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Supernatural AU: Episode 2 - Phantom Traveler

Part 4 

They’d spoken to all but one survivor – flight attendant Amanda Walker. And she was returning to work tonight. Bravo, Bobbie thought to herself. You wouldn’t catch her on a plane again if she were her, especially after just a week. Her plane was going to go down tonight. They needed to move fast.

Dean pressed the gas pedal of the Impala into the floor, racing down the highway in an attempt to get in touch with Amanda Walker before she got on the plane. While Dean drove, Bobbie and Sam called her phone over and over again to no avail. Either it was off or they were getting busy signals. If they didn’t get a hold of her soon, that entire plane was going to go down in a ball of flames.

With just 45 minutes until her plane was going to take off, Dean, Sam and Bobbie peeled into the parking lot of the airport, loud screeching of tires against tar stirring up the biting scent of burning rubber. They ran through the cloud of smoke that came with it and into the airport.

In their panic, they hadn’t discussed how to get in touch with her once they got here. On instinct, Dean ran through the crowd of people and toward a phone.

“Who can I connect you to?”

“I need to get in touch with Amanda Walker at gate 13,” Dean said. Good idea. With so little time left, she was likely already there. “Hello, Ms. Walker. This is Dr. James Hetfield. Now there’s no need to panic, but a Karen Walker was just admitted to the hospital after a car crash.”

Bobbie and Sam listened in closely as Amanda panicked momentarily. “Wait, that can’t be. I was just on the phone with her a few minutes ago. She was at home and completely fine.” None of them had thought of that. “Is…is this one of Vince’s friends?”

“You caught me,” Dean said sheepishly as he stared at the ground at his shuffling feet. That’s how he’d looked whenever he got caught ever since they were kids.

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Their smiles are pretty magical too…just saying!

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Summary: The reader has fun pushing Dean’s buttons.

Drabble Prompt: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”  

Pairing: Dean x Reader


“Hey, Y/N.” Sam marches into the kitchen with a smile, glistening in sweat as he winds down from his late night run.

“Sup, Sammy.” You gracefully mumble with your mouth full of warm apple pie. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy now that the air is changing and you’re overjoyed that you snagged the last piece.

“Woah.” Sam pauses as his eyes land on your plate. “What are you doing? Did you forget who that belongs to?”

“Oh, relax. Dean freaking Winchester is a big boy.” You snort before shoveling in another delicious forkful.

“Right. I’m outta here, Y/N. I’m not sticking around for when Dean finds out.”

“When Dean finds out what?” The older hunter strolls in while finishing the last sip of his beer.

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The Arrangement Masterlist

Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both… 

Part 1

Part 2 -  Sam disapproves of your little arrangement, and you and Dean have you ‘first date’

Part 3 -  Dean reflects on your first date, and makes plans. The second date goes a little better, and Dean finds out how good your acting skills really are.

Part 4 -  You spend the night at Dean’s place

Part 5 -  Dean struggles to deal with the rest of the morning, and then gets an unexpected call. The two of you go on a double date with Sam and Jess.

Part 6 -   Jess informs you about Dean’s past, and Sam teases Dean. After dinner, Dean brings you home to find someone unexpected waiting for you, and helps you deal with it.

Part 7 -  Dean meets your mother, and you go dress shopping with Jess.

Part 8 -  You and Dean head out to his hometown, where you finally get to meet Mary and John. The sleeping situation causes some minor problems.

Part 9You and Dean have an interesting morning, but Sam interrupts. Later, you and Mary have a little heart to heart, and Dean says something surprising.

Part 10 - The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Part 11 -  Dean reflects on the evening, and the two of you have a talk

Part 12 - someone delivers some unexpected and unpleasant news, sending you running. Sam and Benny confront Dean, and the three of them go looking for you.  

Part 13you head to the only safe place you can think of. A talk with your father gives you the courage to return to work, where Dean finds you immediately. But he’s not expecting your reaction. Charlie and Cas come to the rescue. 

Part 14Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Part 15You have an encounter with Mark, and Dean shows up just in time. The next morning, the two of you talk things out. Sam arrives with some news.

Part 16 (conclusion) -  Dean responds to Sam’s news. The two of you pay a visit to Samuel, who lashes out. Secrets are revealed and threats are made, leaving you reeling. You and Dean discuss the future.

Epilogue - A few months after the events of part 16. Sam and Jess’s wedding, a housewarming party, and revealing conversations.

Epiloge Part 2 - The Fourth of July finds you and the Winchester clan at the lake to celebrate the holiday. Jess shares some news and Dean surprises you with an important question.

No Longer You

Summary: Now a shell of her former self, the reader runs into an old flame. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,761

Warning: implying an abusive relationship

Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge - “I hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have.” @nichelle-my-belle


Green cancels out red.

Yellow cancels out purple and brown…no purple and blue.

And lavender cancels out…yellow?

Jesus Christ. This shouldn’t be that difficult, hiding the evidence of your home life is a normal occurrence. The three concussions you’ve acquired over the years must be catching up to you.

You’re squinting harshly at the Revlon concealers on the top shelf before you. Trying and failing to remember which ones work the best, basically whatever hides the fucking truth.

Your exhausted brain is practically mush at this point in time, you used to know this shit. You used to know a lot of shit. You used to be a strong, independent take no bullshit kind of a woman that took care of herself. But things clearly change. People fucking change.

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A No-Win Situation

Master List

This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Challenge Week #6 The prompt is: “If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.”

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, pregnant reader

Sam was so engrossed in his research on Rugarus that he completely missed the text from Y/N.  That was his first mistake.

Y/N: I want ice cream.

A few minutes later, it went off again.  Sam was still oblivious.  It wasn’t uncommon when he got into “The Zone” as you liked to call it for him to be completely unaware of his surroundings. 

Y/N: Your son wants ice cream

Finally, when it went off the third time Dean had lost his patience.  “Dude!” he snapped, smacking Sam upside the head.  “Would you PLEASE see what she wants already?”

Y/N: If you loved me you would get me ice cream.

Sam finally looked at his phone.  “Now she’s texting me her cravings.” He said, rolling his eyes.  “She’s only in the bedroom.”

Dean snorted.  “Can you blame her? She’s as big as a house! Her stomach comes into the room 5 minutes before she does!”

Y/N: TELL DEAN I CAN HEAR HIM!!!!  It’s not my fault your so DAMN big Gigantor!! This kid is HUNGRY and so am I!!!

Sam said nothing, just grinned as he showed the phone to Dean.  “Great, now you’ve pissed her off.  Nice job, Sammy!”

Y/N: While you’re getting me my ice cream, you can swing thru the drive thru at Taco Bell.  They are open late.  I want nachos.

Sam picked up his phone and when he read it he shouted in the direction of the bedroom, “You can have ice cream or Taco Bell but not both.  I don’t want you eating all this crap, Y/N.  It’s not good for you or the baby.  Make a choice.”

Both the brothers waited for you to text your reply, but Sam’s phone remained stubbornly silent.  A few minutes later when you came shuffling out of the bedroom, one hand on your aching back, one cradling your stomach. Sam and Dean braced themselves.

You walked up to the table and stood in front of Sam.  “Make a choice?” you said deathly quietly. “I am pregnant and hormonal and so damn moody right now I don’t know which end is up.   I don’t think indulging our cravings is that much to ask. If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.  But I will leave it up to you. Think hard Sam.“

You headed back to the bedroom, slamming the door for good measure.  Sam and Dean left a few minutes later.  You came out in a bit and grinned as your son kicked.  “I going to miss it when I can’t use you as an excuse to get your Daddy and Uncle to get me ice cream anymore. Silly men.”

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Soulmate AU’s!

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So if bi Sam actually happens… You know all those moments when something remotely sexual happens with another guy and Dean taunts “we don’t swing that way…” imagine if this happens again and Dean automatically goes “we don’t…” then he remembers and he’s like “Well, I don’t swing that way, Sam just recently got on the swingset but I’m pretty sure he’s not into you, right Sammy?” and Sam is just like