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Episode Review - 14x01 - Want, Everything, Sunshine, and Beyonce

Hellatus is over everyone! Put away the crack memes and shit posts and bring out your meta caps because we are back in business! Oh boy are we back in business!ย 

Right before @tinkdw came over to watch the premier with me, we discussed our expectations and both agreed that whilst our expectations were pretty much in our boots, we would consider the episode a success if it was even remotely meta. We wanted to be able to see clearly constructed themes both as a continuation of what had come previously and as a foundation for a strong season going forward. We were both hoping that at least from a meta perspective, that the episode would leave us happy and thirsting for more.

Dabb did not disappoint us.

It was such a strong episode meta-wise. There is a lot to pick apart that is ripe for discussion and I seriously hope that Dabb will keep a close eye on the other writers to ensure that these themes continue throughout the season. Plot-wise it was a weaker episode, but then again Dabb has always focused on the character emotional arcs more than the actual plot points in recent years, and I am grateful for that. The second half of season 13 felt stagnant to me simply because there was little to no character development and from a meta perspective it was also extremely weak. I went into this hellatus feeling negative about the show simply because I hadnโ€™t actually enjoyed an episode properly since 13x12. However, the season 14 opener was most definitely enough to quench my thirst and get me excited for the coming season. Fingers crossed it goes from strength to strength.

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Hazy Shades of Winter

Supernatural 14.01 episode coda-type-thing. Not being entered for Coldest Hits, but it fits the theme. Many thanks to @formidablepassion for holding my hand and telling me this was worth publishing.

Sam Winchester stands in the center of a lackluster BBQ shack in Detroit and shouts “There will be no new king of Hell. Not today, not ever.” The power in his voice is accidental, meant to be kept on purely human level, but the structure of the universe remembers.

Remembers, and obeys.

The order reverberates throughout all the dimensions, every parallel universe where this Sam Winchester was destined to be the boy king. Countless worlds split and recombined, the tapestry always woven together. The order is heard by all who can hear it.

Three kings look up from their thrones as one, frowning at the declaration. One raises a perfectly manicured eyebrow, sets aside his glass of wine, and stalks to the Pit to talk to his brother. One pauses, the ripples of the universe reminding him of something long forgotten, before leaning back and resuming his contemplation of today’s (everyday’s) exhibit– Michael, twisted and bent into whatever shape the artisans feel necessary. And one, alone in a cold and empty Hell, smiles a bloodstained grin and the Earth screams.

A would-be king lays sprawled across the floor of an old convent, nailed in place, with a fallen angel standing over him. He screams out his refusal again. Years of refusals, years of scars, years of wishing to die.

Lucifer laughs and laughs and laughs.

Michael hears it, scoffs, glances at his brother sitting next to him. Lucifer raises an eyebrow in response and returns to Hell.

Crowley, long thought dead, awakens in a place with no one. The words, the faith… he watches, disinterestedly, as the keeper of this place awakens with him, threatens to send him to the furthest reaches. It seems he has not been released.

A man in a threadbare Stanford sweatshirt mumbles in his sleep, rolls over and wraps an arm around his dog. His house is large and lived in, children’s toys scattered across the floor. His house is small, worn down, filled to the brim with people and animals he never sees. The apartment– it’s not even his– is never silent, empty bottles on the floor next to the couch, an ashtray full of half-smoked joints and cigarettes, other tools hidden, half-heartedly in the drawers of the coffee table.

Demons spew forth from their meatsuits, abandoning earth to the angels and the monsters, scattering before their king’s wrath.

I mean.

I just want to put this out there:

By accepting Sam’s declaration that there would be no new King of Hell and by not challenging it, the demons acknowledged his authority. Sam may not be the king of Hell in name, but the hand-selected followers of the most recent contender to the throne literally would not dare to face him and fight for it.

Sam is, unofficially, the Actual Ruler of Hell.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

I’m sorry did Sam Winchester yell “ENOUGH” and all the demons friggen stopped???

I mean that mad speech:

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And shit them demons smoked outta there!

Badass Leader Sam who’s just Chuckdamn tired and wants his brother back and has to deal with all the monsters still running around and running operations with the Apocalypse world hunters who have adopted him as their leader bc Sam Winchester, a friggen legend in the hunter world friggen EXUDES leadership…

And he ain’t got time for no punkass DEMONS!

Best part about tonight’s episode

Michael!Dean admitting that Dean said yes out of “Love”

Sam’s grief beard

Jack training with Bobby

Cas having none of Kip’s flirtations and being 100% done

“You lost Dean? I thought you two were joined at the … Everything”

Bobby and Mary sharing a beer