his fist a couple of inches above his hand, and you watch as the two grown men bring their fists down three times before choosing a hand position. Sam chooses rock, and Dean chooses scissors. 

“Bitch!” Dean yells, spinning around on his heels angrily. 

Sam smirks and looks over at you. “Always with the scissors.”

Imagine Jack Having a Crush on You

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Author’s Note: Jack is cute and I love him and I will burn down CW if they turn him evil – Haley xx

“Sam, I think something might be wrong with me,” Jack said, walking up to your older brother. You were sat on the other side of the library, not paying attention to Sam or Jack.

“Well, Jack, what’s going on with you?” Sam asked, closing his laptop to give Jack his full attention. You glanced up from the lore book in your lap to see that Jack was staring right at you.

“Can we talk somewhere else?” Jack asked Sam.

Sam looked between you and Jack but nodded his head away. “Be back in a second, Y/N.”

“Okay!” You called.

Sam and Jack had been gone for about fifteen minutes when you decided to get up and stretch. The kitchen was just down the hall and an iced cold beer sounded good right about now. You placed the door on the table and got up. You bounced to the hallway and down to the kitchen when you heard Sam and Jack’s voice in that very room.

You stopped at the doorway and listened in. Whatever Jack wanted to talk about, he did not want you to know. “Jack, you’re completely fine,” Sam said.

“How do you know? I feel like I have knots in my stomach when I look at her.”

“Dude, it’s called a crush,” Sam chuckled.

“A c-crush?” Jack asked.

“Yeah. People get crushes all the time. You’re not dying; you just like someone.”

Jack let out a breath, “That’s amazing, but what should I do?”

“Well, you could go tell her?” Sam suggested.

“Oh, no, Sam, I couldn’t do that. What if she doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Trust me, I think she just might.”

Who the hell were they talking about? You thought. All you wanted was a beer, not to hear about Jack’s first crush. You were getting ready to walk into the kitchen and grab that beer you have been fantasizing about when Jack ran right into. “Oh, Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jack said with his brows furrowing.

“Just grabbing a beer, Jackie boy,” you said. “You feeling better?”

Jack looked back into the kitchen and so did you; you saw Sam give him a thumbs up. “Y/N, I want to tell you something,” Jack whispered.

“Alright, then tell me.”

“Sam says I have a crush,” Jack told you. You nodded your head. “And that crush is you.”


Makes sense why Jack did not want to talk about it in front of you.

You smiled and pressed a kiss to Jack’s cheek. “Maybe we could go out sometime. When everything has died down, yeah?”

You saw Jack’s poor face turn red. “Y-Yeah,” he stammered out.

Do you have something to tell me? (NSFW)

Summary: Sex with Sam wasn’t bad. It was amazing, glorious. He was a giver, confident and loving and, although you weren’t complaining, you missed some stuff. More specifically, you missed being dominated. When he figures out you are a sub, though, you have a very pleasant surprise.

Pairing: Dom!Sam Winchester x Female Sub!Reader
WC: 1.5k words
Warnings: Smut, BDSM tones (sadomasochism undertones), smut, dirty talk, praise kink.

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The first thing you saw when you stepped into your room was Sam sat on your bed with his arms crossed.

You were together for some months now – you’ve even moved to the bunker - and, although you’ve been engaged in some delicious sex, there was something missing.

Sex with Sam wasn’t bad. It was amazing, glorious. He was a giver, confident and loving and, although you were complaining, you missed some stuff. More specifically, you missed being dominated.

You were a sub, trained for years, and felt a deep need for structure and, sometimes, pain.

That’s how you ended up buying a paddle online a couple of days ago.

“So,” your boyfriend crossed a leg over his knees. “Do you have something to tell me?”

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Broke My Dream

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word count: 4442 - sorry not sorry blame @a-sea-of-fandoms

Warnings: fluffy fluff, smutty smut, a bit of angst if you squint

A/N: Anon Requested: “Can you write one about Sam x reader. Reader is shy quiet bookworm who is in love with Sam. She knows he would never feel the same way. So she fantasizes about him seducing her. Then it really happens. Thank you” Hope this is OK!

You couldn’t focus on the book in front of you. The bunker was quiet enough, the light warm enough, your legs comfortably resting over the arm of the armchair you were laid in, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was an uncharacteristically quiet day, and it was supposed to be the day you finished this book you’d been trying to finish for weeks. But every time the main character was mentioned, your mind wandered and you thought back to the tall, long haired, broad shouldered man you knew in real life. You weren’t even halfway through this thing, but you wouldn’t give up on it. You’d never given up halfway through a book and you didn’t plan on starting now.

Clearing your throat, you tried to refocus.

You felt your eyes growing heavy and before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the other arm of the chair, the book still open and perched against your thighs. You felt yourself smile as you saw Sam move towards you, his hand coming up to hold your face before he crashed his lips to yours. You were suddenly against a wall, his hands on your waist holding you in place as he deepened the kiss. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as he let his hands wander down, his lips moving to suck a mark under your ear.

A moan rumbled past your lips as you felt his fingers slip under the top of your jeans and you suddenly started awake.

You jumped up, sitting up in the chair, realising you’d fallen asleep and were having one of your not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger Winchester. It had been a long couple of weeks and sleep had been severely lacking for all of you as you worked the case.

“Dude you were out,” you heard Dean’s voice and laughed. “And making some serious happy noises,” he winked, and you instantly cringed, your cheeks flushing pink.

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I Hope She Was Worth It

I Hope She Was Worth It

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Sam x Reader. 

Summary  -  Your relationship with Sam was amazing until the day he broke your heart.

Warnings - Angst, cheating, swearing, pregnancy.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

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Part 6 

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Baby’s Big 50 Masterlist

Wow. Just wow!

It all started with this post, inviting folks to use a song prompt to write a Baby-centric fic in honor of her 50th birthday.

Thank you so much to each and every writer that participated. I am blown away by the interest in this writing challenge and by all the creative work that everyone contributed.

I hope you are able to set aside some time to go through and read these amazing pieces of work.

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No Pairing:






Multiple Pairs/Ships:

  • All You Need is Love @impalasutra John x Mary, Dean x Lisa, Sam x OFC, then Choose your Winchester x Reader, smut through and through, with some humor and sweetness 

Watch for fics to be added from:

@sunriserose1023 @little-red-83 @wideawakeandwriting @kayteonline @helvonasche @hanginwithmanerds 

Pretty Baby (NSFW)

Summary: You catch Sam on his way out of a shower and just can’t hold back
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader
WC: 420 words
Warnings: Smut, grinding, dirty talk, name-calling, teasing.

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You bit your lip while looking up at Sam.

Y/N,” he groaned with what he saw in your eyes.

Your cheeks were reddened and your pupils were blown as you stared at him with desire.

It all happened because you caught him in his tight boxer briefs after leaving the bathroom, and his amazing body had gotten you all bothered and hot.

“Sam,” you whispered back before leaning closer and licking a long line up his strong thigh.

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Hiding in the Impala

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean, Reader’s Ex

Warnings: the reader’s ex is a controlling/abusive ass, fight scenes, angst, swearing

Word count: 2511

Summary: The Reader is running from her crazy ex and happens to jump into a certain Impala to hide.

A/N: adapted from my other account:) 

“Shit!”, you cursed loudly. He’d found you, no matter how far you ran, he always found you. Your ex, Zach, the man who you’d been hiding from for months now. The one who you’d feared for years, who had yelled and hurt you. You’d spent too long running from him, too long looking over your shoulder, nearly paralyzed with fear that he’d be there. 

It was a dreary Tuesday night, around 8 PM. Rain dripped down from grey skies, darkened with storm clouds and wet stars. You’d just finished grocery shopping and were walking, bags in hand, back to your motel. It had been two weeks since you last saw him, your ex, and you believed you were in the clear. That you’d finally gotten away. But that false sense of security that had settled over you was ruined when, once again, you turned back and saw him. Wearing a sleazy grey hoodie, peppered with rips and burn holes, his presence chilled your bones. You started walking faster, the motel was close enough that you could make it. But when you heard him yell your name, panic took over. Adrenaline kicked in, and you dropped your groceries. Hearing them clatter to the ground, you took off in a sprint.

When you rounded the corner you saw an empty parking lot, save for a handful of cars. The closest one to you, what you thought was some sort of Chevrolet, already had one of the windows cracked open. It would be easy to shimmy your arms through the slit and open the door, it would only take a few seconds. 

So, with that thought, you’d made your decision. You were panting at this point, feet slapping down on the wet pavement in a steady rhythm. When you approached the car, you found the doors were already open. So, without hesitation, you flung them open and practically leapt inside.

Once inside, you sat on the floor of the back seat. Pressing yourself to the ground, you tried to become as small as possible. Your breathing slowed from quick pants to longer sighs while you took a moment to find your bearings. The rain was coming down in buckets now, and you prayed he was far enough behind you that he didn’t see where you’d gone. Maybe he’d stop looking for you,  but you knew that wouldn’t happen.

When the two of you were dating, you’d been his. “You’re mine” and “You’re my girl” were frequent phrases he’d use to praise you, to show affection. When you’d tried to leave the first time, you were met with a black eye- which you told your family was from falling down the stairs. The two of you never worked, not even in the beginning. Your personalities and life styles clashed from the get go, but for some reason you stayed- even when you knew you shouldn’t have.

“(Y/N)!!!!”, he bellowed your name through the parking lot and tore you from your thoughts. You shuddered at the sound of his voice, and pressed yourself tighter into the corner. The windows of the car were sprayed with water droplets from the rain outside, you hoped he couldn’t see through the cloudy glass.

Suddenly the front door opened- shit. At first the man entering the Impala didn’t notice you were there. But your cover was blown when he went to retrieve something from the back seat. With a small gasp, you made eye contact with the most beautiful man you’d ever seen. His skin was tanned and practically glowing, even in the dim light. You didn’t even know how to describe the color of his eyes. They were what looked like a dark green. Their color, it was something authors could write books on. Series on even. And never fully capture the beauty, the mystery and mischief dancing beneath the surface, intermingling and fusing with a dark, forest green. With a brief pause you decided his eyes were the color of kelp on the shore, flecked with splinters of driftwood and grains of sand. But when he dropped his gaze to look down at you, the color shifted. It changed from the shorelines of beaches and sea foam, to the oceans themselves. Dark blue and grey and stormy. His eyes shifted into the clouds before a lightning storm, or the smoke before a fire. You were at even more of a loss than before, these beautiful, ethereal, eyes were staring directly into your own. Your gaze trailed to his jaw, firm and powerful, it complemented his pink lips- which were currently pursed in confusion. How god damn attractive he was just made the situation so much worse.

Your cheeks flushed red and you started stuttering, “Um, I can explain, I just, um…” your voice trailed off and you took a deep breath, “I’m hiding from my ex okay? Can you just give me like five more minutes, I’m really really sorry, it’s just, uh, he can’t find me”

You were so flustered at this point, eyes darting around the car and hands breaking into a nervous sweat. But he just nodded with understanding and said, “Is your ex the blonde one yelling your name in the parking lot?”

His voice was deep and sounded as if it was coated in honey. Thick and low, the words bounced off his lips. You nodded your head in response to his question, shaking it furiously up and down.

“Okay, one sec”, he responded in that silvery voice of his.

Your heart skipped a beat as he called out to your ex, still screaming your name, “Hey!”

No, no, no, no you silently panicked, what was this man doing? You were overwhelmed, and had absolutely nowhere to run. You tried pressing yourself even further into the side of the car, to no avail. You were trapped, at the mercy of this stranger you’d only just met.

“Who are you looking for?”, the man asked your ex, Zach, as he ran up to the car.

And Zach launched into a story about how you were mentally ill and needed to be taken home, voice hoarse from the screaming. And you just had to sit there, listening to the rain’s pitter patter interrupting his ridiculous story, and hoping this beautiful stranger wouldn’t believe him. Shivering and shaking, half from the cold and half from fear, you sat there in anticipation. What if the man believed him? What if he opened the car doors and revealed where you were hiding? You shuddered at the thought.

But minutes passed and the man just stood there, nodding his head at various points throughout the story. The mental illness one was common, there was also one where you were an escaped convict or he was a tax collector and you were running away from debt. He never failed to bring a picture of you, everywhere he went it was always brought along. You knew he spent hours stopping people and asking them if they’d seen you around, it was what made you so paranoid. What caused you to constantly look over your shoulder and give aliases whenever asked your name. It was no secret that this man had turned your life into a strung out nightmare of paranoia and sleazy motels. You were always on the run, always on the move.

More minutes passed and then the car door was opened with a click, but the stranger was the only one you saw staring down at you.

“I got rid of him,” he said, voice low and almost annoyed sounding- you wondered why.

“Are you sure he isn’t hiding somewhere?”, you asked, peering out from behind the front seat to look at him directly.  

“Yeah, don’t worry he’s gone”, he responded.

“I never got your name”, he spoke again, with a smile this time, leaning over the seats to help you pull yourself from the crouched position you were currently stuck in.

“I’m (Y/N), (Y/L/N)”, you answered, grunting a little as you stretched out your legs.

“(Y/N ) (Y/L/N), I’m Sam Winchester”, he said, again holding out his hand, which you shook awkwardly.

The both of you fell silent; him outstretched in the front seat, leaning over to look at you, and you sitting in the back, fidgeting and glancing around the Impala nervously.

You started to awkwardly shuffled out of the car, but he stopped you when saying, “Wait, um I forgot to tell you, that guy knew the motel you were staying at.”

The same panic from before crept up on you and you starting feeling as if you couldn’t breathe. If he knew where you were living it wouldn’t be long before he caught up to you.

“Wh-what?”, you choked out, running a hand nervously through your hair.

“Do you have anywhere else you can go?”, Sam asked with a sympathetic look.

You shook your head no, but responded with, “I’ll figure something out”

Again you turned to leave, but again he stopped you, this time putting a hand to your shoulder.

“You can stay with my brother and I, we’re in a motel just a few miles from here. We’re only in town for a couple more days, but if you need a place to crash for a few while you figure things out, our door’s open.”

Who was this man? Why was he being so kind to you, you were just a stranger after all. A stranger who had broken into his car and been called mentally ill within five minutes of meeting him. But you trusted him, for some reason. His face was kind, his voice inviting. So you nodded your head, thanked him, and climbed up to the front.

You saw him wince as your booted foot scraped the leather seat as you clambered to the passengers side.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you one of those guys really in love with their car?”, you asked while hurriedly rubbing your hands over the scuff mark.

He let out a laugh and caught your hands, “No, no. My brother, Dean, it’s his car and he’s definitely one of those guys you just described. Don’t worry though, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”, he replied with a wink. You let out a laugh, something you hadn’t done in weeks. This man had you smiling and giggling as if you were some school girl, untouched by misfortune and hardship.

“Tell me about this Dean”, you responded, making conversation. And even though he was a complete stranger, you found yourself easily talking and opening up to Sam. With him you felt secure, safe even.

“Oh, he’s the less attractive Winchester”, Sam joked, gesturing to himself and rolling his eyes, “I mean that’s what everyone says”

Again you laughed out loud, throwing a hand to your mouth and feeling your lips tug into a smile.

Sam started the car with a turn of his key and a roar of the engine. The entire drive you found yourself watching him. The way he eased on the gas and turned on some god awful rock song while smiling apologetically. Shadows and stray strips of light crawled across his face in the low light of the night. The rain was still tapping on the window and the skylight above, probably not going to stop for a while. And even though cold, rainy nights were your least favorite, you found yourself never wanting this particular one to end.

Throughout the drive you and Sam made conversation, just small talk about your lives and jobs. You lied and told him that you were an accountant, and he lied and told you he was a federal agent. The conversation was easy, never a moment of silence or an awkward pause. You felt everything was easy around this Sam Winchester; talking, laughing, smiling, all of it.

Soon enough you pulled into the parking lot of probably the sleaziest motel you’d ever seen, and you’d seen your fair share. Walking into the room you found the floral wallpaper was peeling and the shag rug was ratty at best. You also saw who you assumed was Sam’s brother, Dean, sitting at the coffee table cleaning a gun. Your body went rigid at the sight of it, you’d never actually seen one in person before.

Sam let out a pointed cough and Dean’s eyes snapped up, meeting your own and then quickly tossing the firearm into his back pocket.

“Dean, this is (Y/N)”, Sam gave a small wave in your direction, you nodded in return. If Sam was the most beautiful man you’d ever seen, Dean was the second. His face was stouter than his brothers, but donned the same powerful jaw. His eyes were green. The kind of green that sparkled out of emeralds or freshly cut grass. The kind that brought life back to the plants after long, long months of winter. Paired with them were long ,thick lashes. His lips were a darker shade of red and fuller than his brother’s, you found yourself staring at them absentmindedly.

Those bright green eyes gave you a wink as he said, “Well well well, Sammy finally brought a girl home”

Your cheeks turned pink and you felt yourself inch closer to Sam, who was no doubt feeling the same embarrassment you were.

“Hilarious, but no.”, Sam said back to his brother with a roll of his eyes, and set into the story. He told Dean everything, your ex, the Impala, your motel. When he was finished, Dean’s eyes were narrowed and his lips pursed.

“Who the hell is this guy?”, he responded.

Sam let out a breathy laugh, “Yeah exactly, so (Y/N)’s just gonna crash here for a couple days.”

Looking around the motel room you found only two beds and just assumed you’d sleep on the ratty sofa you saw standing in front of the tv. But Sam started making an actual bed for you, adding more pillows and blankets than you could possibly need.

“Oh no, it’s fine I can sleep on the couch. Seriously I don’t want to take one of your beds”, you said quickly, instantly feeling bad for intruding.

“No way in hell you’re sleeping on the couch. Seriously it’s fine, you can have my bed. Trust me I’ve spent more nights without one than with”, Sam insisted, laughing and nodding.

You shook your head in return with a sly smile, and conceded. If he wanted you to sleep in a gigantic comfortable bed, who were you to decline?

Your smile faded with an abrupt knock at the door. You froze, eyes darting in Sam’s direction. He moved towards the main entrance and cautiously looked through the peephole, you saw the way his shoulders and jaw tensed and knew it was Zach.

“Go hide in the bathroom.”, Sam instructed, the look he gave told you who was at the door. You felt yourself break into a cold sweat and, with one last look at Sam and Dean, you retreated to the bathroom with your hands shaking.

First Kiss | Drabble

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Author’s Note: I want to do a ‘dating x would include:’ with Jack, but he’s the equivalent of a toddler and has only been here for a bit so writing that would be a stretch I think. Maybe I’ll do it soon. – Haley xx

“Human emotion is… strange…” Jack murmured to me. We were sitting in the back seat of the impala while Dean and Sam put on the FBI act to get some questions. Since Jack came into our lives, Sam and I took turns basically babysitting Jack while the other one goes on hunts with Dean.

“You can say that again,” I said. Jack looked over at me before slowly reciting what he said a few moments ago. I shook my head and chuckled, “Jack, that’s an expression. It means that I agree with what you said.”

“Oh. Well, that’s very confusing,” he told me.

“Everything is confusing when you are a human,” I said. “But why do you think emotion is strange?”

Jack blinked at me. “I-I don’t know if I should tell you… Dean would not like it.”

“Jack,” I said and scooted closer to him, “I’m your friend and I’m not going to judge you. If you want to talk about it, we can.”

“We’re friends?” Jack asked me.

“Of course, we’re friends, Jack,” I said. Confusing and sadness flashed across his face before Jack turned and looked straight ahead.

I sat against the leather seats and watched him. It seemed like what I just said was not what Jack wanted to hear, but it is true, we are friends. Jack sat like that longer, ignoring me and staring out of the window. I sighed and moved back to my seat.

I looked at my window and watched my brothers talk to the local law enforcement. The job we were on was tricky one and one that Jack did not need to get involved. He was getting better at talking to people, but not that good at lying about being in the FBI.

“What if I don’t want to be friends with you?” Jack asked.

“What?” I turned around and looked at him. The sunshine was making his golden hair look like an actual halo. “You don’t want to be friends with me?”

“That’s not it!” Jack said, sliding across the seat getting closer to me. “I just… you make me feel weird.”

“Weird as in?” I asked him.

“Weird as I want to protect you from all the harm in this world, but you also make me feel sick. I asked both Dean and Sam about it and Dean told me not to tell you.”

A smile crept up on my lips. “What did Sam tell you?”

“He told me that I should tell you,” Jack said. “I don’t know what this feeling is.”

“Do you trust me?” I asked him.

Jack nodded his head. I cupped his face with my hands and leaned in closer to him. My breath fanned over his nose and Jack’s eyes went wide. I pressed my lips to his for a second before pulling back.

Jack was red all over.

He blinked at me again before pressing his lips against mine.

Is it okay if I lay down with you?

Summary: When your period gets out of control, Sam surprises you.
Word counting: 760 something words.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: Periods [which means blood], so much fluff

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Originally posted by sensualkisses

Sam’s whole body stiffened when he stepped into the room you two shared, and he pulled his gun out.

There was a large pool of blood covering the sheets of your bed, right where you had been laid when he left for groceries.  He looked around and listened for what could have had happened to you. Stepping inside, he noticed how the floor also had blood spread there, this time large drops.

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Imagine: teasing Sam while he’s hacking.

Sam X Reader

Content: Smut: Dry Humping

Sam’s fingers flew over the suspect’s keyboard. Flashes of color flickered over his face as he cycled between screens quickly with a shortcut maneuver. You watched as he licked his lips, intently focused on hacking into a zipped folder. His eyes narrowed catching some detail of significance. When he swallowed, your eyes followed the shift of his throat greedily. You pulled your eyes away attempting to continue through a pile of paper on the suspect’s end table. A slip of paper dropped from the stack in your hands, catching the air to flutter to the floor behind you. You turned to pick it up, eyes drifting over an accent mirror near the far wall. You paused. Sam’s eyes had lifted from the monitor to your form. You ducked your head hiding a smirk. Keeping a secret eye on the mirror, you stood, lifting your ass first in fluid motion you often used when dancing. He licked his lips, shifting lower in his seat. Shuffling the papers in hand, you turned just in time to see his head snap back to the computer.

“Got it.” He cleared his throat after a minute.

You dropped the papers on the end table, sauntering to the desk with renewed confidence.

“It looks like there’s a thread of emails here and-” His explanation was cut short as he glanced up at you.

You slid onto his lap, resting your elbows on the thin strip of cleared table before the keyboard keeping your back arched forward. You could hear him gulp audibly and feel him shift awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

“What emails?” You asked innocently, seeing full well the emails in a smaller window behind the main one.

Sam released a shaky breath. He moved forward, chest pressing against your back as he reached for the mouse. You leaned against him, tilting your head to the side to give him view of the monitor. His breath touched your neck bringing a tingle to travel across your skin. You didn’t suppress the light shudder it caused.

“It’s, uh, here.” He replied breathlessly.

You responded with a deep hum. A smirk curled your lips as he shifted beneath your thighs. You scrolled through the emails, which would have been painfully dull if not for the pleasant distraction hardening every time you slid forward or back to “readjust” your reading position. Finally, you finished. Making a show of stretching your arms upward, you unleashed a satisfied moan and turned to face Sam. For his effort, he attempted to look unaffected. A muscle twitched in his jaw and his nails dug into the leather armrests.

“So, it doesn’t seem like the emails contained much, did they?” You asked in hushed tones.

He glanced between you and the monitor quickly, obviously having no idea what was in the emails. You twisted in his lap, grinding against an evident bulge between your legs.

“Sam?” You lowered your eyelashes, “You okay?”

“Yeah.” His eyes darkened briefly lowering to your lips before he found composure. “Yeah, fine.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’re having a… hard time focusing.”

His hand paused halfway to the mouse.

“I know these emails can be… lengthy,” You continued finding it increasingly difficult to hide a smirk, “and having to sort through them is… really shafty…”

Sam sat back, embarrassment coloring his features.

“I know it would really… grind… my gears if I had to hack into every dude’s computer while Dean gets to take a break at the bar.”

“Are you done?” Sam interrupted.

“No, no… wait! I think I can come up with something for penetration and erection-”

Hot lips met the juncture of your shoulder and neck with leisurely-paced open-mouthed kissed, effectively transforming your teasing words into a sharp inhale. His fingers wrapped around your hips, gripping your pelvis firmly before pulling it back. A flash of sudden pleasure surged through your core. His nose dragged against your shoulder inching closer to your neck, heat building between your flushed bodies. A shiver ripped up your spine as he found a sensitive spot. He paused, pressing a kiss there. Your head lolled back against his shoulder. His hands slipped up your body, sliding under your shirt. His rough fingers pressed and caressed in disorganized trails, drawing each nerve to maximum stimulation. You gasped, unable to stop an onslaught of shivers from his touch. He sucked at the spot on your neck, locking his arm around your waist as you squirmed with assailing pleasure. His tongue flicked against the spot, his teeth following immediately. A cry broke from your lips. You slapped a hand over your mouth, surprised by the outburst. Sam chuckled darkly against your skin, the deep rumble sending an aching between your thighs.

“Oh, fuck…” You breathed, heat enveloping your body with a savage ferocity.

His hands grabbed your chest, barely restraining his strength as he kneaded. He closed his fingers over hardening nubs sending your hips to jerk forward in response. You bit your tongue holding back a moan, as your clit rubbed along his impossibly hard shaft. He moved quickly, grabbing your hips with a near bruising force. Every nerve in your body seeped with the heat building between you, overreacting with every little stimulus. Pleasure pulsed through your body with every breath hitting the tiny hairs along the nape of your neck, each finger digging against your hips, and every inch where your center rubbed against his.

He thrust up pulling your hips back. Sparks of unadulterated ecstasy exploded from the friction. Before the sensation could cool, he pushed you forward. White flashed before your vision. A helpless moan left your lips, an animalistic need for contact infecting every cell in your brain. You jerked against him, heat blazing, pleasure mounting endlessly. He grunted desperately against your ear, whimpers rising from your throat as you grinded together fueling an erotic fire threatening to consume your entity. There was nothing but sharp concentrated pleasure coursing through your core like live electricity. A strangled cry broke the room as he thrust against your sliding bodies finding an edge so high, you couldn’t believe a pleasure could be so intense, but it kept building, growing until you found a new edge before the other could finish. Your body shuddered, head falling to his shoulder, completely at his mercy.

He embraced your body, crushing you against him as he stiffened, broken groans tumbling from his chest as he shuddered against your back.You squeezed your legs together, his hold slackening as you felt a warm stickness in the apex of your jeans. You slid to his knees, turning to see Sam’s face. Surprise, mirroring your own expression, bloomed from a devastatingly sexy look of contentment. You jerked off his lap, stumbling to your feet.

“S-sorry!” You yelped, yanking your head away from the dark patch on his jeans.

“N-no, I’m…” The chair crashed into the wall as he pushed to his feet. He skirted around the opposite side of the desk muttering something you couldn’t catch over the blood pounding in your ears.

He retreated from the room. Your hands trembled, pleasure still lingering along your skin from his contact, as you hugged yourself close. It seemed the heat would never cool and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Were You Try to Piss Me Off?

Pairing:  Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader (Female)

Summary:   Sam and the Reader have been dancing around a kink they both share, so the reader pisses him off to see that side of him again.

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, Language (probably say the f word like 200 times.) LOTS OF SMUT, OH MY CHUCK! Like a dom/sub relationship, fingering, oral (male receiving), sex, Angry!Sam. LIKE THIS IS SO DIRTY LOOK AWAY.

A/N: This is soooooo dirty. I was given a prompt and I don’t even know where I went with it. I’m so sorry. ANYWAY, this is for @kas-not-cas 2.5K Dialogue Challenge, and my prompt was: “Oh so you think I’m cute when I get angry? Well, get ready because I’m about to get gorgeous!” 

A/N 2: ALSO BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BETA @highonpastries without her encouragement I honestly would never have posted this work of trash, so make sure you send her love!

(GIFs are not mine!)

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Imagine Lucifer being connected to you because you are Sams soulmate and the only one who can keep Lucifer at Bay.

You stood your ground in front of Sam finally revealing to him and Dean how connected you and Lucifer were. “Leave….him…..alone.” you growled. Lucifer stood tall watching you, his features softening just a little. “Y/N……you cant honestly chose him over me….over what we have…” he said stepping toward you. “I can. and I am. Back off and leave Sam alone.” You said pulling out an angel blade. 

Lucifer laughed loudly. “You gonna kill me baby?” he asked turning fully toward you. “If thats what it takes” you snapped as Sam’s hand landed on your wrist not holding the blade. “You’d do anything to save him, and he’d do anything to save you. That’s your fucking downfall! That’s what held him back from me all these years! AND I CANT KILL YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” Lucifer shouted angrily pointing at you. 

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It had been six long weeks. Hunt after hunt. Both Winchester’s had been dragged through hell backwards. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, demons, not a single break in sight for them. That is, until today.

  They were finally coming home today. 

  Sam was finally come in home.

  You padded your feet down to the library, taking a seat in Sam’s chair. You were going to wait up. You wanted to be the first thing that they saw. You wanted Sam to see one thing more than anything. 

  The bunker door opened as if on queue. The loud screeching was enough to make you jump just a little. You heard the hushed voices of both the brothers, causing your lips to turn up into a smile. 

  “Hello boys,” you said, trying to imitate Crowley’s voice. You watched both of their heads turn, finding you instantly. Sam’s smile was wide as he ran over to you. You stood up, ready to meet him halfway when he stopped. 

  “You’re -”

  “I’m showing,” you finished for him. “’m four months along now.”

  “We’ve been gone for so long,” Dean frowned a little. “You’re glowing.”

  “Thanks, Dean,” you smirked. 

  “You’re beautiful,” Sam breathed out, making his way over to you. His hand pressed against your stomach instantly. His hand was big and warm against your belly. “God, I didn’t think you could get any more beautiful and I see you like this.”

  “Sam,” you sighed.

  “I’m never going to be able to take my hands off you,” he stated, bending down so his face was eye level with your stomach. Each of his hands were on the sides of your stomach before his lips pressed to your bump. “Daddy loves you, peanut.”

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#53 Size Kink (Sam x reader)

Summary: For my 100 kinks list!

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 900ish

Warnings: smut (unprotected sex, dirty talk, cocky Sam), language

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“You okay over there?” Sam questioned quietly, squeezing you to assure you were feeling comfortable.
“Yeah,” you sighed. “Just… you know… Thinking. Just thinking. ”
Did you mean to kiss me back there?

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader
WC: 1k words
Warnings: Fluff. Winter fic.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

You couldn’t help but laugh loudly at Dean’s failed attempts at protecting his face from the snowballs Jack excitedly aimed at him along with you.

It was the Nephilim’s first time seeing snow and, honestly, you were all happy playing with him there. After all that you’ve been through, the boy deserved some snowball fight.

“Come on, Dean,” you giggled. “You’re letting a kid beat you up?!”

“That’s not a fair fight,” he protested. “You are two, I’m just one!”

You were ready to say something when snow fell on you from up a tree, so big and heavy it actually put you down.

“And another one bites the dust!” your friend yelled. “Now it’s you and me, kid.”

You chuckled, managing to get up and biting your lip as your whole body quivered. You were freezing.

“I’m gonna warm myself up,” you warned them. “Don’t kill one another.”

You tried to clean snow from your coat before stepping into the motel room but some bits still fell on the wooden floor, and the sound of your boots against it probably was the thing that called Sam’s attention.

“Hey,” he smiled. “What happened?”

“Snow,” you tried to keep your jaw from shivering. “It fell from a tree, it completely buried me.”

He stood up quickly.

“I’m gonna set the fireplace,” he walked in its direction as you took off the snow-covered coat that was a bit too thin for the weather out there and sat in front of the growing fire. You didn’t know exactly how long you were there, distracted by the crippling, but when Sam came back he didn’t only have a blanket to cover you, but a cup of hot tea in his hands.

“Here you go,” he smiled sweetly and reached out to give it to you.

You just sat there, though, not saying words or making small talk. It was comfortable to be around Sam, he was a close friend of yours and an amazing man. At one moment, however, the two of you turned to look at each other at the same time. Your eyes crossed and you bit your lip. Damn. Did he always have such beautiful eyes? When did he move so close to your face?

“Y/N…” Sam whispered.


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