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obessedwitheverything1998  asked:

It’s okay about late response . I have this feeling like Something is going to happened to Sam this season idk why

Well, in keeping with the pattern:

Season 1 - Dean almost died

Season 2 - Sam died, Dean sold soul, demons unleashed

Season 3 - Dean died

Season 4 - Lucifer was released

Season 5 - Sam died

Season 6 - Cas became God

Season 7 - Dean and Cas got zapped to Purgatory

Season 8 - Sam nearly died - Cas became human - angels unleashed on earth

Season 9 - Dean died, became a demon

Season 10 - Darkness unleashed!

Season 11 - Everyone survived! Mary returned

Season 12 - Cas died, Jack born

Season 13 - Dean got possessed by Michael

Basically Sam hasn’t had something “happen” to him for a long time. He has mainly been a reactive role a lot of the time and since both Dean and Cas have both faced death/possession recently, it stands to reason that Sam is probably due to have something bad happen. Though I would prefer if Dabb twisted this instead and made it something different.

I think it will be a Sam heavy season. He has finally come out of his shell and has the respect and authority as “chief” for a lot of people now, and it seems word travels fast. Demon’s are now scared of HIM. I wonder if perhaps the responsibility of managing the hunter network would drive him to experimenting with magic more? I am HERE for Witch!Sam all day and all night!

Sick Day

Oh, would you like at that. It’s me, risen from the dead, here with a cute and fluffy fic.

So, have some Kara, Lena, Em, and some cute sick day shenanigans.

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Kara was half asleep, but still just awake enough to hear small footsteps coming down the hallway and the door creak open slowly and quietly. She pretended to be asleep as the bed dipped and Emilia made herself comfortable between Kara and Lena, Lena’s arm going around Emilia and snuggling her.

Kara almost wanted to take a picture, but she decided to try and fall back asleep instead, her fingers going to run through Emilia’s hair.

Except something seemed off.

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anonymous asked:

Wow it sure is a good thing your opinion doesnt matter on THEIR GAME. Fuck you. Sam doesnt need YOUR FUCKING FORGIVENESS AT HIS FUCKING TABLE

I know he doesn’t??? Jesus take a chill pill, I am 100% aware this is their own game and they can do whatever they please. I am also someone who noticed how uncomfortable and hurt his own FRIENDS were after that decision, as they even posted on Twitter about it afterwards.

People can fuck up sometimes, we are human. In my personal opinion the way he and matt handled that Taryon introduction was poor, but ffs I KNOW it doesn’t matter what I think because it’s their life and game. I am still entitled to my opinion regardless, and when I say I forgive Sam I simply mean what he did wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t get over it in a few weeks.

Bucky, a panicking jesus : Oh gosh, why’d it have to be me? Steve’s going to GET HIMSELF KILLED by doing something stupid to get us out ,,,,, 😰

Sam, fucking done: Why couldn’t I have died? Now I’m stuck in this living hell with these two dumb fucks

Peter Parker, a high school student in the soul stone: ᴡᴇᴸᴸ ᴀᴛ ʟᴱᴀˢᴛ ɪ ᴅᴼɴᵀ ʜᴀᴠᴱ ᵗᵒ ᴰᴼ ʰᵒᴹᴱʷᵒᴿᵏ ᴀɴʸᴍᴏᴿᴱ